Shahrukh and Salman bless Arpita Khan with a brotherly kiss: Photo!

In what could be the best picture of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan together, and inarguably Bollywood’s photo of the year, the two superstars are seen blessing their sister Arpita Khan.

Arpita will marry the love of her life Ayush Sharma at a lavish wedding ceremony Hyderabad’s Royal Taj Falaknuma on November 18. The wedding will be followed by a farewell lunch on November 19. A lavish star-studded wedding reception will be held in Mumbai on November 21.

Recently, SRK had said he would attend Arpita’s wedding whether he is invited or not, as he considers her his sister.

The photo below was posted by Arpita Khan on Instagram. While unconfirmed, the photo is said to have been clicked at the sangeet function which was held at Salman’s Galaxy Apartments.

Take a look and share the picture!

SRK Salman with Arpita Khan

SRK Salman with Arpita Khan

Salman SRK Hug

Salman SRK Hug

SRK Salman At Arpita Wedding

SRK Salman At Arpita Wedding

SRK - Salman kiss Arpita Khan

SRK – Salman kiss Arpita Khan

SRK Arpita Khan

SRK Arpita Khan

Shahrukh Khan with Salman and Arpita

Shahrukh Khan with Salman and Arpita



  • SRK aap bohot achhe insaan ho dil se.. Isilie Khuda ka haath aapke sir par hai..aur rahega :) pic me ek roohaniyat hai.. Sufiyaana sa feel hai..kyu ke Shahrukh Arpita ko apni saggi behen ki tarah pakda hai is mein……

  • Wow!! Nice!!….how I wish all these srk and bhai fans here can see wit their eyes that despite always quarrelling srk beta! Salman beta! SEEKO DOSTO SEEKO!!! these megastars collect their sweet money and have mutual respect for each other while fans that these actors barely KNOW! keep on attacking one another!!

  • Thats what u call a “KING”-sized love for srk has been increased after seeing this pic…………. “Being Human” sandwich! How about it? What would you give to charity for one?

  • Im devastated…. arpita deserved better than this but guess Sarooks dancing at her wedding isnt all that bad a news- nonsense ki night well go down well with the crowd

  • Wait a minute! So Salman is actually taller than Srk?? I that srk was slightly taller than Salman! May b its my eyes…but honestly Salman seems to take care of his phisique and body more! Looking so fresh and healthy!! But no doubt these r d 2/3 BIGGEST MEGASTARS IN D INDUSTRY PRESENTLY! RESPECT SIRS!!

  • Love both of them for blessing the bride. Arpita managed to did unthinkable yet most memorable moment in Bollywood history.

  • @IamAKN : Whats your problem dude ?? why draging BH on this page ?? Dont you its not related to charity but a family moment ?? Salman n his family still consider Srk as family so your king is reciprocarating same towards Arpita.

  • Well, as someone said on twitter! Here Arpita is the veto power holder! U two keep fighting, when it comes to me, put everything to rest! God bless her!

    I think they should maintain their relationships and remain as friends from away because to me, though SRK is a good man, he has some ego problems!

    See how SRK is pulling Arpita more towards him as if she is ONLY his sister! SRK does not like to share good things with others. Haha! Lol! Just trolling!

    Yet, I will forget differences for at least for some days and let the love flourish!

    Well, Rakhiji of Rakeshji’s Karan Arjun will be very happy today!

    @Navin, LOL! I think he will dance for free on IndiWaale at the Wedding! I don’t prefer nonsense ki night for that shoob mahurat!

  • The expressions and body languages of the three people in the say all!! Just feel the photo and come to ur own conclusion!
    @Alcoholic, Arpita is SRK’s sister too. Jaisi Woh Chahe Waisi Comment Karegi Uski Bhai Ke Film ki Baare Mein, Uski Bhai Ko Koi Farak Nahin Padta, Toh Tere Ko Kyun??

  • @navin!!! Am on a laughing riot!! U again navin!!! Lungi dance can b d next chartbuster after nonsense ki night!!!!!!!!

  • oh yes !!! our bhai and our king are blessing their beloved sister arpita by kisses !!! now we kingfans and bhaifans are very happy.. we are all gonna dance tonight on king’s and bhai’s movie `KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI’ song `SAAJAN JI GHAR AAYE’…

    saajan ji ghar aaye saajan ji ghar aaye dulhan yun sharmaye
    saajan ji ghar aaye..

    and we are also gonna dance on dhinka chika, lungi dance , chammak challo , jumme ki raat , bodyguard and sharabi..
    oh yes!! let’s party!

    kindly post this indicine! and please don’t post hate comments this time guys !!
    Thank You..
    special mention : bulli.. your sense of humour is awesome.. create a blog on this..

  • yaay !!! mindblowing.. salman and srk kissing their sister arpita..
    obviously they are spreading love..

    don’t spread hate
    spread love

  • look at this man .. he is so humble & good at heart .. Haters would still bark here.
    “Main Toh Batman .. Shahrukh Khan Ka Fan !”
    Main Toh Superman .. Salman Ka Fan !”
    Love Both King Khan & Dabanngg Khan.

  • Navin .. the day your bhai reads these comments of yours, he won’t even SPIT on you .. trust me. Get A Life Fool ! #Pity on you.

  • @sani d .. I won’t reply defending SRK (SRK’s height 5’9 .. Salman is 5’7) but one thing is for sure .. both these Khans are atleast not as Black as your Ajay Devgn. ???
    Watch Your Words & Keep Distance from Khan articles you midget hater.

  • Good picture, one important request for ‘indicine’ team- all latest information of srk starrerr ‘fan ‘please post here, per day

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