Sarkar 3 Review

Nobody asked for the sequel of ‘Sarkar’ but arrive it did in 2008. And nobody asked for the sequel of that unwanted sequel. But here we are with the third film in the Sarkar franchise. Ram Gopal Varma is trying to revive his directorial career and this seems to be his best bet yet in years. Will he get back to form and will his film be able to sustain the historic Baahubali 2 wave? Let’s find out.

Story: Shubhash Nagre (Amitabh Bachchan) is still ruling over his people with full élan even after the loss of his two sons (KK Menon and Abhishek Bachchan). Sarkar 3 is a concotation of a political drama where Shubhash has to choose between his people and a wealthy Dubai based businessman (Jackie Shroff) who wants to expand his business. There’s also the strand of his grandson who’s grown up (Amit Sadh), and a young lady who wants revenge from Shubhash (Yami Gautam). Oh and there’s also an Arvind Kejriwal type character (Manoj Bajpai).

Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar 3

Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar 3

Screenplay and Direction: Any glimmer of hope you would have had that RGV has finally regained his form can be lost already. Sarkar 3 is a mess from the get go. If the scathy and unintentionally hilarious dialogues are not enough, the stupid camera frames are also back. The scenes look amteurish and the way they have been shot makes it look all the more shoddy. Why did Amitabh Bachchan decide to do this movie when he was doing the Pinks and the Pikus is beyond understanding.

Sarkar 3 is let down by pretty ordinary production design. Even the Dubai scenes look stereotypical and the cinematography is a thing of mystery. Why are simple scenes made so complicated by having them shot from so many angles? Nobody knows and it gets way too annoying after a point. The background music is blaring and is loud enough to scar your ears. Thankfully there are no songs to slow down the movie even more.

Acting: Amitabh Bachchan is in his usual great form with his baritone playing a big part once again in delivering the full gravitas of the character. He’s Sarkar after all. Amit Sadh is given a lot of meat in his role and he seems like an unusual choice for such a role. He’s alright. Yami Gautam doesn’t get a lot to do after her character is setup. Manoj Bajpai must be tired of playing the same sort of character by now. Jackie Shroff gets the worst dialogues and still manages to salvage them a bit.

Conclusion: Sarkar 3 is a film that had no business of being made in the first place and unfortunately the jaded story and the tired characters come across from the start of the film. The pace of the film doesn’t elevate from its initial stages even though a thriller should have had much faster pacing. If you’re in the mood to spend your money on entertainment, then Baahubali 2 is still the best option this weekend.


  • Amitabh Bachchan is great as always


  • The pacing is slow, the twists are normal
  • The characters are tired by now..
  • The dialogues are shoddy
  • The background score is too loud
  • The framing of scenes is absolute weird and annoying
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


  • Big B is yet to enter in 100cr club and I hope with Aamir in TOH, they will open new club in India.
    Never interested in Sarkar 3. Poor choice

  • I don’t understand why the actor like big b work with him.. I like his 2 movies only and I don’t even try to watch his movies.. The camera angles always irritating..

  • Film could have opened well if it had not been postponed.The trailers were decent
    Another flop for RGV.
    But Sarkar character is a cult one.Nobody can match legend Amitabh Bachchan.

  • What is that Aamir have which others don’t ???
    Dangal is creating Histroy only because of him…
    In bollywood no one can match him actor/director.
    Babulali 2 is a team effort so it found 1000cr club..
    But soon Dangal will join.
    No one thought it will happen so soon

  • Please go n watch rajiv masand tour to ram gopal varmas office. Ramu has lost his mind n became totally psyco.

  • @Sky
    Big b not in 100 cr club? Dude he is amitabh. He has fan club of 100cr indians.
    Ultiate king of box office.

  • @Mr. Bhushan I am not taking dig of him, just saying that he missed that achievement yet and with TOH his entry will be in new club.
    I am also a Big B fan but in present time he is not capable as solo lead character but as an actor he always stands apart.

  • @Sky it’s foolish to say that big b missed 100 cr club of today’s time without talking about big b’s time with adjusted inflation. Big B gave india’s biggest and most watched blockbuster called sholay and followed by deewar and coolie. These are just three biggest blockbusters of 70s and 80s. He had many more. He opened 10 cr and 15 cr club back in 70s. So don’t talk about 100 cr which is nothing these days. Big B is 70+ so how much do you expect of him now a days. No doubt he needs big commercial movie with strong content to hit big numbers and what better than TOH? So dont say he is no longer solo crowd puller. Tell me how many actors of his age are active these days? Do they do solo films and pull crowds? If not then please think before making such statements.

  • @Mr. Truth Its great to see that here are people who understand what Big B was in his era. Many times fans of khans saying that their star is bigger superstar than Big B. Yes 100cr is not a big thing for him but it will be good when he will be part of these clubs regarding footfalls Big B movies footfalls were that huge which is comparible to Bahubali 2. He is the untimate superstar Bollywood is ever had.

  • @Sky yes exactly. His movies used to garner 4 cr+ and 5 cr+ footfalls back to back in a year with more than 4 films each. His era is simply incomparable. Even rajesh khanna’s era was something never seen or achieved before or after. His movies used to be back to back super hits in no time and some of his own movies used to clash and still both at the same time used to make huge money and for a long period of time. Kaka and Big b are the ultimate megastars of indian cinema.

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