Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone in Munnar for Chennai Express

Some pictures of Chennai Express stars Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone from their 10 day shooting schedule in Munnar, a picturesque hill-station in Kerala.

Directed by Rohit Shetty, Chennai Express releases in theatres on August 8th 2013. The trailer is expected to be unveiled during the knockout stages of Indian Premiere League.

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone in Munnar for Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone in Munnar for Chennai Express

SRK, Deepika in Munnar - Chennai Express press meet

SRK, Deepika in Munnar – Chennai Express press meet

SRK, Deepika - Munnar Chennai Express Press Conference

SRK, Deepika – Munnar Chennai Express Press Conference

Shahrukh Khan in Munnar

Shahrukh Khan in Munnar



  • this eid big 2 film release it means big clash with 2 mega budget film chennai express and qutim2 ..but before release chennai express ahead ….chennai express earn more than 150 cr in india and 100cr in overseas but qutim2 earn more than 100cr in india and 15cr in overseas …..

  • 1st pic
    Deepika : Love u SRK for not making me act in remakes and not making me a tandoori chicken in the item song
    Sharukh : hey ddddeepika i dont have to do all these coz i know acting dear.
    Deepika : i know it SRK. See i am giving flower to u, pls accept it.

    2nd pic
    Sharukh : Hey hey ddddeepika look my muscles, good nah ?
    Deepika : Its nice SRK, altleast u dont look like HULK. I am fed up of these HULKy and bulky looking guyz.

    3rd pic
    Press : Why did u decided to ur movie release on eid ?
    Sharukh : Initially i didnt thought of it but later i came to know some one changed their release date coz of fear from OATM 2. So i decided to take that place.
    Press : Who is that coward ?
    Deepika : Duffers. Dont u ppls watch south remake movies ?

  • Srk’s career ship is sinking bcoz of holes like “RA 1″,”JTHJ” etc so now people have started giving him a toy ship as a gift.

  • Srk must have decided before to release the trailer of Chennai express in IPL final match day but forget final KKR will not even qualify for the playoffs so now Srk will release it in Knockout stage.Bad luck of Chennai express has

  • Instead of wearing Jeans full of holes Srk should have weared Dhoti or Lungi then he must have got 10 more viewers standing there in Kerela watching CE in

  • All the actors & actress do different types of role ??? Wat wrong happens to salman always do same types of movies but still only illiterate indians ( only salman fans ) accept it !!! Why & how they tolerate such types of movies ???

  • @ Soroop, First let your Messiah cross Ready’s figure, then think of daring to fight with Rathore, Rowdy Rathore.

    Better enjoy in your own comments, as nobody shares your views.

  • @sachin srk has a good fan following in kerala,so he doesnot need to wear a dothi to imperss people.

  • silly srk haters have forgot that he is the 1st actor to give 4 back to back 200 cr worldwdie grossers even before salman…..
    just shut up srk haters….
    he has maximum success ratio in last 20 years,,maximum hits both in india as well as overseas….
    still you guys are saying that his carrier is sinking???
    despite of competition from sos and being a serious 3 hour movie,,jthj made 211cr worldwide…
    with so much negative reviews,, made 202 cr worldwide while with similar reviews himmatwala and joker tanked…
    this is starpower of srk and his fans…
    so keep shut guys….

  • #Nilesh
    let salman and akki first cross 60 cr. Overseas
    then talk about box office

    Any one can cross 120-130 cr. With making cheap south remakes like RR and ready craps

    what happened to S-26 which got positive review and still unable to cross 75 cr.

    Forgot salman, he is coward and will nt try anything expect south remake….

    Let act them in others movie beside remakes and earn more then you should talk about box office
    unle srk is the king and remains king

  • @aakash Bastards????
    Calm down kid- no need to get nasty now. I mean if you start calling us ‘bastards’ then we just gonna have to get out all our Identification paperworks out until we find the one sorry miserable sod who cannot produce a ‘fathers name’ on any document…!
    Be careful what you wish upon others as you may find A BIG FAT BLANK where there shouldn’t be one okay kiddo…! :-P

  • @soroop Hardly funny so try this for size.
    First Pic- SRK:- “Hi Deepika please accept this flower.”
    Deepika:- “Thanks but why are you sweaty, smellung funny and your jeans torn?”
    SRK:- “Oh funny story, well Karan and Arjun arrived and we all rolled around in the flower bed outside getting ‘dirty’ but yeah anyway I managed to save this 1 solitary flower for you. You like?”
    SILENCE and an overwhelmed Deepika walks away.

    Second Pic- Srk:- “Hey Deepika look at my biceps.”
    Deepika:- “What biceps? All I feel is the sleeve of your jacket rolled up a 100 times and quite frankly Shah Rukh both Sid and Ranbir have bigger ‘bulges’ in other parts of their bodies than this one.”
    Shock silence and an bewildered King walks back to his hotel room depressed.

    Third Pic: Srk:- “We are releasing Chennai Depress, oops Sorry I meant Chennai Express, forgive me but this irritating bhai fanatic ‘Navin’ keeps tweeting me and calling my film Chennai Depress.”
    Media person:- “Well in that case Sir why dont you give him front row first show tickets for family and friends so he can decide for himself if the film is good or bad?”
    Srk:- shocked srk “Dont be so silly now. We tried that ploy already 2 months ago and now can you imagine what he will call CE when he actually gets to see a whole 3 hrs of it when he already calls it Chennai Depress after watching just a 10 sec teaser…!”

    Fourth Pic- Srk:- “Thank you guys so much. Wow what a great gift. Whats the name of this ship and please let me be the ships captain…!”
    One guest:- “Well Sir the ship was crafted by someone called ‘beingsallufan’ and he named it ‘Srks Titanic’…!”
    Srk:- “But guys didn’t the Titanic sink?”
    Guests and fans:- All slowly and quietly step away from Captain Srk who is left holding his very own Titanic replica.

  • 4th pic
    Photographer : Sharukh sir, done. It was nice pose
    Someone (screaming) : Shera shera dont run. Pls pls 1 more time.
    Sharukh : Who is that screaming like a pig ?
    Police man : Sharukh sir, That’s some hindi star and his bodyguard.
    Sharukh : Poor shera

  • Navin uncle I think u shd calm down…
    Bcozzz after realising d hype of ce u r goin berserk….so keep dreamin abt srks chit chat wid deepikaa…!!
    Btw aakash u shdnt say dese kinda of words buddy…!!
    Arguing iz ohhk but Slangs not done…!!

  • @Nilesh thanks yaar. Please let me answer your question FAO ‘Damnnnnn…..!….’, phew that was tiring work typing that name, the men responsible for giving him that ‘name’ is either faulty ‘remotecontrol’ or broken in half ‘ruler’.
    One of those geniuses was creating so many IDs and youtube accounts that eventually dementia set in until 1 day they couldnt give a DAMN anymore so started calling their new personas ‘Damn’, ‘Damnn’, ‘DAMN, ‘Damnn..!..’, ‘Damnnn…!…’, ‘Damnnnnn…..!….’ etc etc etc. Well you get the drift so next week it will be time to say Bye Bye Good Riddance to ‘Damnnnnn….!…..’ and say Hi to ‘Damnnnnn…..!…..’…! :-P

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