Shah Rukh Khan to host ‘TED Talks India: Nayi Soch’

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will be hosting ‘TED Talks India: Nayi Soch’, a global first Hindi TV talk show created in partnership with TED, a non-profit organisation.

In a statement released to the media, the superstar said he hope to inspire young minds across India and the world.

“I believe ‘TED Talks India-Nayi Soch’ will inspire many minds across India. It is a concept I connected with instantly, as I believe that the media is perhaps the single most powerful vehicle to inspire change. I am looking forward to working with TED and Star India, and truly hope that together, we are able to inspire young minds across India and the world,” Shah Rukh said in a statement.

The show, which will be aired on Star Plus, will feature speakers sharing big ideas in TED’s signature format of short, powerful talks. This is the first time TED is working with a major network to produce a non-English TV series.

“In an age of high volatility the role of ideas to fuel positive change cannot be overstated. We are delighted to have Shah Rukh Khan share our vision and lend his charisma to this exciting endeavour” Uday Shankar, Chairman and CEO, Star India, said.



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  • @oldie Era SRK : First of all this is a Bollywood site and not a gyaan site to learn new things. Secondly SRK’s primary job is acting and compete with his competitors like Hrithik, Ajay & Akki because Salman and Aamir are beyond his aukaat. Even to compete with HR, AJ and Akki he is doing manipulations and on top of that his fans are giving baba gyaan !!!!!!!! WTF is this ???

  • @oldie Era SRK : Forgot to mention most important thing, SRK has 2 flop and 2 disaster shows to his name. What is the need for him to do this ? No matter whatever he tries he is not going to reach level of Salman, Aamir ke baare mein toh sooch bhi mat. Now heard he wants to re-telecast his oldie serial Circus on Doordarshan to bring back his old memories ?? Train pe promotions, Masala genre ki movie in 2017, Circus show ka return and now he is doing this flop show. Tera idol bawla hai kya ?

  • @ hrithik, the way u are talking it seems u had already watched his new show in mars or it is yet to start on earth.talking about masala genre.Salman in his bad phase also did masala movies like wanted, dabangg etc to get his lost stardom.So Why SRK can’t do the same in his bad phase ?

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  • @Indicine-What’s so offensive in this comment?

    LOL@TikTik, rather say your Local star Lallu isn’t going to reach the level of Global star SRK in this lifetime.. TEDTALK is a flop show??? That’s what “gawar rickshawalas” like Tiktik is supposed to think like. Commenting on each and every SRK article, proves that how jobless and moronic are Lallu fans. Rather google TEDTALK and learn what is it. Your school-failed Gangu Teli Lallu isn’t eligible to do great stuffs like this…!! There is a lot of difference between Gangu Teli Lallu’s masala films and SRK’s Raees. Gangu Teli’s films are for rickshawalas whereas Raees is for educated people.

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