Kaabil Diary: Sanjay Gupta begins shooting action sequences

Director Sanjay Gupta has begun shooting action sequences for his upcoming film ‘Kaabil’, which features Hrithik Roshan in the lead.

The filmmaker has joined hands with action director Peter Hein, who has worked on many South Indian films such as ‘Sivaji’, ‘Anniyan’ and ‘Ghajini’.

“‘Kaabil’ diary day 11. First major action sequence with the legendary action director Peter Hein. We’re using a technique never done before,” Gupta tweeted on Friday.

The film, which has been produced by Rakesh Roshan under his banner FilmKraft Productions, is set to release on January 26 next year.

Gupta has been updating his followers on the progress of Kaabil’s shoot.

KAABIL Day 1: WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY 1. KAABIL Off to a flying start. Long exhausting day at work on the sets of KAABIL is most rejuvenating.

KAABIL Day 2: Mesmerising to watch Ronit Roy get into the groove of his character. He’s done tremendous homework to look so effortless.

KAABIL Day 3: The team has gotten into the groove and we can feel the magic happening. Take after take. Shot by shot. Scene by scene.

KAABIL Day 4: Started shooting with Hrithik today. His focus, dedication & perseverance makes him the superstar that he is.

KAABIL Day 5: Super productive day. The unit is now like a well oiled machine. Unstoppable come heat or dust.

KAABIL Day 6: It’s actually nights now. Long schedule of all night shoots has begun.

KAABIL Day 7: Rohit Roy outdid himself today. What a kameena bad boy he makes.

KAABIL Day 8: Our DOP Sudeep Chatterjee has been creating magic on set with his lights and a lot of fog. We raced against time as usual.

KAABIL Day 9: Everyone on set is amazed with what our Production Designer Sumit Basu has created. A red warehouse overlooking the city. After a long night of work it feels funny to have a drink just as day breaks. But my DOP says our day has just ended. So it’s well deserved. All night shoots is actually the toughest part of film making for me. Throws you totally off balance with your family.

KAABIL Day 10: Take by take, shot by shot, scene by scene… It is so amazing and wonderful how a film comes together. Driving to work, terrible traffic and I’m having a blast listening to the songs of #KAABIL. Can’t wait to shoot these awesome melodies.

KAABIL Day 11: First major action sequence with the legendary Action Director Peter Hein. We’re using a technique never done before. Day breaks as we call it a day, sorry night.



  • The should move the release date to Holi 2017. Otherwise #RAESS will not only beat #KAABIL at boxoffice but also give hrithik his first disasterin the last 12 years.

    #RAESS on republic day 2017.

  • He seems to be a very passionate director, he has made some decent movies based on robberies, mafia etc. Kaabil has very talented actors, hopefully, it will be a great film.

  • His focus, dedication & perseverance makes him the superstar that he is.
    Hrithik Roshan is great actor.he has everything acting,good look,physic,dance.
    movie is hit or flop but hrithik never failed to impress an audience.

  • it will destroy raees
    after sultan,MD and dangal make it to top 10 grossers Srk will have only 1 movie in top 10 that too out of top 5

  • @eagerly waiting 4 kaabil…
    1st hrithik-rakes roshan lovabe combo..
    2nd rajesh roshan magic
    now peter hein.

  • If you look at hrithik’s career.
    He has only given hits in big budget action/thrillers genre .

    Krish franchise
    Bang bang

    Apart from this only his debut movie,jodha akbar & Znmd are hits nd all these movies received a lot of awards nd nominations,content was strong!

    Otherwise his all romantic movies flopped at box office, niche genre & Mixed WOM movies flopped at boxoffice….!

    Big budget nd his papa are saviour of his career….!

  • @eagerly waiting 4 kaabil…
    1st-hrithik-rakesh roshan lovable combo
    2nd-rajesh roshan magic
    now petee hein.
    No doubt..another tsunami coming on 26th jan..

