Shahrukh Khan on winning three Screen Awards

Team Shahrukh Khan won three awards at the Life Ok Screen Awards 2014 – Red Chillies VFX won Best Visual Awards for Krrish 3, Best Marketing for Chennai Express and SRK himself won the Best Actor Popular choice award.

On winning the Best VFX award for Krrish 3, the actor said “Most proud of winning the Red Chillies VFX Award. They put in a lot of hard work, they made it very different and their work was very difficult in Krrish 3.”

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan


“Congratulations to Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik for giving us the opportunity to work on that film. ”

On winning the Best Marketing award for Chennai Express, SRK said “Very proud of the marketing that Red Chillies has done. The whole marketing team. People give all the credit to me, but they put in a lot of hard work. I don’t know much about it (marketing), but I take credit, like it happens with my films.”

And finally, on winning the biggest award of the evening, the superstar said “Thank you for the popular award too. I will work harder, be inspired and will try and give my best. I will try and win more awards, not just for my company but for my children”



  • It was based upon it’s okay.srk always leads in all polls.
    But technically it should have been farhan for BMB .

  • @shakhi:are u a member of indicine? ?
    I can find ur 1st comment on all posts.
    Anyway,ce is a film which is produced in each month.
    India should be proud of bmb,k3 which are revolutionary to bollywood.

  • so HE is happy.I wish he will be caught for his manipulation and corruption and sent to jail for 5years or be made to watch himmatwala 5times

  • @hrithik, D3 storm doesnt affect me cuz I saw it and enjoyed it and liked Aamir’s performance.
    @Aks and @jc I know education is not everything, but salman acts like a buffoon in all his movies that he comes across as uneducated and not profesional. Just look at SRK interviews how he conducts his interviews in a professional and witty manner whilst Salman gets hot tempered like a little girl whose parents forgot to buy her a dollie and is unable to keep calm under pressure.
    Also @jc most of those guys who flunked and are now CEO’s are insecure of their lack of success at academia and thus have a chip on their shoulders and in order to prove themselves do all sorts of dirty, under the table dealings with corrupt individuals in order to rise to the top and become CEO. Most of those CEO u talk about are themselves corrupt, unethical, ruthless businessmen who will do anything for money, power and success and treat their empolyees as just numbers and like crap and dont care about them. Yeh those CEO have a character which sounds similar to ur bhai jhan no wonder u compare Salman with CEO’s.
    SRK, Hrithk and Aamir conduct themselves as model citizens and do not behave like criminal Khan.

  • @nipun
    r u insane? who told u k3 is best film. its worst movie ever made in bollywood history stolen from Hollywood movies. stop praising it. it lost its credibility due to manipulated figures.what was so different which we have not seen earlier in k3. nothing . just bcoz u r obsessed with hr doesnt means its gr8 movie .

  • @Triniman : Skipped? Hopped? jumped?? why are you replying to our comments which were posted on other articles? n you talk about educated culture n give lectures on how to behave. Salman does not want to act like puppet in front of media. He is a package whether you take it or leave it. You mean to say Bill Gates bribed to become Microsoft chief n richest man in the world? Wish everyone can give bribe n become as rich as him. Please make some sense to your comnents before talking like being educated n cultured !!!

  • I said somewhere that if the makers of the show didn’t award the Lungi Thakur of Paglapur any award, he would not have hosted it. Last time, he hosted Filmfake awards and wasn’t given any award to him for cartoon portrayal in Ra.1. So, in frustration, he attacked the Joker’s director from behind by pulling his hairs down at a party.

    Had Thakur of Paglapur done K3, the Screen Awards would have created a new category of awards so as to award to the Thakur of Paglapur and his Paglapur’s train…We have always seen that…

    Anyway, congrats to the Thakur of Paglapur..

    @nipun, I, too, wonder whether SAKHI RAKHI is a member of Indicine. Or, how can she always be the first or second to comment on every article.

  • Just waiting for a person named sachin11 to come and post some nonsense.
    Best actor popular- based on votings .
    Best vfx- K3 was way better than D3.
    Best marketed movie CE bcoz it had gud amount of promotion.

  • @Triniman, lol, you need some lessons on art, entertainment and business dude.

    It seems you are frustrated a lot.

    I don’t wish to comment further on your post, that is sans simple logic.

    Disheartening how Lootera has been held back from most of the nominations this year!

    Dint they call it a masterpiece/poetry in motion/world class/technically superior film when it released? That seems like qualification enough to be out there.

    Not nominating Vikram Motwane for best director, ranveer for acting, amit trivedi for music, shetty for cinematography, aditya for art, subarna for costume, amitabh for lyrics makes my nomination feel so out of place!

    Vikram motwane, u will and always be best director for me! Ranveer, amit trivedi, shetty, aditya, subarna, amitabh bhattacharya and everyone associated with this very special film will Always be proud of Lootera whether or not they acknowledge us :)

  • SRK winning best actor of CE. He is a good actor but even his loyal of fans will say this is stretching too far. Shame on Indian Awards.

  • Congrats SRK ♈̲̣̣̥ō̶̲̥̅ϋ̲̣̣̥ are the Best among best! Many more awards and adulations in the future!!

  • Wht a deal u host our awards we wil give u awards
    @ SRK good going
    This is the reason why people like aamir never attend awards

  • Media and TV channels have been trying their best to give as many awards possible to SRK even if not deserving, just to boost his public image.
    Aamir doesnt attend, Salman doesnt care, and Ajay and Hrithik are ignored for many deserving performances.
    But despite media overhyping SRK,
    he doesnt have a single highest grosser in the last 7-8 years.
    He is still chasing and will always chase the box office records of Aamir, Salman and Hrithik.
    Public is the judge!

  • we TRUE INDIANS always wants SRK to win awards,because you’re our real self made star not like other papa’s made 20years of career no one has the successful career like you.YOU are true superhero of INDIANS.that’s why got it.GOD bless you always my king.

  • Srk will win many many awards nd haterz will keep on barking. U can’t be happy if u r srk hater bcz he is the most successful actor bollywood has ever seen.

  • @sss : Not all INDIANS are fanatic like you!!! Audience has given verdict in form of K3 & D3 which surpassed Chindi Express within months !!!!!

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