‘Shahrukh is welcome on Bigg Boss’ – Salman Khan

For the very first time, Salman Khan spoke about his hug with one-time good friend Shahrukh Khan during Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar Party in July.

“In the holy month of Ramadan, its a gesture that everyone should do. When you pass by someone you know, its a good thing to shake hands and hug. If I had not done it, you’re not being human.” Salman said.

When a journalist asked if he would invite SRK on his popular television reality show Bigg Boss, the superstar without any hesitation said “Of course, if he is promoting his next film, he is more than welcome”

With Happy New Year all set to release during Diwali next year, we might just see Shahrukh Khan on Bigg Boss 8, if Salman continues as host for the eighth season. Will be huge for the TRP’s of the show and a fantastic way to promote Happy New Year too! What say Indicine readers?

SRK Salman 2013

SRK Salman Hug

SRK Salman Hug

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar Party



  • ya
    that day would be one of the historical day
    hope it happens sooner than later.
    salman n srk the gems of india

  • I want to believe that this is the truth because the article is encouraging. I miss the friendship between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. They could be such great friends and do great things together. Besides, I miss the entertainment they would perform together and the movies they made together. I want them to make public appearances together again, not for publicity only, but because they want to do it. So, I am looking forward to that happening — the sooner, the better, but I will settle for next year, if it’s more in their best interest to wait until then. Thanks for making it seem like a real possibility.

  • Oh finally!! At least one of them have forgiven & forgotten that bitter past. Shahrukh, now it’s your turn. Please grow up and be friends again. If SRK also forgive & forget the past these 2 youth icons can be called as role models at least for one good reason.

  • It’s very nice of Sulaiman bhai to say such nice words for a small person like Sharukh khan. Our sulaiman bhai thinks only he has anger, stubbornness n all and others dont have such feelings. I dunno why Iam getting a feeling like our sulaiman is acting like a king who is showing his super huge heart to everyone. He once said he will never be friend with srk, what happened to his so called anger now?

  • we want to c them in karan arjun 2. guys please stoping blaming srk or salman for these n that and lets hope they get things sorted. in hollywood movies like avengers other multi starrer are easy to make reason being they all want to give better movies to audience. now if we try and do in bollywood its hard due to actors ego and all that. anyways all the best to both of them

  • @beingsalluhater Salman does not need Srk to promote his show its exactly opposite.I think u don’t know the huge TRP difference between “Bigg boss” and “Zor ka Jhatka”.lol

  • Yes Srk should come next year in Bigg boss 8 as a Guest to promote “HNY” and if it becomes disaster then he can come as a Contestant in Bigg boss 9.lol

  • @soroop well said… Sulaiman bhai u rawwk… But only in ur dreams…
    Get a life loser… U r nothing infront of shahrukh khan…
    I think lallu wil hav atleast one job next year wen jai ho n kick flops n dat is to host bigboss…

  • It is nice from fans no one saying negative to each other fans but truth remain, if u really wanna know why they fight then turn the page from history starting from 1989.

  • Thakur of Chennai appearing on Bigg Boss 7 or 8 next year will have a devastating effect on the shows TRPs- I fear a Zor Ka Jhatka coming so dont do it Salman bhai…….!

    Salman bhai you truly are everybodys Bade Bhaiya and we all know how Bade Dilwale you really are but please dont be over generous with that conniving Thakur from Chennai. You gracefully gave him your World Famous Eid weekend and not an iota of gratitude and now Youtube King wants to make another splash on the idiot box…! Please dont be too charitable in his case, plenty of more kind souls out there need your helping hand like Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade and Aftab Shivdasani but definitely not this greedy thakur. Let him make another attempt with Zor Ka Jhatka but dont ruin the successful Bigg Boss ambience by bringing him on there to promote Depressing New Year.
    Thanks bhai jaan

  • you guys all got this wrong, what salman meant was that, after a few months when srk’s ce record is broken and films starts flopping again, he is welcome to be a participant in big boss and get some recognition. lol.

  • Salman the insecure khan knew that SRK’s Chennai Express would break every box office record.. That’s why he approached SRK.. to shake hands.. SRK didnt care and was busy eating food.. Insecure remake stone face expressionless khan

  • @navin. iota of gratitude?????!!!! lol. insecure KHANs insecure fans. get a life looser.
    so according to Ur logic salmans movies becoming blockbusters is only because of Eid release. he he he.
    look at this from past 4 years salman with his Eid releases was chasing Amirs 3 idiots.
    now salman would again chase SRK s Chennai express. what a pity
    guess he has to be content with the word chase and always be second.
    oh I see that’s WY his fans always fluctuate between SALMAN and AMIR. its justified. poor u

  • @Noam Salman was chasing Aamir’s(3 idiots) record but Srk was chasing both Salman’s(ETT) and Aamir’s(3 idiots) record from last 4 years and now Salman will not chase Srk’s record bcoz by the time his next movie “Mental” releases in January before that either Aamir(Dhoom 3) or Hrithik(Krrish 3) would have broken Srk’s(CE) record so Salman will chase Aamir’s or Hrithik’s record but not Srk’s record.So Salman never chases Srk.i hope u understood this.lol

  • @sachin11
    its always fun to read your comments… you are quite a funny person… but why you are so jealous of SRK… i read your comments before CE release you said the word RECORD dont suit SRK and dont think it do more than 125 cr…

    can you answer your own comment now.. and salman will always chase others but will not be able to cross either srk or amir or HR… he will always be a chaser…while srk and amir are conqueror, no matter for how much time(i said the last sentence to keep you happy otherwise lifetime record in india and specially worldwide of CE seems tough)

  • @sweet_heart yes i agreed it many times here that my prediction for “CE” went wrong but it has happened for the 1st time from last 2-3 years when i joined this site.so what ? also it was sensible at that time bcoz Srk was even struggling to break “Ready”s 123 record which was Salman’s lowest collection in his last 5 movies.So instead of asking me u should ask ur friends who were saying that Srk will break the records of “3 idiots” or “Dabangg” at the time of “Mnik”,”Ra 1″,”Don2″,”JTHJ” but it never happened so their 4 predictions went wrong compared to my just 1 and i want to ask u now that what was ur id before “CE” bcoz i have never seen u before.

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