Shahrukh Khan becomes the 1st Indian on Twitter video

Anything that Shahrukh Khan does, becomes news. His popularity on the internet is such that Twitter India used SRK to promote their new feature which allows users to capture, edit and share videos through their mobile app.

And guess what? Using Shahrukh to promote their new feature has worked big time. His 1st ever video tweet has received more than 5000 retweets in less than 24 hours and “SRK 1st Indian On Twitter Video” has been trending non-stop in India too. Since anything that trends on Twitter is instantly picked up by the media, the new feature has reached out to most Twitter users in India.

In a statement, Khan said “There’s always a scope to go one step ahead where technology is concerned. I am always very happy to take that if it gets me closer to all the people around the world who gives me so much love and support”

“Twitter has always come up with some very interesting features and I am very glad that they look into the suggestions made to them as well. This Mobile Video Camera of Twitter is something I am definitely going to enjoy using often”

He posted a video saying “Hi everybody, I think this is really cool that now I can video you guys or talk to you on video on Twitter for 30 seconds. So I am going to send you videos or shots from where I am working, where I am rehearsing or otherwise. See you guys soon, I think this is really cool. Buh-bye.”



  • king khan proves his metal again!!..even obama couldn’t stop himself from praising him..i don’t.think anything left to achieve..may god bless u sir..may u stay healthy n happy always!..our prayers r always wid u..proud to be ur fan!!

  • Shock laga Shock laga Aamir Salman Fans ko Shock laga…..After Omama now Tweeter also Give a Big gift to King SRK. But Why they not choose Aamir Salman? What They are not popular than SRK. Oh that’s the main reasons. Than we Salman Aamir fan agreed.

  • THE MOST POPULAR STAR ON EARTH—-KING SRK.HE checked at airport in usa for the reason why own country’s foolish people mocked him who recently shocked obama did promotion by taking HIS this is another biggest shock who said popularity of social media,now see who is popular,now I don’t have enough time to say something to losers aka anit-SRKIANS.

    @js,that joke expired 4 years ago,why not talked about some fresh recent hit-n-run case,lol.

    @rajveer,people wants to see promotion of WINNERS not losers like your salmir who can’t do GLOBAL PERFORMANCES,lol.

  • Our King is indeed loved the world over… 3.6 billion fans has resulted in his last 2 films collecting the following at the Worldwide BoxOffice:

    – Lungi Express 423cr
    – Halloween Party 360cr

    Truly king is loved the world over n lets just all keep quiet about what D3 and PK collected or else Obama n Twitter may realise they may have made a grave mistake by accepting Red Chillies PR teams assertion that Teesra Khan is the Khan for them…!

  • Zeeshan says thats ‘king khan for you’ n gets afew likes for stating the bleeding obvious but its true that someone needs to clarify to the viewer which image of king khan is of real sarkar n which image is of that imposter shahrukh from Yeh Hai Bakrapur fame…! Afterall there are alot of humshakals, trolls, duplicates, chameleons and shreyas talpades out there claiming to be king…!
    Well done zeeshan n here use this emoticon to make you feel 100feet tall…. ?

  • Such a great idea…

    Life will be alot more bearable now…

    Going forwards maybe here users can leave 30sec videos giving their comment… Maybe then we can all understand what our complan boy suresh sukhinath subhramaniac is trying to say to us coz lets face it his nonsensical writing will make even decrypting agencies the world over go mad…!

  • Oh really…

    Amitabh Bachan has highest twitter followers (he is from India)/ first to have his wax statue in MT …he is not King
    Salman gets voted for most fan following/ most eligible Bachelor in town/ most searched in google (he is from India) …he is not king
    Aamir movies collects highest collections (he is from India) ..he is not King
    Hrithik…most sexiest man/ most hits in youtube (he is from India)…he is not king

    But when SRK gets selected just for promotion of call him King, first in India bla bla bla… Just disgusting to say…Grow on….It is not that SRK is less than anybody, but at same time he is not greater than anybody…Mind it…

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