Shah Rukh Khan to make an appearance on Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 9

Each year, when Shah Rukh Khan has a film lined up for release, he’s asked if he will make an appearance on Salman Khan’s popular television reality show ‘Bigg Boss 9’.

In the last 6 years that Salman has been hosting Bigg Boss, the two haven’t been on talks terms for 4 years. But recently, the ‘growingbromance’ between the two stars, has raised expectations of SRK promoting ‘Dilwale’ on Bigg Boss.

Now, there are reports that Shah Rukh has confirmed his appearance on the hit television show. Sources say, it was Salman who invited Shah Rukh to come over to the sets of the film and meet the contestants. Kajol is likely to make an appearance too.

The episode is reportedly being scheduled for December, a fewweeks before the show’s grand finale and a week before the releaseof ‘Dilwale’.



  • now srk also needs salman suplort for his movie now don,t even think to tellsrk king next time.ONE N ONLY SALMAN IS KING REAL KING.

  • When i heard abt this news I thought tht BHAITARDS will start barking and in the first comment @Jay is started barking…grow up mindless people’s. ..even if sumthing gud is happening then also you R barking

  • JAY READ THE TOPICS Salman who invited Shah Rukh to come over to the sets of the film and meet the contestants SO…….

  • @jay u didnt read carefully it was salman who invited srk on bigg boss.So salman needs srk 4 the show.
    Btw we shud not fight as our stars themselves r friends.

  • Good news for both Sharukh & Slaman Fans.
    Enjoy the show & dont blmae each others.
    Both r the Biggest stars of Bollywood, accecpt it.

  • mr king of Bollywood needs salman khan…. ha ha ha….no need to guess now that who is d real king…

  • So much investments in the film plus competition from BM. Promotion toh karni chaiyye..
    Welcome to BB, Mr. SRK.

  • Bad move by SRK, I don’t know why he is going to promote Dilwale in a show which trp rating is at all time low. This is like our king is going to promote Salman’s BiggBoss 9. So good luck BiggBoss. :) :) :)

  • What rubbish. I don’t want SRK to visit a show like Big Boss which is a platform for all the cheaptards to show their “talent”.
    SRK sir, please send your chelas Varun and Kriti to promote the film , but you yourself don’t visit please. Who knows that ugly Kishwar will spit in your drink too.

    @Jay 02:26 pm : Eye check-up. That’s all you need. Because this article says it all who invited whom.

    @Joker clown (JC) 02:47 pm : saying ” Oont” , you are quoting “Criminal”. Right?

    @king the steel heart 02:50 pm : its not SRK who begged criminal to be a part of the show but vice-versa. All know that trp of big boss is all time low this time. Thus they need a megastar like SRK to boost the same.

    @Yuvarani 02:53 pm : you are very much interested and your comment proves the same.

  • @deacula lol pls tell previous show name of ur star all were disasters and bb9 is going very good u pls save srk now to disappear from bollywood.Salman is way out of reach now in all departments.

  • I think fans of both star should be happy on this move rather than proving one great and other down.I always enjoy such moments of salman-srk friendship.So guys enjoy it rather than burning

  • @king the golden heart
    Actually calling PRDP Blockbuster may fool many people but I thing you are a regular indicine user so you should be clear that it cant be blockbuster in any case.Hit most likely or superhit(which is looking somewhat difficult)

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