Shaandaar Movie Review

The trailers of Shaandaar have promised a fun romantic comedy with a quirk. Shahid Kapoor gained a lot of respect for his performance in Haider, Alia Bhatt has been swiftly rising as a dependable star, Vikas Bahl has garnered admirers after delivering the semi classic Queen in his last film. So when all three of them come together for one single project then curiosity is sure to be raised and so are expectations. Do the makers do any justice to our expectations? And is the film any good?

Story: The elder daughter of the scion Vipin Arora (Pankaj Kapur) is about to get married and the wedding takes place in a castle in England. She is about to marry the son of the super rich Harry Fundwani (Sanjay Kapoor) which Vipin secretly hopes will save his floundering company. In comes Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid), the wedding planner who becomes like a prince charming of sorts for Vipin’s younger daughter Alia (Alia Bhatt). Will the two fall in love? Will the Aroras be able to save their business empire? To know, watch the movie.

Screenplay and Direction: First things first, Shaandaar is a disappointing film. When you expect so much from a film, it gets hard for the director to deliver so much but the tragic thing about Shaandaar is that even if you have very few expectations from the movie, even then you are sure to be disappointed. Shaandaar is a convulated, weird and frankly very boring tale for a movie which seemed so fresh and quirky. Vikas should have been responsible enough to not let it become weird. There are many points in the movie which are sleep inducing but you tend to forgive the writer-director because of the apparent promise in the quirks of the movie. What doesn’t work, just doesn’t work and what works only works to the bare minimum.

Shaandaar is technically a very finely shot movie with a lot of grandeuer and class. The production design is top quality and the costume design is fantastic. The editing is also very crispy although it is let down by the proceedings on screen. The music of Shaandaar is another disappointment. You expect a lot more from Amit Trivedi. Even though none of the songs are bad, the quality of the soundtrack is below average. The only song which makes a mark is Gulaabo.

Acting: Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt continuously shine through the staleness of the movie and give very good performances which somehow salvage the movie to an extent. Shahid is looking fresh, and emotes well. His comic and romantic timing is spot on. Alia Bhatt looks sensational and keeps getting better with every movie. She is getting more expressive by the day and in Shaandaar she explores her comic side a lot more with limited results. Pankaj Kapur is at his normal best. Sanjay Kapoor makes a surprise comeback in the movie and is decent.

Conclusion: Shaandaar held a lot of promise because it was the coming together of drastically different styles of filmmaking (Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap style). It invariable ends up being neither and sets itself up for a death trap. It doesn’t entertain, doesn’t enlighten and doesn’t even make us laugh. A big festive release should do the bare minimum of keeping the audience entertained. Shaandaar is salvaged somewhat by the last few minutes and by the spritely fresh pairing of Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt who give it their best show and rise above the film itself. Shaandaar is hardly a Shaandaar piece of movie-making.


  • The quirk of the story
  • The in form lead actors Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt give it their best
  • Shaandaar is technically fantastic


  • Doesn’t spark a lot of laughter and fails to entertain much
  • The story is too derivative for the normal audience
  • Is neither a good Phantom film nor a good Dharma film
  • The music doesn’t stick with you
  • The pace is too slow which makes the film boring

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • I will give it 1 star…
    After watching highly entertaining PKP 2, This movie depressed me..
    Now I am asking question to myself that why I watched this bekaar ROM COM.
    Only last 10 min are entertaining..

  • haha you gave singh is bling 3 stars which was a crap film an you give 2 stars for shaandaar which music is fantastic and the movie is fully entertaining. everyone should watch it.

  • Finally a Good Post From Indicine..
    I want this movie to Flop Badly.. Nothing against Shahid but I am tired of this Karan Johar’s Sloppy Romantic Productions with Dumbalia Bhatt in all of them Again And again..
    2 Punjabi Songs,Exaggerated life and a Girl in Bikini and Voila they have a movie..
    Gimme a Break.. Where as one side we r producing Mammoths like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Magnum Opus like PRDP and BM as well as Small movies such as TMWR and PKP2 Nd Talwar are doing so good.. In between them we have these Shandars and Tamashas with nothing new to offer other than Robbing people of their hard earned money in the name of Over the top pulled down the Throat type of Promotions..

