Sarkar Raj Movie Review

Sarkar Raj is widely believed to be the make or break film for Ram Gopal Varma, director of the epic disaster Aag (remake of Sholay). But one must not forget the unforgettable classics like Satya, Company, Rangeela and Sarkar that RGV has delivered over the years. Back to Sarkar Raj, the expectations are high for several reasons.

  • The Bachchans – Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya – share screen space for the first time since the much celebrated Ash – Abhishek wedding last year.
  • Sequel to the 2005 blockbuster Sarkar, which was critically acclaimed too.
  • Ram Gopal Varma is a master in this genre.

So does Sarkar Raj manage to live upto expections?

Sarkar Raj Story

Anita Ranjan (Aishwarya Rai) Chief Executive Officer of the International company, Sheppard Power Plant presents a power plant project before Sarkar, which is to be setup in rural Maharastra. Sarkar disapproves the projects as the land chosen is home to over 40,000 villagers. Shankar Nagre (Abhishek Bachchan) is quick to realize all the benefits the power plant can bring to the people of Maharastra and to the growth of the state.

Shankar convinces Sarkar and embarks on a journey with Anita to the villages of Maharastra to muster public support. But things take a new turn. The controversial project leads to a political minefield. The evil forces gang up to bring down the Sarkar legacy and displace Shankar.

Sarkar Raj Review

With a powerful but not-without-its-share-of-flaws script, Ram Gopal Varma proves yet again, that he is a master at this genre of film making. His execution of the script is praise-worthy. Basically what works for Sarkar Raj is the performances, direction and the twists and turns. Some sequences just hit you hard, the unexpected happens. The second half takes the movie to a different level, its powerful its got a lot of shock value attached to it and the climax is thrilling. Background score is fantastic, the chants of “Govinda Govinda” in the background adds to the overall thrill. The cinematography (Amit Roy) is top notch. The close-up shots, in abundance throughout the movie, have been captured and performed well. The editing is crisp and brilliant.

A few scenes that make an impact.

– Abhishek about to touch Dilip Prabhawalkar’s feet, but is stopped.
– The sequences that follow just when Abhishek accepts Aishwarya’s love for him.
– When Ash asks Abhishek about his life’s most difficult decision.
– The climax. Outstanding!

But Sarkar Raj is not without its share of flaws, more in the script than the execution. (Spoiler Warning). The love-angle between Aishwarya and Abhishek isn’t convincing. More so when its barely days since the tragic death of Abhishek’s wife Tanisha, who is expecting a kid. Aishwarya’s character too is under developed and unconvincing.

Coming to the performances of Sarkar Raj, Abhishek Bachchan’s character demands intensity, but he looks more angry than intense. Overall a good performance nonetheless. Aishwarya Rai looks great, performs well throughout. Tanisha Mukherjee is decent in a small role. Dilip Prabhawalkar is excellent. Every other supporting character actor in Sarkar Raj is brilliant.

But then, one man outshines every other actor who shares screen space. His dialogue delivery and the intensity that he displays, just through his eyes, without uttering a word is mind blowing. No prizes for guessing. Sarkar Raj is Amitabh Bachchan’s show all the way. Truly truly a Legend!

Overall, Sarkar Raj is a great movie for the weekend. A worthy sequel to the brilliant Sarkar of 2005. At the box-office, the movie is sure to grow with strong word of mouth and should prove to be a winner in coming weeks.

Highly Recommended.

Rating: ★★★★☆



  • My family went to see it and u guessed it, they had just praise for the movie! Cant wait to see now!i have booked for tomorrow night!

  • The doesnt disappoint! It actually rises good questions!i was thrilled and amazed by ramu ‘s film!the performances by the actors were excellent! Amitabh was hair rising!abishek gave in an honest performance! Aishwarya surprises you emotions that she can emote through her eyes were outstanding!

  • Aishwarya rai was most impresive, her deglamoured look was raw and again, those eyes spoke to you through the screen!a great follow up from jodha akbar! She gets better with every movie! Almost flawless performance by bollywood QUEEN! go AISHAWARYA RAI

  • sarkar raj is a good thriller movie .I liked aishwarya in the movie she was looking very preety.****

  • Really a great movie.The Bachan trio at thier peaks.All the supporting actors gave thier best.Back ground score is good.A must watch…Cheers to RGV..

