Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan: Top 5 performances

Film critic Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers.

Shahrukh Khan - Aamir KhanQ: In your view, which are the five best performances of Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan? – Hassan Satti

  • Shahrukh Khan: Chak De India, Baazigar, Swades, My Name Is Khan, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Aamir Khan: Rangeela, 3 Idiots, Lagaan, Sarfarosh, Andaz Apna Apna

Q: What would be your ‘Dabangg 2’ prediction for the first weekend, first week and lifetime collections? – Zubair

  • As of today, on a conservative side, this is how ‘Dabangg 2’ is expected to stand at the bare minimum: First weekend: 55 crores+, First week: 90 crores+, Lifetime collections: 150 crores+

Q: I have read from your recent replies that there is a difference between ‘can’ and ‘will’ so my question is that ‘will’ Dabangg 2 cross 200 crores at the domestic box office? – Aashish Thapar

  • Please see above reply. While 150 crores+ is a given, it would be the eventual content that would decide if 200 crores is achieved by ‘Dabangg 2’

Q: What is the reason that Shahrukh’s films do extraordinary collection in overseas and ordinary collections in India? Same was the case with ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and ‘My Name Is Khan’? – Abhijeet Patnaik

  • Three 100 crore successes in a row are not ordinary by any means! Yes, his ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, if backed by better content, had the potential to cover much greater distance, though that didn’t happen. Still, it is just that he is a super achiever in overseas and is boasting of the kind of numbers that are unmatched by his contemporaries. Hence the difference in overseas and India collections become much more apparent.

Q: Why media and fans are so obsessed with so called 100 crore club? Majority of 100 crore films are below average movies with ordinary performances. There have been great movies made in the past that have much higher footfalls than the 100 crore movies and can be watched many times. Great content movies even with superstars don’t work in a big way whereas senseless movies makes massive collections. – Gaurav Handa

  • Movie watching in India is such that it is ‘popular’ cinema that finds major footfalls. What may be ‘average’ and ‘ordinary’ for some could be ‘entertaining’ for most. The fact that these films are doing a business of 100 crores or more simply translates into the fact that more people are interested in watching them when compared to other films with ‘great content’. That could well be debated or challenged but the outcome is crystal clear and the obsession is only going to stay on.

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  • I think dabang2 weekend will be 60 and week 120 don,t forget its a salman movie who does not need any holiday or content but in last days of december there will be many many holidays so from my side lifetime 200 confirm wait and watch.

  • srk was superb n “MY NAME IS KHAN” beyond his image he did xtra ordianry like and acting of aamir n everyfilm is like same litttle comedy or serious bt not like something advance bt he is a good actor then too hmm from my side andaz apna apna aamir cant b able to do d same “bet wit me”…..salman is nowhere between among this two khan n skills, acting, or film choice…

  • SRK’s excellent performances in NO particular order:

    1. Darr – ICONIC
    2. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa
    3. Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayange – ICONIC
    4. Chak De India – ICONIC
    5. Swades –
    6. Devadas – ICONIC
    7. Dil Se –
    8. Baazigar – ICONIC but “too over the top”
    9. Veer Zara – ICONIC
    10.Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam
    11.My Name is Khan

    Aamir Khan notable performances:

    1.Rangeela – ICONIC
    2.Andaz Apna Apna – ICONIC
    3.Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak – ICONIC but below average acting by AK.
    4.Dil Chahta Hai
    5.Lagaan: ICONIC
    6.3 Idiots: ICONIC

  • SRK best performance: Darr, Bazigarh, DDLG, Devdas, Swedesh, Chak de india, MNIK and DON 2
    These are 8 outstanding performance which are much better than the best performance of Aamir khan

  • srk my name is khan , swades, chak de india ddlj baazigar devdas mohabbatein kal ho na ho kabi haan kabi na
    amir 3i, tare zameen par lagaan rangeela rang de basanti sarfrosh

  • Nyc.
    So SRK s his own competitor in overseas
    And in India 3 successive 100 croRe movies

    RA 1. 116 CRORES
    DON 2. 106 CRORES
    JTHJ 120 CRORES.

    But SALMAN as well has held his fort. Nyc. 3 cheers to him as well.

  • @being in human dnt use rubish word..respect every actor…
    Srk best performances r mnik,swades,chak dy india,ddlj,devdas..
    Amir khan:sarfarosh,3i,fanaa,dil chahta hy nd many more

  • I think My Name is khan and 3 idiots are best bollywood movies in history of Bollywood for acting, subject, concept everything was best

  • i’m sure this craps of srk ends soon once dabangg2 releases….

    if some1 comments against me ..remember the guy noam started it first on this page!!

  • oh i’m sry noam didn’t start it beinginhuman salman started it….

    @ noam sry i typed ur name…

    by the way jthj lifetime india is 100 – 105 crore..boi:- 103 cr.
    boxofficeday :-104 cr…
    buisness of cinema:- 103 cr
    economic times(times of india):- 105 cr
    wiki:-103 cr

    & i think boi is correct as it is the 2nd accurate boxofficesite in world & ranks 1st in india…

    @ srk fans no offense to u…& congratz to srk for 3 back to back 100 crores!

