Shahrukh Khan Magazine Cover: You and I

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is featured on the cover of You And I – India’s top Lifestyle and Entertainment magazine. The cover page also has ace celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani.

Shahrukh Khan You & I Magazine Cover

Shahrukh Khan You & I Magazine Cover



  • Dabbu ratnani is one of the best photographers in bollywood and one of the closest frnd of srk…..both r looking awesome in the pic…..but haters still find some reason to bark……

  • Nice cover page. Would like to see salman and shera in one of them!!. Heard that salman khan is increasing his bodyguard day by day!!!

  • @sachin11….oh…so did u find it romantic..???? actually, i m not surprised….now i am damn sure abt ur taste…lol….what a sense of romance , u have yaar….:P…so that is the reason, why u hate “the romance king” mr. shahrukh khan….by the way, if u r indian, then please move away in other countries, where u can find ur “romantic” pair…bcoz as far as i knw, this type of romance is still illegal in india…so better search for ur partner in overseas….:P

    @soroop…hehehe..nice one bro…;)

  • @xzone if I love this type of romance then I would have been a srk fan which I m m just talking of this pic.

  • @sachin11…the same thing i m saying..that there is nthng strange in this pic…we can see 2 guys posing , so nthng abnormal in it…but as u r fond of a ‘different type of romance’ u got sum different msg frm this pic…that is totally different frm srk romance, where srk romance wid his heroines…so u hate him, bcoz for u , the definition of romance is sumthing different…:P

  • Now its clear why srk wants to be a ‘Shahrugate’ as he wants to keep hold of his new boyfriend this time..! :-P

    May God bless them in some foreign land where such domestic arrangements are permitted by law.

  • @sachin11 hahahahaha you found this pic romantic,i m srry sachin11 but i can understand why you never a girl in ur crap life and thats why you thought to move on just like your idol salman and romance a boy instead but salman has shera and some 20 bodyguard but you are left alone.dont wrry boy bcz navin,nvs,hritik can b gud match you shd better ask them 4 a date,gud luck enjoy gangbang

  • SRK’s masala Chennai express will fail to cross Ranbir’s class YJHD.
    Sorry for SRK.
    His masalas and class both disappoint at BO.

  • Only Youtube Kings fans can find such a ‘disturbing’ pic nice or romantic…!

    Really this pic speaks a thousand words and explains why Gauri is willing for Srk to become a ‘shahrugate’ in order to keep her man for the next 10 years who keeps straying by batting ‘for the other team’.

  • @harry shanker aka navin…did those id’s r not enough that u have introduced an another cartoon “harry shanker’…common yaar…stop using these cheap tactics right now….bcoz nthng is going to change, even if u use 200 ids…:P

  • great pic.they are very sweet :) Very like Dabbo Rathani-he is great photografer and make wonderful pictures,expecally with SRK !

  • Ha ha ha ppl talking about surrogacy here…
    Do dey knw aamir too hav done d same last year…!!
    Dat means aamir too izz …….dash dash

  • i feel pity for all srk haters who says srk is a gay….that proves that all of them are idiots…srk is married,have 2 children which silences every stupids…mean while salman is 47 and is not married and no girls stay with him for long… Yyyyy…. Its difficult for a gay to get married…..right??that clearly shows everything… All srk haters can continue barking…..

  • @vinshal: I guess you had a personal hands on experience with Salman that how r u so sure about it. Lol!!!!!

  • @damn no Aamir was not a ‘shahrugate’…

    Only 1 khan can say:-
    “My Name Is Khan And Im A Shahrugate”


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