Shahrukh Khan joins 100 crore club!

It took a while, but it was just a matter of time before Shahrukh Khan, arguably Bollywood’s biggest superstar, joined the 100 crore club.

He’s the fourth entrant; behind Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan.

Below is a list of stars with 100 crore grossers.

  • 1) Salman Khan (3 films) – Salman tops the list with three films – Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard. All three movies released over a period of one year (September 2010 – August 2011)
  • 2) Aamir Khan (2 films) – 3 Idiots and Ghajini are two of the biggest blockbusters in history. 3 Idiots is the only film to cross the 200 crore mark. Aamir was also the first to go past both the 100 and 200 crore milestones.
  • 3) Ajay Devgan (2 films) – Golmaal 3 was a multi-starrer, but Ajay was easily the only salable male star in the film. Released this year, Singham too crossed 100 crores.
  • 4) Shahrukh Khan (1 film) – My Name Is Khan was expected to go past 100 crores, but didn’t. SRK’s most ambitious film, Ra One collected more than 100 crores in Week 1 (9 days).

Who will be the next to join the list? Our pick – Hrithik Roshan with Agneepath. Akshay Kumar has a pair chance too, if Desi Boyz turns out to be good and is marketed well.



  • Let’s count it this way:-

    Salman Has 3 movies crossed 100+ in last 2 year’s befor that he onace reached 80 to 90 cr through HAHK.

    Aamir true champion comparison becoz he hit 100 cr first by Gajani and 200 Cr by 3idiots and in the span of 2-3 years

    SRK hit 100 Cr first and soon this year Don 2 even not good enough will easily cross 100 + so he will also have 2 movie but remmember in just 1 year.

    Now ..the muliplex,single screen and high ticket prices started from last 2 years and it was very nominal before …even Singham and Golmaal 3 collected 100 + but everyone will agree Golmaal 1 and 2 was far better but didnt touch this figure…one more example Hera-pheri 2 collected 60 to 70 cr being a very bad movie compare to Hera-pheri 1 which collected just aroud 40 cr.

    The difference is becoz of several reasons and if you consider oversease the story will completely change as SRK is far ahed then any of these actors and if you calculate the total income,even the madicore film KANK would cross 100 cr and every srk hits will cross 100 cr…so its just the time which helped the poor movies to cross 100 cr including Ra one,singham,boadygard and ready …its all abut time and trust me in the coming 5 years even akshay,saif and AB movies will be in the list…

    but the thing really matters is the quality of the movie not the quantity and Aamir and SRK even Hritik is far far ahed then any other actors….its just a view not argument.. am i correct @indicine Team ;-)

  • Its true that recently Amir has gone far from Srk in terms of profit collection of his 1 movie. but if u research u will find that none other than Srk has given the highest no. of box office collection. its a matter of chance that he has been over shined by amir but is it the way to judge, thats by only 1 movie?
    Nd on the other hand, sabse badi baat 3 idiot was an excellent picture, no doubt tab ja k wo itna aage hai, but there r series of movies of Srk which have common stories nd yet they havbecame huge success( like RNBana di jodi), which earned 160 crores.

    Moreover, agar overseas collection mila dein to Srk ki movies ki barbri karne wala abhi tak nai hua koi.
    the fan following of Srk is highest than any other indian celebrity.

  • i like to see the king win a national award in this year or in the fiture because for me he is always the king

  • Any actor movie gross 200cr. Mark bt movie will be good not like last year sucsessful movies which r remake of south.

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