Satya 2 is about a man who reinvents the underworld: RGV

Ram Gopal VarmaMaverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is ready with yet another film based on the underworld. This time around, the director says, the film will reinvent the underworld.

“Satya was a man who came in 1998, got into the underworld and died… Satya 2 is about a man who comes in 2013 to reinvent the underworld.” RGV tweeted.

“Satya 2 is about a man whose thinking starts where all the earlier real life dons like Dawood Ibrahims and Chota Rajans thinking ended” he added.

Satya 2 is the sequel to the director’s 1998 classic Satya – the original film released exactly 15 years ago on this very day.



  • Satya 2 will be better than other crap ‘underworld’ genre type movies like Don 2.
    RGV you truly know your ‘underworld’…!

  • His movies were so real there are no of positives and negatives for RGV but he always earns free publicity if he concentrates well in particular subject then the come will be super even we have witnessed in the form of SARKAR also

  • Yah….@navin
    we can see…the attack of 26/11…was a historical blockbuster…and “department” also…

  • Why a Satya 2? Satya was a modern day cult classic! RGV of those days was something else.

    I don’t trust RGV of today’s times. I don’t want him to ruin Satya and insult his own legacy.

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