  • It is great to see Sanjay Gupta putting his best efforts in making Kaabil . Kaabil is a big challenge for Sanjay because he has never been appreciated unanimously for his direction except Kaante . It is really good on his part to tweet the updates of Kaabil but his focus should be more on his work . Peter Hein is an amazing action director and has directed amazing action sequences in Ghajini, Aparachit and Sivaji The Boss . The supporting cast of Kaabil looks solid with Rohit and Ronit Roy playing negative roles and also playing brothers in the movie . Yami Gautam is also really good and I hope she gives a solid performance in Kaabil . Now our very own Greek God is part of this movie makes me even more exciting . He is playing the role of a Blind character so it is quite challenging and I am damn sure it will be another feather in his cap . The action sequence will be shot between Rohit Roy and Hrithik . Kaabil is looking like a massive movie and it will be completely shot in Mumbai which will be great to see . First Mohenjo Daro and then Kaabil Hrithik fans are in a treat for something big with 2 biggies . Excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I guess this could be a PR fight between srk and hro for this one……..!! Already we heard negative news on Kaabil director not paying so and so amount…..it would have shooked, the confidence of Kaabil team, a little….afterall we all work for money……..and I get a feeling that this will get dirty….and Hro might well realise how PR games are played.

  • hritik roshan takes the action and stunts of bollywood to a next level
    noone in bollywood can match his style and coolness in action movies like dhoom 2 and bang bang
    even hollywood action director also said that he has done better stunts in bang bang than tom cruize in knight and day

  • I really liked his directorial movie Kaante . One of my favourite movies even though it was a ripoff of hollywood classic Reservoir Dogs . The teaser poster also increased my curiousity for the movie . So eagerly waiting for Kaabil .

  • Peter Hein… the guy who directed action for Baahubali and many other hit films. This must be interesting

  • Srk fans are realy frustated when srk was no.1 with yrf help they laugh on no.2 Salman/Amir. When Srk was no.2 they disrespect Salman/Amir when He is in third position they fighting with hrithik who will be no.3 if mohenjo daro will do atleast 150.

  • @sunny then whats the problem with doing a movie with good content
    he has flop movies in 2001-2003 as it was his bad phase of carrier as every actor has
    after 2003 ,he has just 2 flops guzzarish and kites
    guzzarish was failed due to less screen counts and its genere it was an off-beat movie and kites has the highest opening of that time and a strong weekend which says all

  • 2016: Top 5 films

    1) Sultan
    2) Dangal
    3) Housefull 3
    4) Mohenjodaro
    5) Shivaay

    2017: Top 5 films

    1) Salman-Kabir Khan films(first 400 Cr film in India)
    2) Salman-Raj Kumar Santoshi film
    3) Robot 2
    4) Kaabil
    5) Sons of Sardaar

    Only Bollywood Superstars will get the highest grossers from now on, now one interested in watching Duniya ka sabse bada superstar’s films in India?

  • I love Rohit Roy’s acting!!! And the way he is being described over here, I’m dying to watch it

  • RAEEES seems to be a unlucky venture for all involeved….Kaabil will beat it left right and center….

  • @ Yuvraj, u don’t need to worry for srk.u should worry for ur lallu as he is living in fear for 14 years.

  • raeees and kaabil both do 70 cr
    becaause jan is dull period
    exam r near of student
    juat after the holiday christmas new year all r starting thre work
    family will come from vacation and resume there work
    that why jan is called as dull period highest grossing movie is airlift which is 128 cr
    jai ho 112 cr
    big name salman not done good buianess in jan then how the two big movie will do good buisness
    ritesh sidwani or farhan pagal ho gye hai
    if they realeases raees in eid
    it willdo minimum150 cr and sultan 200 cr but in jan raees cant do 90 cr gaurantee only chances if content is good then will do 100 cr

    i think raees have to realease on christmas becoz they got full 1 month if content is good then it blockbuster
    dilwale 145 cr bm 185
    ots prove if content is good then film definetly do good

  • hrithik roshan will shine in kaabil . definitely .. he deserves huge success in kaabil. this will be another fteather in his golden cap . best of luck to kaabil team@ indicine team..cheers..

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