Shahrukh Khan returns from Abu Dhabi: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan returned from Abu Dhabi after a not-so-successful UAE leg of the Indian Premiere League, where his cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders lost 3 of their 5 matches.

The third loss left SRK frustrated as his team lost in the super over.

However, at the Mumbai International Airport, SRK was at his charming best. Waving to the crowds that had gathered late night to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Check out the photos.

SRK returns from Abu Dhabi after the first leg of IPL

SRK returns from Abu Dhabi after the first leg of IPL

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan spotted at the airport

Shahrukh Khan spotted at the airport

Shahrukh Khan returns from Abu Dhabi

Shahrukh Khan returns from Abu Dhabi



  • He looks so good.. Beard really suits him well. Without beard he looks a little dull and old. Loved him in the Chak De India look.

  • Sorry SRK fans!!!

    SRK in town for promoting upcoming film “Yeh hai bakrapur”…

  • Ya he can promote ‘Ye Hey Bakrapur’ as he is not proud as some othet stars…..he tweeted a broked pic of him during Ra.1, He made fun of himself in OSO and in many other shows, films etc……He makes fun, mocks himself, makes public appearance irrespective of his superstar status……Lol as much as you can on him……He himself will give you the chance….as because he is a COMMON MAN.


  • @dabaji he iz here so that collection of bang dang dont go k3 way where papa boy made 240cr frm 170cr. greek god is very obedient to papa though he iz 41 walks out of shuddhi divorce his lovely wife and he will do some masterpieces for papa in near

  • I am not interested in writing lengthy comment for blind and moronic haters.
    How many times they will talk about k3′s collection? ? These srk’s slaves like sht,romance were bashing boxofficeindia at the time of ce. But after k3,boi became their favourite site! !
    If roshans can manipulate figure,so can the boi. Initially it was boi only who showed much lesser figure. Then khanfans specially srk’s servents barked against k3′s collection like never before and created huge negativity over it. SUCH 3RD CLASS PEOPLE THEY ARE!
    roshans are honest. They aren’t backstabber,selfish,egoistic and arrogant like SRK. I can blame srk and srkfans for k3′s collection. This overacting ki dukaan,srk used to be my 2nd fav. But these moronic media and srkfans have made me a hater.
    Zetc is controlled by komal nehta. He supported k3 and told in a episode dat k3 has already beaten ce. But this moronic biased chennal ignored that completely. Hrithik has already cleared dat k3 has collected 244 crores.he also stated dat his friends are even backstabbing him. Hr is a humble and honest guy. Why should they manipulate? ? If manipulation was their real purpose,then why they worked hard for 3 years?
    When ppl can believe d3 day1 figure was 36 crores,then why cann’t the believe k3′s 25 crores of day1? ? If u moron think dat ramleela’s weekend collection was more that k3 wid less screens,less ticket price and less hype, then even god cann’t save your mind.
    This time it was something wrng wid boi not roshans.
    And dear indicine,please allow my comment. I have also a feeling towards my icon. I am here to defend him.

  • @billi so funny yaar. srk may tweet whatever he wants but he will not do what golden heart or diamond heart bhaijan has done for jai ho.rakhi sawant has called someone a traitor?


    @kingshuk,awesome comment,a most down to earth person I’ve seen on earth.everything he does like a COMMON MAN belongs from a middle class family like US and become THE KING OF a days also he didn’t think himself as a superstar and made fun of himself in award function by younger actors.that’s why he is star of billion hearts.

    @nipun,do you think you’re the only one who couldn’t bear the truth,then you’re wrong,who said you papa’s boy’s fans are gentle.just look at your kind named @punk,how 3rd class comment he has given.last thing don’t think hr is so big,he is not upto the mark like Ranbir,he is shivering and tried to be gentle like a show off not like KING KHAN who is always made laugh like a normal man and never give damn superstar attitude like your show off papa’s boy.who not only struggled in BO but also in his private life.sussaine made a good and reliable decission to leave this shivering star.well done sussaine.and hr is so unlucky he couldn’t stay with his children.k3′ collection is 172cr,put it into your mind you kid.

    burn haters,ha ha..

  • Krrish 3 was the first and the only film to be guilty of manipulation. That too of 50-60 crores!
    Is there a SINGLE place where papa and kid Roshan said that K3 NETT was 244 crore? I m not talking about GROSS, but NETT which is taken as final BO figure.
    Actually Roshans know the difference between gross and nett very well, but they PLAYED SAFE by NOT clearly mentioning whether 244 crore is gross or nett.
    If their lie is caught and proved then they will say “We gave gross figure not nett”.
    So by clear detective logic Roshan’s figure of 244 crore is GROSS not NETT.
    NETT collections of K3 are 175-180 crore.
    Hrithik fans, read above carefully and decide who is right and wrong.

  • @nipun, Y R u again & again givng da damn explanation to people, by defending da 244 crore collection earned by Krissh 3, Yes! K3 collectd 244 crores and datz it… Keep Quite and let them Bark, cz by barking.. Truth does nt change… An humble request 2 all fans irrespective of der fav actrs, dnt follow dat Box office site & if u follow den dont be hypocrite and apply it on all actrs,, not against ur enemy actr, But 1 thng @nipun i doubt dat SRK havng ne bad blood against Hrithik, cz Red chillies did da VFX of da Movie,, so y on Earth he wud do dat,, and if u rembr properly he evn urged audience to watch K3, So, accordng, 2 me it was sum1 else who had hatred against Hrithik who hav done all dis ploting against the movie… Cheers..!

  • hmmmmm this man is hotter and SEXYer day by day i am just jealous to gauri his charm make a lot of woman go gaga about him you rockkkkk my king love you…….the hatters just cant disguis about this man being sexy and hottttt

  • Srk looking great in this look, he looks better than clean shave look as he looks older in that look, its great he is happy and good mood might be complan kiddo talked or chated with him and the conversation of them he posted in other Aamir’s post. So our complan boy made srk happy otherwise Srk would hold his lungi and made the population of world 3.7 billion as non fan of him blown away from his angry lungi dance. So thanx complan kiddo.

  • @nipun
    It does not matter whether you are srk fan or hater………….I think its good to show your reality, keep on hating him and still nothing will be changed…………..Dont want to talk about k3 collections…….Jo be ho kon sa meri pocket me ane hain wo…………….And srkfans made you srk hater and same case here,After D2 and ZNMGD HR was my 2nd favorite but no compromise to my love for srk……… HR fans bashed SRK at the time of CE,after K3 slow start you again said that it was due to negativity by srk fans ..ok after weekend k3 business picked up well ….why?
    @babagi ka thullu
    Dont be sorry man…we all incidine readers are sorry for your presence here on incidine……….i always expected such a comment from your side…I cant stop myself laughing when you pretends to be a neutral person…………..hahahahaha ………..

  • @hrehaan:even initially i didn’t blame srk for it. But the way srkfans are barking is ridiculous! And nt only boi, it was zetc also and i found z network is/was ignoring k3 frm a long time.

  • As i remember, hrfans weren’t dat active at the time of ce. .even me and hrithiklover supported k3.

  • hahahaha shahrukh and other star fans very jealous of hrithik and k3’s success, b’cz its collect more than there favrt stars top collected movie.. Haha take day wise report from komal Nahata, Taran and other any critic just media cant tolerate hrithiks huge success and after paid by cheater srk they showed less collection of K3, rofl fattu srk and his fans hahaha

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