Sanjay Dutt in Jail

sanjay dutt
Sanjay Dutt clad in a white shirt and blue jeans is escorted by policemen to Yerwada Jail

Snajay Dutt

Actor Sanjay Dutt is comforted by his sisters Priya (left) and Namrata as he leaves his house for the TADA court in Mumbai on Tuesday.

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt was given a six-year jail term in 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. This picture was taken when the actor was shifted from Arthur Road jail in Mumbai, where he was first put after sentencing, to Yeravada Central Prison in Pune.



  • It is extremely unfortunate that our judiciary though supposed to be unbiased and fair as yet is influenced by subtle undercurrents and can still not free itself from its ill-effects as is evident by its verdict on SANJAY DUTT delivered on 31-07-2007.Prisons are supposed to be correctional homes and when an individual has been through the correctional system once and come out of the same as a better and more responsible individual-cum-citizen,both in his personal as well as public life,one fails to understand such a harsh sentence, which pro0bably makes one lose ones faith in his or her entire existence!We should always take into account the social ostracization,however,subtle the entire family has to go through?My earnest goodwishes with Mr.Dutt and all his loved ones and may he come out unscathed from this ordeal as soon as possible.If I am permitted to say in my capacity as a state service employee,please request his family to engage the best advocate that there be at the Supreme Court level. If it is of any help though they are a very well connected family,but in my humble capacity I can suggest two names-viz–Mr.Pratap Chatterjee,son of LOK SABHA SPEAKER,Sri.Somenath Chatterjee and Sri.Debal Banerjee,son of EX-SOLICITOR GENERAL OF INDIA,Sri.Milon Banerjee,both of them reside in Kolkata.I hope you will sincerely excuse me taking this liberty.

  • pls. live him ,
    he is a good person,
    he had done for his protection & not for terror,
    & he is continusiouly attending the court, without any absent,
    according to his behaviour. he should live.

    if any details are there please forward to my e-mail

  • Where is India governments justice now! Sanjay was earning so muct money for the ministers pocket and now he means nothing to them.Thats a shame, I pitty india for its future. He did no harm to the people but helped them. The judicery court system should think before they act.

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