Shahid Kapoor shares his thoughts about marriage

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who awaits the release of his film ‘Shaandaar’ this week, has shared his thoughts about marriage.

“I believe in the institution of marriage. I think it’s beautiful, but I don’t think it should be enforced. What kind of relationship you want with the person you love is completely your decision. But I do believe one shouldn’t run away from commitment”the actor was quoted as saying to GQ India magazine.

Last seen in ‘Haider’ during Gandhi Jayanti last year, Shahid tied the knot with Mira Rajput in July this year. The actor also dated actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan.

Shahid Kapoor Photoshoot for GQ India

Shahid Kapoor Photoshoot for GQ India

When asked aboutĀ theĀ important things that he has learnt from his previous relationships, Shahid said “It’s important to express yourself and it’s important to listen. To say whatever you feel as soon as you feel it. When you speak about something after a certain period of time it loses its context… and it’s difficult for both people to see it for what it was.”

“So it’s important to address it when you’re there. And it’s equally important to listen with the understanding that you’re not being judged” he said.



  • Shaandaar will surely cross 100 crore this year.
    Shahid: 1 film 100 crore +
    Akshay: 4 films without 100 crore

    Shahid > Akshay

  • i always loved the pair of Shahid kapoor and Amrita Rao, it was my wished since Ishq Vishk movie that they becomes husband and wife in real life.

  • I was watching Jab we met a day before yesterday for the nth time (where n>30).

    I think it was one of Shahid’s best performances.He was so charming throughout the movie and supported Kareena so well without a hint of overacting.Definitely his most underrated performance as whenever anyone talks about Jab We Met he/she praises only Kareena’s performance as Geet which was no doubt superb but I think Shahid did’nt got his due for JWM.

    Surely,the best romcom of bollywood for me.

  • He’s my favorite among all the younger crop of actors.He can do everything.Also he comes across as a humble guy.Never got an ideal launchpad like some of the undeserving youngsters.With Shandaar he would be taken seriously as an actor and a star
    Many people won’t agree with me but he looked the best in KK.His performance was so adorable in that movie.One of my favorite romcoms after JWM

  • Debut ke 15 saal bad bhi shahid ko newcomer kaha jata he. Ishise to talent ka pata chalta he. Lol. Mujhe to lagta he ki shahid jab sarff ka add karta tha tab sambuddha paida bhi nahi hua tha. Or sambudhha kaheta he ki shahid uske young bregade ka team ‘v captain’ he. Lol.

  • Shaandaar is 1st destination wedding film in bolleywood. I think shaandaar will join the legue of jwm (jab we met) as one of the best bolleywood movie ever.

  • @babaji ka thullu yes brother adhitya kashyap in jab we met is one of the best performance of shahid. Jab we met is one of the best movie in bolleywood. But i don’t agree with u in one thing. Shahid is equally credited and get lot of appreciation for his role as kareena gets. And listed in various websites as one of the best performance of bolleywood actors of the year as well as of the decend. But kareena get her filmfare and other awards n her best performance till date. But shahid gets only nomination as best actor in various awards ceremony including filmfare. But won only in 1 or 2 awards ceremoney in critics choices. People r talking about kareena because geet in jwm is her best performance as well as one of the best performance of female lead in bolleywood. But shahid’s best performance is considered in haider then kaminey then jab we met.

    Yes we can say his performance in jab we met is most underrated as u say because this is considered as his 3rd best performance but it is as good as haider n kaminey performance.

    And lastly his all these performance in jab we met, kaminey and haider are considered as one of the best performance of any bolleywood actors.

  • @indicine what wrong with u ? When i support shahid u always don’t piblish my comment. I don’t say babaji is wrong but he isnot completly true. May be he don’t know completly about shahid was appreciated equally as kareena.

  • Thats so good of him to share some news about his wedding..

    Shandar does not looks an exciting film or a good film , hence will not watch it..
    Looking forward to Azharuddin biopic…

  • @azhar oh yeh?!!!!! Shaandaar not looking exciting or good film? What do u mean? For u only azhar is interesting? I find shaandaar a really good film but can’t say about azhar just right now. So, stop to try to creat negativity on shaandaar.

  • shahid ki aap kismat badal jaegi after critically acclaim haider… shaandaar will be super-hit due to alia-shahid chemistry….

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