  • Hey guys…. g8 movie…. one thing i want to say…. is that any necessity to compare Big B and Sharukh. There is no room for ur hero small B in this war(Big B and Sharukh) bcoz the war is btw two legends… but abhishek is not still get pass marks in acting(except GURU. credit goes to Mani)… so guys dnt over estimate small B’s acting n see the truth whts his acting talent in Dhoom 2.. Could u really show me a movie that was a block boster hit with only charisham of small B. He is nothing in acting. Whts his position after Big B????????????

  • Aishwarya doesnt get enough credit for her performances, she has consisently gave a powerful performance and in sarkar raj, its amazing how she held her own as a performer besides the legendry amitabh and incredible abishek! Great movie

  • Have to admit, its a splendid film! Plus it didnt drag like sarkar, the lead actors were superb in their respective roles! Though amitabh stunned me with a raw performance and aishwarya looked so different( strong and real)watch her emote more than ever! abishek once again was in his element after guru! 5 stars

  • Ha ha haa…thanks for all your comments & support for my sequel, but actually I personally now don’t like the concept the way I made it. I promise to give you a better “Government or Sarkar” next time.

  • Thanks buddy.Thanks for your comments..going to watch a good movie in theatre after a long time….after TAARE ZAMEEN PAR :—)

  • Watched it this afternoon.. Definately a A+ .. Amy Ash Abhi everyone looked great and realistic… Who do you think the next sarkar would be? I dont think Ash will suite to it …

  • This film was amazing! Newly added aiswarya fitted the bill so well! Her acting was really great, she held her own among the bachans! Amitabh was flawless! He really proved himself!

  • Now, RGV is shining up again after doing 3 flops, by doing (Sarkar Raj) he proved that he’s an excellent director. I loved both, part 1 & 2. And from the way part2 ended, Aishwariya asks for a cup of tea, I could say that she’ll play the main roll in part 3, and that the grandchild will grow up ( and we can’t say who’ll be playing the roll) and will be the challenge between Aishwariya who’s designated to be Sarkar and the grandchild who’ll try to defeat her ( I’m just guessing, I wish it’d be this way)
    Congratuations Mr. RGV and please, don’t repeat doing some crapy movies again. I loved Nishabd even if it didn’t do well at the box office, as it was a very convincing movie and based on some true stories, which happens in life.

  • thanks ramu now again The Golden Era of Indian Cinema begin.Its doesn’t mean when you are Celebrating Indian Awards globally or begging for Oscar the only thing is, if you want others to accept you as a part of good cinema just prove it.
    Thanks for giving us Sarker Raj and teaching others.

  • I rarely go to the cinema coz of the crappy movies bollywood is trying to sell to us! The last film i went to see was jodha akbar( which i totally loved) i decided to give sarkar raj a shot and my god its mindblowing! I was immensely engrossed with the story! Aishwarya was in a totally different element from jodha akbar and she rocked! Her expressions were electrifying! Abhishek finally gave a stunning performance ! I miss his great acting! But THUMBS UP TO AMITABH! He totally nailed this role, i still get chills remembering the final climax scene! Final verdict: the bachans rule bollywood!

  • From HORRIBLE TASHAN i dreaded going to watch films at the cinema but after watching SARKAR RAJ , my faith was restored, the lead cast gave it their all. Performances were tight, the story was amazing! I would say i’d give it 5 stars!

  • I personally hated the movie. I don’t know what some people find in this movie to be great. Abhishek’s acting was monotonous and boring. There is no convincing storyline, everything is cobbled with poor cinematography, camera angles are really bad…. poor background music. I personally like all three actors but was’t impressed with the performance or the quality of the movie.

  • dipak and guru same person!

    after reading all these fantastic comments im definitely going to see sarkar raj!:)
    u all have persuaded me! how can i miss it when its havin fanastic reviews of u all!:)

  • I have not seen the moview, but I was sure, Ramu … would bounce back with this outstanding direction. And he has done it. Hats off to Ramu

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