Sanjay Dutt’s Life in Prison: Uniform, no home food, no freedom

Sanjay DuttShattered he might be, but in 4 weeks time, Sanjay Dutt will go through what could well be the toughest time of his life.

According to various news channels, Dutt will go through ‘rigorous imprisonment’. The actor will have to wear a white jail uniform and will be assigned a number prefixed with the letter C. He will neither be allowed to wear his own clothes nor get home cooked food.

Since he  has to face 3 and a half years in jail as a convict, he will have limited freedom.

Times of India reports

An under-trial in judicial custody is allowed to wear his own clothes, but a convict has no choice but to wear a coarse, white prison uniform. Convicts are classified as Class I or Class II by the court after taking into consideration their status in society and the nature of the offence committed by them. They can be further classified as casuals or habituals, and as short-termers, medium-termers or long-termers. Dutt would be a long-termer.

Undertrials can interact more; convicts have their freedom curbed considerably, though there is a walk between 4 and 5 every evening. Convicts also face more discipline and rigorous enforcement of rules.



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