SRK enjoys a game of carrom at a TV shoot: Photos

As we all know Shahrukh Khan is sport crazy and this time the actor was spotted enjoying a game of carrom on the sets of an ad shoot for Royal Stag.

Shahrukh tweeted, “Had a relaxed day at shoot… small smiles… small shots… small breaks… all things small added to make it large. Thanx royal stag team.”

The workaholic superstar who returned from Dubai on Monday is back to work – meetings, reading scripts, meeting filmmakers and ad shoots.. Pictures below, have a look.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan at a tv shoot

Shahrukh Khan at a tv shoot

SRK playing carrom

SRK playing carrom

Shahrukh Khan playing carrom at a tv shoot

Shahrukh Khan playing carrom at a tv shoot

SRK playing carrom at a Tv shoot

SRK playing carrom at a Tv shoot



  • Wowwww… Just lookin fab… I really dont understand how u r maintaining ur charm even at 48.
    N i wish someday i will get a chance to play carrom wid u.

  • just amazing sir. hats of to u for every thing u have achieved and every thing u have given to us to smile and cheer. and we want more king SRK sir.
    # respect to only king and baadshah of Indian cinema

  • After seeing the last picture it looks like Srk has never played carrom before.He is confused where and how to

  • @Noam thanx atlast u start using Sir with Sir SRK. He deserves it. The most successfull and most crizmatic super duper star Bollywood ever have seen is none other then Sir SRK – The Real King of not only Bollywood but Worldwide.

  • @Sachin11 yes SRK playing alone Carrom but he never feel unsafe or fear about releasing movie with any other movie. But what about Salman always looking for Empty holidays and gap of Big films. He started Mental late coz he knew he will be unable to find any free holiday or open week this year as already many bigges are bocked.

  • @sachin11. Srk plays with boxoffice exactly like he play carrom. Srk plays alone only. He never competes with anyone, he compete with himself. Let Salman, Aamir and Hrithik play and compete for second place.

  • New Interview of Sir King Khan SRK:

    I have an unbound physical dimension of time. My day is everyone elses night and I seem almost to challenge the physical order of being. I am a time challenger! Not just in the physical sense but also in an immaterial dimension… in the head and heart so to speak. I live during the day and the night, along the trail of my dreams, seen eyes wide open. I am never today, sometimes yesterday and then the next day already. Ironic then, that the make-believe world of films, with its 12 hour shift, brings in some aspect of real life into my day. It somehow is the only measure of time that keeps my feet on the life street. Good times, bad times… successful times… feelings measured in speed with which they speak in crores. All the hoopla and moolah surrounding Chennai Express… adulation and accountations… numbers to define me and sometimes to undermine my love for the art. But I only work… walk… move… unfettered by time in a capsule of 12 hour shifts. Creating the speed defined as Express… but knowing its not just the speed but the constant movement that keeps me alive and happy. As the film says… Ready Steady Po… out of the blocks… around the bends… towards the finish line. Only in my case, the finish line does not exist… because that would bind me to time and space (the Siamise twins of existence) again. So I keep moving… just running…because moving like life is more important than perhaps knowing where to. Next stop? Ask someone else… I am in a rush! See you after a few more smiles…

  • @soroop yes i understand what u r trying to say.Big B is at the first place while Aamir,Salman and Hrithik competes for second place while Srk competes with himself bcoz he plays alone like he is playing carrom alone above.In future he will play multiplayers games like cricket,football,hockey etc

  • @james yes my antivirus detected virus,trojan,malwares etc and it cleaned it immediately but unfortunately my antivirus does not detect fake multiple user id’s of 1 or 2 persons who regularly replies me with different fake

  • @bhai, we had never seen a man 40 years old romancing a girl of half his age. But first time we saw it during this eid. So relax, very soon a 50 years old man will teach the world how to do romance with ease.

  • @sachin11. Bigb is not in the race anymore so dont drag him. Sharukh compete with himself thus he plays alone . He himself said in many interview, happy that he conveyed the message thru carrom. To play multiplayers game that too alone one need lot n lots of energy. Haappy that u finally agreed that only sharukh could do it, Salman and Aamir would be in ICU in a state of Coma lol

  • @soroop yes totally agreed with u that Srk is powerhouse of energy and he proved that in “CE” when he escapes so fast in bike,jeep etc in no time after seeing villians in front of him while other stars like Salman and Aamir does not run away after seeing villians and they face them bcoz of lack of energy which is necessary for

  • @sameer, many heroes in their mid 40s have romanced girls half their age. Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan are also romancing girls half their age. Big B did the same in his mid 40s. The expiry date for Bollywood heroes are about 50. The only one who has survived in mainstream hindi movies, past 50 is Dharmendra. But those were different times, and his movies were not dependent of him keeping a certain look or playing a certain character.

    SRKs movies on the other hand are. He will be finished in 2-3 years time.

    If you are refering to SRKs character being 40, then that was never such a big issue in CE. Otherwise they would have made mid life crisis references all the time. Beside Anil Kapoors character in Lamhe was older than 40, and romancing a girl, character-wise, much younger than him.

    SRK will be finished in 2-3 years time. There is no room for 50+ male lead starrs in Bollywood, if there were, movies like CE would not be breaking records, but rather they would be recognised as the bad movies they are.

  • @bhai, ok agreed. Then as per your theory aamir, sallu will also be finished. Bcoz they are also of same age as srk. They will also in ther 50’s after 2-3 years. Then why are you speaking only about srk? Isn’t it a double standard? Get a life.

  • dear Son @sachin i think ur memory is weak….. dnt u remember in ek tha tiger, ur b-grade being whatever escaped with katrina in last scene while srk came back to fight villan in CE…. so u prove that being whatever having no energy and still escaping with a speed of 250km/hr….lol

  • SRK finished in 2-3 years time, but SRKians not able to handle the truth.

    Its the same audience that don’t want to watch Bollywood movies centered around 50-year old male leads, who make movies like CE smash hits. Can’t have one without the other. Indian moviegoers rather watch crappy movies than quality movies, a fact thats been proven time after time.

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