Sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus ‘Bajirao Mastani’

Everything about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ambitious magnum opus ‘Bajirao Mastani’ is larger than life. Crores of rupees has been spent on recreating the era, where Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are playing the role of Bajirao and Mastani.

Priyanka Chopra plays Bajirao’s first wife Kashibai.

Check out the sets of the film.

The grand set of Bajirao Mastani

Sets of Bajirao Mastani



  • dont know why they are investing so much on new comers and periodic movies..hritik would be a great choice..if movie will clash with dilwale is impossible to recover such huge investment..nothing against ranveer or new comers..they are good but they are not that much popular to pull huge crowd for period movie..personal opinion..

  • Magnum Opus will be destroy by Dil Waale this Christmas kal ka aya huwa bacha jo actor kam monkey zyada lagta hai woh Superstar SRK se clash karne chala i guaranteed this magnum opus will become the reason of dark career of Ranveer-Deepika both.

    Dil Waaale 250 crore + All Time Blockbuster like CE.
    Magnum Opus 50-70 Flop like Saanwariya

  • Just watched Jurassic world…..
    My words it’s just awesome movie….
    visual effects are just mindblowing…
    watch in 3D u feel like u r in Jurassic world.
    don’t watch in 2D I repeat don’t watch in 2D….
    Jurassic world already broke weekend opening record of the avengers in us
    JW — $ 208 M >>> avengers $ 207 M
    jw 1st movie enter in $500 M club in just 3 days worldwide…. JW — $524 M
    enjoy guys…..

  • dilwale will destroy bajirao mastani like 2007 oso distroy sawariya… I honestly say diwale will collect 250cr+ box office….

  • Atbb confirmed….
    just bcoz of content movie will break all record….
    125 cr will be life guarantee it…

  • dilwale will distroy bajirao mastani like 2007 oso distroy sawariya… I honestly say diwale will collect 250cr+ box office….

  • Such a costly film with ranveer who is not a superstar needs at least two weeks to recover costs. It will collect very little if it comes week after dilwale.

    Plus SLB films are mostly not big hits. devdas is his only huge grosser.

  • If Bajirao mastani will release on 18 dec then it will clash with HERA PHERI 3

    it will turn epic disaster like BOMBAy Velvt

  • What’s the purpose of spending so much amount of money in the movie when they are clashing with the blockbuster Dilwale.Hope some good sense prevails in SLB’s mind and he postpones his movie or else all his hardwork would go worthless

  • sanjay leela bhansali is trying o be too ambitious , releasing a big budget movie opposite srk starer is really chutzpa. He should prepone bajirao mastani by atleast 1 week and release it on 12th december. Wase bhi Sawariya ke sath kya hua tha yeh to yad hi hoga

  • If the content and story of this is brilliant, it will earn huge! Only chance it has against Dilwale is to hope that Dilwale opens to negative reviews, which it will most probably, being a King and Shetty movie.
    If BM WOM is positive like Jodha Akbar and Dilwale negative:
    BM : 120 Crores
    Dilwale: 150-160 Crores

  • now this puny sets created by sanjay to take against THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD?????I thought only animals are were fool,now I confirmed this slb is biggest fool even than an animal that he wants to take risk even after getting a tight slap already by THE KING.let HIM test their star power DEEPIKA(all haters will realise after she lost against THE KING),PC all whose career made by KING KHAN and the monkey Singh aka ranveer who has no star power,lol.

  • Waiting only for Bajirao this Christmas, no interest in classless cheap Dilwale. Class director creating an epic historical film.

  • Bajirao mastani will thrash Dilwale this year. Just like 2012 when Ajay’s SOS defeated JTHJ at the box office. Afterall Srk is a small star, who is he to compete with megastars.

  • SLB has taken best decision by clashing movie against small star SRK’s Dilwale. Rohit Shetty is a crap director, but his movies make money.
    Bajirao Mastani will thrash Dilwale.

  • People like SSS had bashed me during Gandhi Jayanti of last year just becoz I supported Bang Bang over Haider as a HRfan. Now they are supporting Dilwale and Criticizing BM. Hypocrisy ki Height!!

  • I am waiting for this looks much bigger and better than ram leela…at the box office also it should target ram lelaa`s opening numbers only then it has a chance of recovery..