    Good Riddance..

  • So Shahid kapoor has gone to his old ways. He was never a good actor. It just was that last year the role in haider he got was challenging and with no other competition from any actor earned him those accolades.

    But he is still the same Shahid of R.rajkumar, Phata poster, Mausam, Milenge Milenege. And he is still no good at scripts. Queen’s director is directing so need to read script it will work. If we remove Vishal bhardwaj directed films from his filmography he is nothing.

    And by the wat Fox-Star continues it’s horrible run at Box-Office. A panauti Production house.

  • “neither a good Phantom film nor a good Dharma film”
    never heard someone caring which production company made the movie

  • Pathetic reviews are coming from every nook and corner. Few of my friends went to watch the early morning show and they are saying , it doesn’t deserve a single star.
    Thank god that I saved my holiday by skipping this over-hyped drama.

  • You guys are the only folks to give a negative review. Reviews have been positive overall. Second time you miss the mark after PKP2.

  • Will give my review later tonight,my show is at 6PM…

    @indicine ;; Is everything fine between Dharma and you?? First 2.5 to Brothers,now 2 to Shaandaar,lol

  • @xzone- True said! I am also a victim of this movie.
    No emotional scene, very rare entertaining scene & story is also very poor.
    Irritating movie……

  • I expected 4* from Indicine n they trolled me bigtime. Anyways, neutral audience iss film ki bahut buri tarha se baja rahe hain social media pe. Shahid Kapoor is back, I repeat Shahid Kapoor is back giving terrible films. Haider must have been a fluke.

  • Only good thing about this movie is ‘It looks rich and Colourful’……
    Overall very boring and irritating…

  • only 2 stars ?

    movie looking good and music of movie Shaam Shaandaar, Gulabo and Raita Phel Gaya getting good response.

    Weird review by indicine.

    Best of luck for team shaandaar.

  • @jj,if this review would have positive,then you wouldn’t have barked too much.OK take out vishal bhardwaj from shahid’s career,then what about Jab We Met,Vivaah ?????He was just an unlucky guy if He’ll get better scripts,better direction then no youngistan actor can even come closer to him.through HAIDER He slapped everyone’s face who neglected his talent and thrown out perfaketionist’s 2rs pk performance into dust bin and completely stopped a big film like bang bang considering screen counts.that’s who exactly is Shahid ,if this film will not perform well then vikas Behl as well as music will be responsible as @indicine too praised SHAHID’S effort then why your hatred against him couldn’t be controlled you mad blind hater?

  • Shaandaar mai ‘Shaan’ hai kaha???
    I am surprised is he the same Director(Vikas bahl) who directs last yrs best film QUEEN
    Pathetic movie…Ya doesn’t expect more from Karan joker’s DHARMA productions…same type of Rom-Com’s again and again just location and dialogue’s are changed…

    enjoyed only one song ‘GULABOO’ amit trivedi is worst music director ever happen…

    deserving only 1 star from me and most of the sites gave 1 to 1/5 star to this bakwass movie !!!!!

    now looking forward to ?
    PRDP and BM

  • @Rangil Singh

    perfect comment.. Hats off to u for making such comments…

    But its irony that guys like @babaji ka thullu have no effect of ur cmntss.. Still that guy @babaji ka thullu is being robbed n he is fooled by dharma banner..

  • And finally i resign.. My campaign against foolish childish rom-coms have succeeded…!.. It will surely come to a halt after failure of tamasha…!!…

    But nothing can be done of born idiots like @Babaji ka thullu who never watch akki films in theatre n watch crap shandar in theatre…!!…

  • Why God why??
    Unfortunate for Shahid..another under performer.Even though some not so good actors have benefited form Dharma’s romcoms in the recent past but when it came to Shahid the movie have been panned.He must be cursing his luck.I have always felt if he isn’t a superstar by now it’s only because of his script choices.After Haider I was expecting him to do quality movies.Unfortunate for him:(:(

  • I never left a movie on its interval… but today #Shaandaar made me doing that rarest stuff
    Rating – 0 star

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