  • dabangg 2 weekend :-60 cr

    1st week :- 120- 130 cr

    2nd week-40-50cr

    3rd week :-20-30cr

    4th week- 10-20 cr

    lifetime:- 200-230 cr!! cheers salman!!! 5th atbb apearence!!

  • @ noam agree that srk is ahead in overseas market …but to call him his own competition is an overstatement…top 5 overseas films of 2012:-

    1)jthj :- 75 crore(expected)

    2)talaash :- 70 -75 crore expected

    3)ett:- 60 crore

    4) hf2:-30 cr

    5) agneepath :-28cr
    (dabangg 2 can come in top4)

    yes u can say that khans are there own competition in overseas…but don’t term only srk…srk was undisputed king in overseas til mnik….but no more now…he’s facing good competiton from other 2 khans!!!

    still congratz to jthj for being highest over seas grosser of 2012!!

  • I think in “Fanaa” also Aamir gave a super performance and Aamir’s movies are exceptional & different. He never try to do repeated scripts like other superstars as Salman, Shahrukh, Akshay, Ajay etc.

    He is truly awesome and his all movies have a different taste. By the way I am a die-hard fan of “Dabangg Khan” ……… Get it ………

  • SRK’s last 4 films have all done more than 200 crores gross worldwide.The movies were huge successes overseas but not in India because of their genre.Even Jab Tak Hai Jaan was not a normal romantic film.Well SRK fans wants to see him in diverse roles and are not worried with numbers.SRK is beyond numbers and figures.He has given the maximum hits in India and Overseas.

  • @ sahir u correct ur collections …tell me which site shows jthj 80 crore??? it is 70 crore by most sites while a few sites are showing 75 crore…

  • Outstanding Performance in Successfull Movies:
    Bazigar – Revenge Drama
    Darr – Violent Love Story
    KA – Masala Revenge Drama
    DDLJ – Perfect Love Story
    DTPH – Musical Romance
    YesBoss – About Dreams Comic Drama
    Pardes – Intense Musical Romance
    KKHH – Perfect RomCom
    Mohabbatain – High Voltage Drama
    K3G – High Emotions Family Drama
    Devdas – Historic High Voltage Emotional Drama
    Chalte Chalte/Humtumhare Hain Sanam – Marital Tens Drama
    KHNH – Modren High Voltage Emotional Drama
    Veer-Zara – Traditional Lifetime Love Story
    MHN – Masala Entertainer
    Don – Slick Action Drama
    KANK – Bold Marital Romance
    OSO – Classic Masala Entertainer
    CD – Sports Base Classic Drama
    MNIK – Paitents Story – High Voltage Drama
    RNBDJ – Cute Marital Love Story
    RA.1 – Scifi Stylish Entertainer
    Don-2 – Slick International Style Action Drama
    JTHJ – Epic Love Story

    Outstaing Performances But Not Good at BO:
    Anjam – Violent Love Story
    Chahaat – High Voltage Drama
    Dil Se – Deep n Sensitive Issue Base Love Story
    Swades – Social High Voltage Meaningful Drama
    Paheli – Classic Ghost Romance Drama

  • SRK best performance
    in romance: Kal ho na ho
    Class: my name is khan
    chocolate boy: DDLJ
    Action: don 2
    devdas was only dilip ji film which remaked
    No actor can justice wid any dilip saab film SRK IS the only

  • Overseas–2012.
    JTHJ————-75 crs
    ETT————–59 crs
    Talaash——–48 crs(max)
    Housefull 2—-32 crs
    Agneepath—-30 crs
    I guess Dabang 2 Can Fetch 45crs

  • Joginder tuteja hats off to your life time prediction for dabangg 2 as 150 crores.
    For a stupid film like jthj whose music was not upto the mark by a.r.rehman before its release you predicted it will easily cross the 200 cr in India but for Dabangg 2 whose all songs are already chartbusters & is a sequel to an all time blockbuster and no words to describe the stardom of the hero in the film by his boxoffice stamina. His films never need content or critics ratings as you saw what happened to an average rated movie by you like EK THA TIGER.
    So my final word is to never underestimate Salman khan,his movies & his incredible fan following.

  • 12/12/12, a historical day, when Akshay Kumar will become first ever Indian Actor to do 400+ cr nett business in 6 months from June. up till DEC.2012.

  • @tejas
    Top Grossers Overseas–2012.
    JTHJ覧覧-76 crs
    ETT覧覧–59 crs
    Talaash覧–48 crs(max)
    Housefull 2-32 crs.
    Agneepath-30 crs
    I guess Dabang 2 Can Fetch 45crs +

  • @tejas
    Talaash First Week-36 crs.
    Talaash 2nd weekend-5 crs..
    Talaash overseas Total-41 crs in 10days…
    Whereas JTHJ first week-52 crs(10 days.)..
    JTHJ 2nd Weekend–9 crs.
    Talaash 2nd Wkend-5 crs.

    Thats Why JTHJ-Blocbkbuster

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