  • Sanjay leela bhansali is very overrated director for me, his earlier films khamoshi,hddcs,devdas and black were good but sawariya,gujaarish and ramleela were not close to them. He is spending crores of rupees in movies without any logic, sprndig huge chunk of money while making saawariya and gujaarish was a lame joke, even though if gujaarish was recd well by audience it couldnt collected 50cr + that time in India in 2010 and he wasted 60-70cr in cosy, huge disaster it was, similarly saawariya was made of 35-40cr with newcomers. I hope bajirao mastani could be break even but I don’t think it can reach 100 cr easily.

  • bajrangi bhaijan- 250-270cr prediction
    prdp- 240cr prediction
    dilwale- 250-260 prediction
    brother- 150-170cr prediction
    sing is bling-70cr flop
    bajirao mastani – 70-80cr becouse clash with dilwale
    no film cross 300cr this year mark my word….

  • King rules…
    Hope this time again bhansali will surprise .
    but sorry to say….
    Dilwale aa rahe hen
    so Bajirao mastani is disaster sure
    Dilwale ATBB sure
    Congrates SRK..

  • This movie is bound to fail… Take it in writing from me.. A magnum Failure in the making.. I hope it recovers at least the cost of this set ..

  • Sorry I missed there.I was thinking only salmir fans abd animals were biggest fools ,but now I confirmed slb also joined that list,lol.

  • For a neutral Film watcher it’s domestic n oversee viewers it’s 2 questions.
    1. Sanjay leela bhansali who screen wrote n edited Ram leela n d star casts of d movie is really clashing with Rohit arguably d current most successful director movie who star casts Global Star pair of SRK-Kajol n Varun? Or 1 week interval??
    2. R we going to follow Glamouras n Established superstars names or we will just watch d movies n judge based on WOM and Story content??
    Note: it’s Diwali most of us will definitely b free and watch any movie that releases that period.
    Most likely argument from d NEUTRAL audience. *
    1. Both lagaan vs gadar ..became blockbusters with Aamir n fading superstar Sunny back then. Reason no biasness strictly verdict upon watching! So fingers crossed??
    2. JTHJ vs SOS both were able to sail across d CHAOTIC ENVIOUS CONFLICT ocean(we d fans) both attained 100 crores. With 2huge superstars though looking at production n additional star casts JTHJ had any advantage.. So fingers crossed too??
    3. Golmaal 3 vs Action replay. Both with huge star casts still allowed Action replay to sink! So hey anything is possible??
    4. Chennai exppress vs Ouatimd
    SRK ripped off Ouatimd. So hey anything is possible??
    Now let’s say 1 week pre-RELEASE of any of d movie. Possible lesson learnt
    1.,Had Singham not been release ZNMD wouldv easily crossed 100 crores. So yes IF 2 CONTENTS R STRONG definately d initial release collection will b Badly affected!
    2. Had Cocktail continued its beautiful collections b4 Bol bachan released . It was marching towards 90-100crores. So yes content and not star casts also worked here.
    1. WOM n CONTENT supersedes d HUGE STAR CASTS n BRAND.
    2. Both movies can still do very well like gadar vs lagaan and jthj vs SOS if both movies are appreciated!!
    1. Sanjay Leela bhansali shd chill out nd 4get thinking of a CLASH!!!*
    2. His business advisor is not helping him to ‘re-think.
    3. This is arguably HINDI CINEMA BIGGEST JODI(with due respect to Raj kapoor -Nargis, Anil-madhuri, Amithab-rekha, Dharmendra-hema, Rajesh-Asha parek) coming back after a while in SRK n KAJOL!! Even I myself wwill give more priorities to DILWALE!!
    4. Deepika n Ranveer to b honest can’t think of stepping into Aamir Ajay Akshay Hritik Sunny shoes to release a movie with SRK.
    5. Varun though with supporting role has already got .ore praises of recent than Ranveer. Deepika Piku we know d outcome hers n Big B stardom ddnt help d movie.
    6. Common it’s ROHIT SHETTY with 100%,track record this decade with 3 Blockbusters n other super hits plus he is d rocking director of Hindi cinema @present so SANJAY LEELA wit due respect listen to a song from HELLO BROTHERS called JUST CHILL CHILL just CHILL. while wishing u best of luck for d release of BM in 2016 not 2015.
    Realistically speaking
    At this particular juncture ,it will be SUCIDAL to release any movie with DILWALE this year. Hop am proven wrong cos it’s just my intuition but nothing like Sentiments.

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