Shah Rukh and Salman spotted riding bicycle!

Bollywood superstarShah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan were spotted riding bicycles on the streets of Mumbai. It was Shah Rukh who shared the photo on his official Twitter page.

“Bhai bhai on bike bike. No pollution?bhai says ‘Michael Lal Cylcle Lal’,” SRK captioned it.

It was exactly 3 years ago during the holy month of Ramzan that Shah Rukh and Salman broke their 5-year-long cold war at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party.

While Salman awaits the release of ‘Sultan’ during Eid, Shah Rukh has Gauri Shinde’s next this year and Raees during Republic Day next year.

SRK, Aryan and Salman Khan cycling together on the streets of Mumbai

SRK, Aryan and Salman Khan cycling together on the streets of Mumbai

Shahrukh Khan cycling with Salman Khan

Shahrukh Khan cycling with Salman Khan



  • Nowa days Bhai is licking Badshah’s ass. He is promoting sultan with the mighty Kong’s name

  • SRK’s Dressing Sense Each & Everytime leaves me Awestruck!
    Good to see them together, Stop Fanwars ASAP!

  • This promo will help Sultan to collect 200 cr easly…
    My old prediction – 130 cr
    But Now my prediction increased to 200 cr.. Because Promotion of King khan…

    #Fasal kerala

  • Really I don’t like to bash Non actor & His fans.. But I will never forget his bad comments against SRK at the time of Dilwale & Fan Release…

    #Fasal kerala

  • Best friends of Bollywood: sanjay dutt,salman khan and ajay devgan:long time friends….

  • @Ultron A Lunatic 5.10…
    Better u Will say –
    A megastar ( King khan ) with Flop Disaster Eid made Supersat ( Non actor )

    #Fasal kerala

  • After seeing their friendship and bonhomie regretting the time I wasted bashing Salman when both of them have so much of respect for each other?.
    From now onwards will try my level best to not comment against anyone.
    Will watch Sultan for sure if it finds appreciation.

  • Oh God! These Khans are now ganging up against our eternal gentleman Hrithik Roshan. First, Sallu asked SRK to postpone Raees and clash with Kaabil.
    Now this!
    But as long as the reviews of mine, Anupama ma’am and Rajiv Madame Sir are with Kaabil, nothing can affect Kaabil.

  • Its quiet visible that Salman is using Srk’s name to promote Sultan . Is Salman not confident about his product and is afraid that Sultan may get rejected . It looks so .

  • This Indepence day, Akshay is knowingly clashing with MD. We know the whole world against this nice gentleman who makes quality films and want to take the Bollywood to the next level.
    Sadly, good people do not get enough support. But the end, the victory will be for the quality actor.

  • Its a shame to Indian Judiciary that a criminal is free and roaming around as per his wish. Just put him behind bars for all his crimes immediately. #JailforSalman

  • 1st of all lets not create fanwar here….bt i really want to ask u one thing do u really think salman needs srk to cross 200 cr???and for your kind information pic was shared by srk not by salman… no more bashing….atleast not in this article….spread love… :)

  • Looks like Salman reached unannounced at Mannat and coaxed SRK / Aryan for a ride without even letting SRK change into proper cycling gear .

  • @5:10pm

    So your old prediction was 130cr but now Kings name has been mentioned you have added Pankhas collection to make a 200cr prediction for Sultan…!

    Hhhmmm nice logic

  • @fasal kerala you prove that yes there can be demons even around positive people! No1 cares about ur disgusting. And moronic remarks, so atleast do not spoil a beautiful state like kerala’s name!
    @israel i guess u should shut up, or else in place of ur mouth, put ur butt up! Anyway only shit comes out of ur mouth

  • SRK’s son Aryan was also with them. It is very heartwarming too see them together.

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