Sanjay Dutt gets 14-day parole, returns to Mumbai

Sanjay DuttBollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, sentenced to 42 months in jail for possession of illegal weapons that were used in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, was granted a 14-day parole by Pune’s Yerawada Central Jail authorities for medical reasons.

Dutt had sought a month’s parole in August to get medical treatment for blood clots in his leg.

The actor left Pune for Mumbai on a friend’s private jet and reached back home in the noon.

Sanjay had surrendered before a TADA Court in Mumbai in May 2013 and was later shifted to Pune’s Yerawada Central Jail to serve the remainder of his jail term.

He is expected to surrender again on the 15th of October.



  • Salman Khan spend only 2 weeks in jail….is Indian law a joke???……who will give justice to that person’s family who died??…even the only witness also died by some means …who knows whther that is a conspiracy…..Law should be same to all if a person is a celebrity or not….Lallu should go to jail same like Sanjay Dutt

  • hahaha.. keep dreaming srk fans.. salman is never going to jail because he is innocent and has been wrongly framed.. there is no stopping salman.. so i suggest u pathetic n loser srk fans to think of some other ways to stop the phenomenon called salman khan.. jai ho salman!

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