Shahrukh Khan on The Front Row Season 2: Video

For the first episode of Season 2 of Anupama Chopra’s popular television show ‘The Front Show’, the guest in conversation is none other than Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. 

Anupama introduces Shahrukh as “arguably the best conversationalist in Bollywood”. The actor discusses his 55th film release, Chennai Express, which releases in theatres on August 9th.

Shahrukh talks about why he was keen on acting in an over-the-top comedy like Chennai Express, on Rohit Shetty’s mad-vision and madder sense-of-humour, explains why he doesn’t feel the pressure of a 100 crore grosser and a lot more in this two part conversation with Anupama Chopra.



  • 12 minutes into the video Shahrukh made me cry. The only actor who can touch your heart through his eyes, words and expressions. Will always be a fan

  • Hey Sachin, his view of vision is atleast focusing SRK, I think in whole of ur life non of them wil focus u.. Always behind SRK, mind ur own business rather than focusing on him, he is a superstar and what about u?

  • @Syed Jubair who told u that i want Srk’s focus ? i want to watch next year IPL opening ceremony at Wankhede Stadium and i have no restriction to enter stadium like him.

  • Hey … can Anyone plz Tell me That when This Video Will be aired on the T.V. ? ? ? ? Nd On whch channel..
    Best Conversation Ever !!
    The King ! The Badshah !
    The GLOBAL superstar… !

  • You can judge the quality of an actor is by knowing how well non-hindi or non-indian audience likes the movies of the actor!!!!!. Who dare to even compare with SRK for the past 20 years in overseas market!!!!!. SRK is an ICON and a global star!!! In some countries nobody even knows who is aamir or salman khan forget about rest of the actors.
    Aamir’s solo release talaash cant even cross 100 crores..and his movies first day collection is hardly 13crores (even for 3idiots). It means audience doesnt like aamir but his movies..maximum credit should be go to story writers, screenplay but the poor media praises aamir. Salman khan is called lallu khan because he cannot act only showoff his body.
    SRK is the only actor who has got many awards..this is the fact! I am working in dubai and the movie chennai express is releasing on 8th aug itself and already booked 2 shows for the first day!!! eagarly waiting for this movie. I am the biggest fan of SRK!!!

  • The Oscars are rigged, and you are talking about Filmfare. lol.

    Awards are not testimony to a stars popularity or acting abilities. All knows how awards are manipulated for own gains.

    Just wait and see how many srk gets from now on, since the new darling of the awards Ranbir has arrived. Now they will latch on to him and give him every possible award so that their show and magazines get more publicity.

    Get out of the cocoon that you are living and come to the real world, where the reality is totally different.

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