Shahid, Shraddha Kapoor unveil Haider trailer: Photos

Stars present at the event: Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Vishal Bhardwaj.

Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor unveil Haider trailer

Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor unveil Haider trailer

Shraddha Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Tabu launch the trailer of Haider

Shraddha Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Tabu launch the trailer of Haider

Shahid Kapoor launches the trailer of Haider

Shahid Kapoor launches the trailer of Haider

Shahid Kapoor talks to the media

Shahid Kapoor talks to the media

Shraddha Kapoor at Haider trailer launch

Shraddha Kapoor at Haider trailer launch



Kay Kay Menon, Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Vishal Bhardwaj, Tabu and Siddharth Roy Kapur

Kay Kay Menon, Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Vishal Bhardwaj, Tabu and Siddharth Roy Kapur



  • hahaha now bang bang will destroy god helps so small fan base of hrithik.Anyways great news for kick as it fitches phenomenally records price and beat dhoom3 and ce by huge margin just go to is just a bigining all records will shattered one by one just wait and watch.

  • I wish sahid will get best actor award next year. But clashing such a movie with highly commercial film is disgusting, sahid comes in my fav actor list at 4th or 5th. I like him too.
    But my question to die hard sahidfans,
    it was decided to clash wid Roy. Then it postponed to oct2nd which was already booked by bang bang.

  • And btw, if trailer like kick created so much hype, then i feel another action film bang bang will also create much hype.

  • Haiderfirst look promo is one of the most engaging promos that I’ve seen in a long time.Vishal gets the best out of actor Shahid..

  • @nipun Clashing with a great movie like Haider is a disgusting act for commercial mindless action film like Bang bang.
    Bang bang makers should postpone their release date to support critically acclaimed Haider.

  • @nipun earlier phantom n bang bang eying for clash on oct2. When phantom postpone, marry com comes, when haider comes marry com postpone. Its almost certain from a year ago that two big films come on 2nd oct, as 5holidays in weekned is rare. Haider is class type film which not effect to much bang bang as its a stylish film like race. But if phantom clash with bang bang then it will eat each other business as both are same genere. From jthj n sos clash, sos affect jthj as super hit music plus massala film were very at that time thats why ready become blockbuster but jai ho failed. Gaddar n laggan both clash but they will not effect each other due to different genere. So, if bang bang well made(which is impossible as the remake of crap nite n day n sid anand track record) then it will do 150cr plus. Very frankly its impossible for any film to cross 200cr without eid,diwali or christmas n hritic stardorm post 2010 is not same like pre 2010.

  • @nipun kick is a remake of blockbuster film kick, scripted by chetan bhagat. But bang bang is a remake of crap nite n day which was diasaster

  • 3rd pic of shasha fake smiling, and see other pics, he isnt so aggresive for movie promotion….
    Wish bst luck 4 shasha,
    @saif y dnt u tell to learn acting to ur star 1st l0l hahahahahahaha

  • @Romance New_yr: have u already seen haidar?? that u r saying shahid acted superb in the movie…..u r biggest fool i hv ever seen

  • Hrithik means ; be it good or bad, he appreciates every people of film industry or everyone or everything. He always stand for truth and take action against wrong happening.
    As Hrithik fan , I am like him too since 2000.
    Hrithik never forgive me for yesterday comments for haider. Though I said right that was completely my point of view to haider but it is not right to comment bad to anybody or anything.
    So haider team, shahid, shahid fans, I am so sorry about yesterday comments, I completely forgot myself that I am a hrithik Roshan fan.
    so as hrithik Roshan fan , I appreciate haider as
    with fantastic trailer, this film going to rock box office on fire. 400+ crore on card and haider will smash all records and will be blockbuster of the year 2014 . It will take no1 position in the list of 2014 blockbuster.
    It will be like I win a war of universe if BANG BANG will get atleast hits status at the box office on 2nd Oct as haider is arriving too.
    from now if I don’t love anything , I will not comments.

  • Trailer Tells that movie will awesome and movie can give a tight competition to Bang Bang…
    Both Movies are my favorite

  • romance_old_year: get ur facts right man….knight and day was not a disaster… it was a financial success, check wikipedia..

