Shahrukh Khan on his next (Interview)

Shahrukh Khan for the first time talks in detail about his upcoming film with Yash Chopra, also starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

It’s interesting when the actor says “The last time when I was watching some part of the film. Yashji says ‘It’s very different from how you act in love stories’. So I hope people don’t come expecting ‘x’ and get ‘y’.”

He also talks about the story and crew “The story is very different this time. The making is very different. A R Rahman and Gulzar are a part of the film, it’ a team Yashji hasn’t worked with.”

Watch the Shahrukh Khan interview below!



  • Luv his don avatar, king khan rocks. Teaser got 4000 likes in 9 hrs and crossed 1.5 million viewers … Power of king khan hahaha

  • King Has Done It again : RECORD!!
    Yash Chopra-SRK starrer film’s teaser which
    released today a 10 hours ago, has already hit
    1.5 million mark views on Youtube according
    to the likes. 3,970+ likes, 407 dislikes in just

    hours….still counting…… Youtube got jammed
    many times today due to many pepl were
    watching teasor at the same time….
    Ek Tha Tiger Theatrical trailer which released
    2 months back is still NOT yet crossed 1.5
    million views mark on Youtube with 2,274
    likes, 458 dislikes.
    Its only a teasor……picture abhi baki hai dosto
    King khan is back with bang…romance will be
    on the air this diwali.
    magic Like DDLJ will back again…….

  • What are you going to do with Youtube likes and views? Let’s see if SRK’s next collects half of the opening day collections of Ek Tha Tiger! Then we will talk. When that film does 13-14 crores, people will blame competition from Son of Sardar.

  • Only one Megaster, SRK can destroy the Bollywood Record but when 5 will come there will be Tsunami in Bollywood…

  • what different movie.trying to fool people by saying different will be the same romantic nonsense.son of sardar is a masala movie n will beat this movie easily n after 16 days talaash will throw this movie out of the theatres like 2008.

  • Sos ka jo public acche bole uska to quality samaj hi aaye honge… se rohit shetty film is best….sos is a mindless crap.

  • Rest in peace YouTube. Srk rocks only the teaser showed the character and it got this much views and likes then what will be the condition of YouTube when they reveal the title and trailer.

  • yash chopra says ‘It’s very different from how you act in love stories’. So I hope people don’t come expecting ‘x’ and get ‘y’.”he mean to say that people should not except anything from the movie. just buy tickets n give farewell to yash chopra.

  • suhas brother in India Chinese sets are sold more than apple and Samsung sets…that doesn’t mean it is the best…king is always a king…

  • Iss bar to ye apni ra 1 ko k b beat naheen karsake gaa. Jistara pecheli bar beat naheen kar saka tha bager kisi compitetion k. Par iss bar tu SOS aur Talaash iss ka game over kardain gi

  • @niloygps where u have seen 1.5 million views.r u is showing only 60,000 views.i think u need a maths tution.1.5 million is 15 lacs so don’t give wrong figures here.i don’t know about jam but go n see it is showing just 60,000 views.also don’t give wrong figures of ett.ett teaser has crossed 4 million ie 40 lac views.u go for a eye test or brain test.

  • @baazigar why r u angry? i was teaching maths to ur friends who does not know the difference between 1.5 millions n 0.15 millions.they were giving wrong figures n making themselves happy but indicine cleared their mistake.

  • Official Track Listing frm srk next

    1. Mere Din Tere Bahon Mein – Shafqat
    Amanat Ali 2. Sur Hai Mera – Shafqat
    Amanat Ali, Chinmayi 3. Allah Tu Hi
    Mujhko Jaane – Shafqat Amanat Ali 4.
    Mere Paas Aa Zara – Shreya Ghoshal 5.
    Khwaboon Mein Tu Hai – AR Rahman 6.
    Mera Paas Aa Zara (2) – Shafqat Amanat
    Ali 7. Jo Tu Ne Diya – Shreya Ghoshal,
    Shafqat Amanat Ali

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