Sanjay Dutt Press Conference: Full Statement

Sanjay DuttI respect the law, I have the highest respect for the Honourable Supreme Court. I have highest respect for what the decision is and I will abide to all the terms and conditions of the Supreme Court.

I will surrender. All I can tell you is, I have not applied for any pardon. There are many other people who deserve pardon.

With folded hands, I want to tell the media and all the senior journalists that when I have not applied for a pardon there is no debate about it.

I am a shattered man. My family is shattered. It’s a very very tough time in my life, in our lives. I want to thank everybody who has supported us and supported me.

I want to tell everyone from the media that I have a few days left. I want to finish all the work. I have to spend all this time with my family.

With folded hands, want to tell you all that let me be in peace till the time I go in. I love my country, I love the citizens of my country and I love India. Thank you.

Sanjay Dutt



  • well all i know is that Mr. Sanjay Dutt is one of the most respected human being in the film fraternity. not saying he’s not guilty, but this man has gone through a lot more than he deserves.
    Hope everything turns out to be better for him.

  • All I can say is Sanjay dutt committed mistakes in past,now he is truly a gentleman judicial system should think in that way as well.

  • Respects Sir. You are a real mard for taking the decision on the chin and God Willing you will be back in quick time. All the best, lots of love and prayers to your kids, family and to yourself too. Jai hind

  • i dont find any sense in these comments at all.. what is all this nonsense going on ???

    he has been accused and proven guilty by the highest judicial authority of the country. so let him suffer for his doings and why only him every personality who involves in such acts should be punished the same way irrespective of being a superstar or a politician…

    justice needs to be served at every cost. its the highest principle and highly efficient and capable people have decided so it has to be the truth.. its not a death sentence that we are seeking pardon for..

    any common man would have been behind bars by now. since he is a superstar too much politics is being done, emotional games and senseless comments.. he has been punished the procedure established by law and not on whims and fancies of any individual.. so whats the problem????

  • Amazed to read the comments. People are supporting Sanjay as if he is not guilty! If someone deserves the support and sympathy is the Bombay blast victims and their family. Please dont fall prey to these emotional drama and politics.

  • Those who say that he has suffered these 20 yrs..
    3 marriages, having childrens, world tours, attending parties, celebrating festivals, doing movies etc.. So much for the Suffering?? Really?

  • @saquib @parody waoh what a great explanation you guys gave, 3 marriages, having childrens, world tours, attending parties, celebrating festivals, doing movies etc. dont be amazed by poeple’s comments,be amazed with your state of mind because it’s not normal. here is a thing recently there was a rape case in delhi,supreme court could do justice with that girl but they wanna show justice by punishing a star who already served his punishment. another swedish was raped and nothing happened. in aamir’s show he showed so many illegal things happening around in medical feild and in every department but nobdy wants to talk about that but sanjay dutt punishment. yes Bombay blast victims and their family deserves the support and sympathy but what about the guys behind it and dawood ibhrahim no punishment for them but sunjay dutt desrves who has not only changed his lifestyle but also himself because of family and didnt deserve it a single bit.
    @saquib @parody if one your family members were in shoes sanju’s than i believe you guys wouldnt have said that. i hope this atleast open up your mind. not saying that sanju was saint but he was only charged for weapon posession not bombay blast and for that he severed his punishment back than. law is not above everything, god is when these law people will die they will judge by almighty so do saquib and parody.

  • India is great…cuplprits, whether actors or politicians must pay for their actions. Film actors/politicians should have the decency to keep out of this affair. This is not any of the stupid hindi movies. Mr. Dutt has been found guilty and he is not disputing that.

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