Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan Pictures!

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan and wife Gauri Khan were at Arjun Rampal’s party which was attended by other celebrities like Dia Mirza, Suniel Shetty and Akshaye Khanna.

Gauri Khan was wearing the exact same piece of clothing that she wore when she appeared in the Om Shanti Om credits! Correct us if we are wrong here. We will try to post a screenshot from the DVD of Om Shanti Om soon.

So here you go, for all the Shahrukh Khan fans out there.. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan pictures from Arjun Rampal’s party held on 20th September.

Shahrukh – Gauri Pictures

Shahrukh and Gauri at Arjun rampal Party
Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan Pictures

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri's Print Ad for D'Decor

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri's Print Ad for D'Decor

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Update: As we had promised. Here is the screenshot from the Om Shanti Om DVD. Its the same dress, its just the belt she was wearing around her waist is different.

Gauri Khan Om Shanti Om

Gauri Khan Om Shanti Om

Gauri Khan OSO

Gauri Khan OSO



  • as s superstar n king of bollywood the dressing should be perfect n nice but sorry to say SRK is lookin sick n untidy n for gauri as king’s wife should have shown a good impression by her dressing but she is lookin clumpsy. i m fan of them but i would rather say it simple they should dressed up well since they’r goin for a party.

  • Who cares if she wore the same dress to the om shanti om credits and also to the party. i mean it is not like there is something wrong with it. Look at the other guest they wear the same thins over and over again and i do nt see anyone complaing . i am not a fan of Gauri but i am a fan of Shahrukh and i think we should just think that atleast they have clothes to wear unlike some people in this world.

  • Sorry, that’s not the dress she wore in ‘Om Shanti Om’. But in my opinion, the dresses wear Gauri Khan, not the other way around. ;-)

  • One more note… about the ‘casual’ party clothes: at the parties I go to, those high-priced jeans SRK wears would make everyone else feel dressed-down!

  • Amezing wife of a super star, really SRK is king of not only bollywood but of triollons of fans globe wide,
    Gauri is reall queen for king KHAN ,
    proof is that SRK is not having a single affair, rumor, scandal unlike previous super stars.
    My love & regards to the charming couple

  • Come on why can’t she wear the same clothe twice. I mean she can’t buy new dress for every each event. Of course she has enough money but i don’t understand what’s wrong with wearing the same clothe twice. Anyway i always love the way she dressed. Eventhough she is wearing the same dress look she is wearing different belts. I think that is what style is all about.
    But Sorry Shahrukh u look really stupid. u look ugly. I hope next time u will think more about what u are wearing. Whatever it is i love u

  • Yep I agree with KK, with all her money n career in costume design, she should be able to look the part.
    Totally does not look like she belongs with Shahrukh!!

  • both compliment each other. in therir relationship true love shows. for husband wife relationship this is the best example.

  • Hi Sharukh you are awsom & your darling gauri is too awsom

    bhagwan ye jodi salamt rakhe as well as your child aryan & suhana

    god may bless you lots of love,happyness,peace & all success

    sharukh you alway rocks…………you are greate actor no one compare you

    you are so carasmatic

  • HI,I M A BIG FEN FOR U.U R REALY NO.1 &your wife also no.1 women. you are right bhagawan sabaki jodi bana kar hi bejata hai. bhagawan tumahari jodi salamat rakhe.

  • u r superb yrrr
    nd dont bother any one negative comments,
    u nd gauri are perfect, just like rab ne bana di jodi,
    luv u srk, i luv ur all movies,
    starts kabhi ha kabhi na

  • Hey, u looking so rocky nd ur wife is lil bit fantastic. Plz not to bothr my coment as negtive. Thanx! Best wishes fr ur jori. Salamat rhe.

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