  • The War will not be one sided for sure. Healthy competition is expected.

    Wish u Good Luck Gr8 & Successful Combo of Shahid + Vishal

  • @shasha, it was bang bang who booked 2nd oct first. They why will he postpone? ?
    BTW,haider would have done 60-70 crores wid solo as sahid is a flopstar. Now it will do 40-50 crores with. .
    Bang bang would have done 220-250 crores wid solo. Now it will do around 180 crores.

  • @nipun, i still have hope to bng bng collect 200cr..

    Isnt hype of haidar n bng bng decreasing kicks hype?

    i dont know how cn ppl call action thriller as crap? L0l

    movie dekhi nahi lag gaye review dene, dnt u forget Hr is known for delivering good movies, like aamir did be4 D3… Since from 2003 he has nt a single bad movie.. Get that

  • Siddarth Malhotra in the favour of Hrithik sir…….
    Sid says,”Hrithik Roshan is my
    @indicine, wen any1 say good words about two overrated khans u post that update quickly, when newcomers said about Hrithik, Aamir, Irfan, y dont u post that?? When Tiger, jacky bhagnani, or other said they taking inspiration from Hrithik.. And if u got a news that sm1 spoken gud about salman, srk u post it quickly.

    Arjun kapoor who said good about Irfan khan, share hi experience in gunday to work with Irfan..
    Please give same favour to each star on ur site,
    thank you.

  • Guys, since you people are busy fighting, you are missing to appreciate that Shraddha looks so gorgeous.

  • Trailer Review by Sahir:

    4.5 / 5 (Classic Master Piece)

    To be or not to be… is still a daunting question. But to like or not to like can’t be. Vishal Bharadwaj’s Hiader based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet probably scores as one of his most energetic looking films till date. If the film is anywhere even close to the trailer, it will be a gem. Shahid Kapoor cavorting around with a bird-like chapeau might seem a little bizarre, but probably it was crucial to up the quirk factor in the film. The musical piece at the onset is absolutely slinky. Suffusing a strong flavor of politics, both social and sexual, the tumultuous intrigue level is kept significantly high.

    Tabu defines her decision of jumping into ‘incestuous sheets’ by talking about the status of half-widows in Kashmir. She sinks her teeth into the character of Gertrude with poise, ease and dazzling perfection. Kay Kay Menon too shines as Claudius here; if you think of it he pretty much heads the bracket of actors who have the potential to play the role with such befitting keenness. A part of the brilliance here lies in the right casting and Bharadwaj has got it bang on this time!

    Another beauty of the film is in its setting. While the catastrophic revenge drama Hamlet was set in Denmark which formed an integral part of the story conveying the moods and mores of the film, Kashmir too does a fantastic job in spreading the canvas correct to lay out the drama. Bharadwaj captures Kashmir at its icy best, bubbling with darkness entrapping the turbulence with vigor.

    While actors like Kay Kay Menon and Tabu reign with their effortless brilliance, it is Shahid Kapoor who is sensational in every frame. “Jaan Loon Ki Jaan Doon, Main Rahoon Ki Main Nahin” is a scene that just proves the actor’s infallible prowess. He stands out brilliantly in a scene with Tabu where he says, “Maa Jab Jhooth Bole Na, Tab Nahin Acchi Lagti.” This trailer just help me fathom the inadequacy of directors who are unable to get out such performances from Shahid more frequently.
    The angst and agony of the film could not have been unveiled in a better way probably.

    There is an unmissable oomph to the trailer which is reason enough to await the film!

    Come soon Haider!

  • Mausam gave me piece and Hyder gives me something like relief.Shahid you are going to do that you never done before.

    @babaji KI thullu,kyun aag lag rahi hai tujh main?bada has raha tha JTHJ ke upor abhi aur hash.@nipun,again same alien/fraud collection predictions you’re gibing,lol.

  • @Nikhil
    I can only laugh at you. Bang Bang Teaser was out at 9:15 am and it gained 80k Views within first 70 mins. Now, say something

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