Sanjay Dutt to seek more time to surrender

Sanjay DuttPleading that he had to do dubbing for a number of his pending films, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is likely to move the Supreme Court Tuesday to seek more time to surrender following his conviction in a 1993 Mumbai blasts case.

Senior counsel Harish Salve Monday said he will mention Dutt’s application seeking six months to surrender in order to complete the dubbing work.

Dutt, 53, was sentenced to five years in jail by the apex court March 21 for illegal arms possession during the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. He was told to surrender by April 18.

The actor has already undergone one-and-half years of imprisonment and, according to the apex court order, he has to undergo the remaining three-and half years of the sentence.



  • He has rights to move the apex court and use all possible legal remedies
    Best if luck Sanjay dutt nd may u get the time what u seeking for

  • Sanju pls go to jail as soon as possible bcoz we dont want that you kill more other peoples @superstar you dont support him becoz he is a
    criminal pls justice for 1993 blast victims.

  • Scrap that- please do PK first and foremost as thats the only movie we the audience care for. If you need more time for that then fair enough but for all the other movies, honestly speaking noone would mind if they get shelved for 3-4 yrs as its all about Team Raju & Aamir.

  • Sallu fans i know that all of you are die hard fans of his, but he is a criminal and when court punishes him for 10 years please dont support him. He killed 1 poor man and injured 4 others.

  • @langoori : I mean Tangori, are u the witness of that accident or are u a judge of Supreme court to give non sense verdict? We will support no matter what, if he is really a guilty God or law will punish him. Let the verdict be out but first he needs be proven guilty. Why dont go to court n give ur evidence speech ? That way ur srk will become Boxoffice king again if salman is gone to jail. I know this is the only reason for srk fans to see him in jail, all the pity n support for poor person is fake. Ur srk is stealing water from a drought hit district making people to die thirsty, shame on humanity !!!! Plz go n support srk first, he needs fans like you very badly.

  • #Golmaal
    Shame on Salman who reportedly hit 5 people on road , beats woman and threated fisheman and then opened fake charitablke thrust ‘being Human’

    Salman first be a ‘Human being’

  • #Golmaal
    no excuse will save Salman From his Sin. If he pays dollars to judge and rescued then Allah will punish

    Sincearly ‘Human Being’
    fake ‘Being Human’

  • Will a regular Indian citizen be given time out from serving a jail term that has been pending for 20 years? So why the special treatment for BW stars? If you do the crime then do the time

  • Tangori@
    SP had already made a decision tat Sanjay and few others have no hands in 93 blast few years ago u may not aware a tat fact
    This is the problem wit u nd your fellow IMAM always keep dragging salman nd making begetive comments on him
    If you don’t like ny other actor it’s ok it don’t make such comment
    Even I’m Srk fan but never comment how u does

  • @langoori, Theres a famous saying:- ‘a leopard never changes his spots” and similar to that is this famous saying:- “once a bhai fan, always a bhai fan”…!

    No matter what, we fanatics will always support Salman bhai and no amount of evidence, witness, police cases, lawyers, judges or politicians can make us abandon our ardent beliefs.
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx
    @IMAM pray for Chennai Depress to break Rohits Golmaal 3 record and Srks record, but as for bhai jaans Readys 2 yr old record, theres greater chances of Sanju still being out of prison…! :-P

  • #Navin
    pray for mental that it cross atleast 60 cr. Barrier in overseas
    otherwise you and your salman have no reason to fight with SRK at box office..
    Poor NAVIN

  • # navin

    Do You Know Shah Rukh Has 23 Blockbusters Worldwide (Including India Overseas ) Which Is More Than Double Of 2nd Position Salman Khan Who Has 11 Blockbusters Worldwide .
    Shah Rukh Has :-
    INDIA ======== 5 Blockbusters, 2 All Time Blockbsuters.
    OVERSEAS ===== 8 Blockbusters, 8 All Time Blockbusters.
    Overall He Has 23 Blockbusters.
    Followed By salman Khan Who Has 11 Blockbusters (India Overseas).

    Blockbuster king srk

  • @IMAM : please mention worldwide BO list. Your srk is at # 6 which means he is a ch_ak_ka king at world stage. Overseas matters only if it makes actor a reigning king at worldwide collections which is being lead by Aamir n Salman not any self proclaimed king. Keep jumping with overseas records which of no use without worldwide BO.

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