Sanjay Dutt Biopic Release Date announced

The keenly-awaited biopic on the life of Sanjay Dutt has officially moved from the previously announced Christmas release to the ‘Good Friday’ weekend of 30 March 2018.

The month of April has been favourable for film releases in the last couple of years. ‘The Jungle Book’ went on to collect nearly 190 crore at the India box office, while ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ (Hindi) has now collected a record-shattering 500 crore net.

Fox Star Studios will be collaborating with Vinod Chopra Films and Rajkumar Hirani Films for the worldwide release of the film starring Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.

The clash with ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ has also been averted, giving the Salman Khan starrer a solo-release during Christmas this year.



  • Megastar for a reason….Salman in his best phase will be remembered in future as one can give his example as a Superstar who ruled and had been adored by his millions of fans.
    khauf of Sultan-sports earlier Raees n Kavali postponed n now Padmavati, Dutt postponed. Also incase of Tubelight spyder postponed

  • Burnol moment for we SRK fans…

    Now boycott dutt biopic..

    Anyways, sanju baba was a real Mard hero with muscles.. did action films..
    Meanwhile , Ranbir is girlish n has done only feminine delicate crappy rom coms…

    Not a good choice..

    Emraan hashmi with his Murder2/ awarapan look would have suited Dutt biopic!

  • Ranbir is next SRK, they said very well said…Dono bhagode…Ek Eid 2016 se bhaga tha aur ek Xmas 2017 se bhaag…Now officially Ussain Bolt’s Career is in danger bcs of Srk and ranbir

  • Burnol moment for we SRK fans…

    Now boycott dutt biopic..

    Anyways, sanju baba was a real Mard hero with muscles.. did action films..
    Meanwhile , Ranbir is girlish n has done only feminine delicate crappy rom coms…

    Not a good choice..

    Emraan hashmi with his Murder2/ awarapan look would have suited Dutt biopic.

  • After bahubali and jungle book april may has become a ‘hot’ period for the trade while the craze for post ipl weekend has gone down.
    Anyways I hope all big films get a solo release. clash will only negativity affect their business. I hope Rehnumaa or ring which is much costlier film than toilet avoids the clash & comes out on a normal solo week..A srk film can easily give u 60-70cr weekend with just decent wom & a solo releases gives it a shot at 200cr club bt clash with a sureshot acclaimed film like toilet will make 200cr very tough.

    So plz srk imtiaz anushka avoid the clash & come out solo even on a normal week

  • Who cares? Tiger zinda hai will waste christmas. Anyways even with solo release it will flop badly as baahubali has shown the aukaat of salman who hides behind big festivals and still remains recordless loser and fails to give any record breaking movie. No one is interested in this dabba movie. It will flop even with solo release and dutt biopic will earn lot more than that despite non festive release.

  • Haters say that Salman won’t clash his movie, he is afraid from clash, now see recent incident:

    Sultan Vs Raees……Srk Postpond Raees
    Sultan Vs Kabali……Rajni Sir Postpond Kabali
    Tubelight Vs Bhaiyaji…..Sunny Postpond Bhaiyaji Superhitt
    Tubelight Vs Spyder……Mahesh Postpond Spyder
    Tubelight Vs Transformer……Hollywood also Postpond/ Prepond Transfprmer (Rumor)
    TZH Vs Padmavati……..SLB Prepond Padmavati
    TZH Vs Dutt Biopic……Hirani Postpond Dutt Biopic

    Now tell me who is afraid from clash….

    These are just the recent examples, there are so many clashes averted by others producer and actors before also……..And haters say that Salman won’t clash…..Salman never run away from any clash, when he announce his date he stick to it no matter who is releasing with his movie…..That’s called Super Stardom……..

    All important dates of 2018 is booked from 26 Jan to Christmas 2018, but EID 2018 is still vacant and no one dares to book that date…….No need to say why…..

  • Srk fans say that srk is king of Bollywood, then why he face so many clashes…..not only now but in his so called best phase (from 2001-2007) also his movies faced clash….and today his each and every movies either face clash or he run away from that clash…..That’s the power of LOCAL (opps sorry) global star…….HaHaHa

    Now I am sure that his Christmas 2018 release will also face clash……

  • Power of Salman the megabyte star. Tiger zinda hai will be Salman’$ 15th blockbusters. Go and achieve 20 blockbusters.

  • @arsalan khan
    Dude great to see you here on indicine, another SALMAN warrior is here, keep tearing apart the Saman haters bro like you do in troll Bollywood.

  • Salman khan is india biggest megastar and I am sure if tubelight and tzh both wom is good then for both film will do 400 crore plus for sure

  • He is becoming more powerful day by day….. Much better actors than him are leaving biggest weekends for him solo and fighting for normal weekends… Lol

  • I knew it when a superstar like srk doesnt dare to clash with megastar salman khan then how can yesterday’s small star like ranbir kapoor can who is in his worst phase of his career

  • this happened good for both the films….now both can get more screens and make record box office collection.

  • I think this is a very good decision . Tiger Zinda Hai is a massive film looking bigger than Tubelight on paper . Jagga Jasoos is looking extremely dull and this makes Dutt all the more important . I feel this will be the biggest challenge of Rajkumari Hirani and Ranbir Kapoor . Rajkumar Hirani has been extremely successful in terms of appreciation, awards and box office success . Ranbir had a rough patch between Besharam and Tamasha . This role can be the game changer for RK . !!!!!!!!

  • OMG !!!! Its SRK vs Ranbir Kapoor in 2018 ….Who will be the Best Actor….???

    By the way movie is going to be a sureshot blockbuster

  • Yesterday i saw mermaid (3200 cr)
    highest grosser of china, this proved that Chinese audience are brainless.. this was the most FAALTU AND. BAKWAAS MOVIE. these brainless audience like this kind of shitty and tutti movies..
    They are brainless enough to judge a good or bad movie ..
    Even CRAP kung fu yoga grossed huge money..
    Xxx xander cage which was a superflop in all country but collected 165usd in china alone ..many Hollywood crap flopped in usa but collected huge money in china

    So Gross Collection of dangal in china is not a big deal ,,,many crap movies are collecting in china..china is known for this.

    {tingu khan is still behind of chhedi singh’s “sonu sood” KUNG FU YOGA
    highest grosser in china by an indian
    1.sonu sood and disha patani’s kung fu YOGA
    2.deepika padukone’s XXX
    3.tingu khan’s dangal

    Now baahubali2 collection in india is certainly a game changer and certainly a yardstick..
    No movie in india has ever done a business of 1000 nett in india….so called mr. Perfectionist highest is 387cr..even Hollywood biggie gets tinny amount here…
    Whereas in china Hollywood movie dominates..
    Film business in India is by far more tougher than other country..
    For making a new yardstick of film business in India the movie has to be extra extra extraordinary…. Like mughleazam , sholay,hahk had done before…
    And now baahubali2 has done something unbelievable this time..
    Take a bow ss rajamouli’s baahubali2 “prabhas the megastar”

  • Was thinking that 2018 will not be able to match up to 2017 but the postponement of 2.0 and Dutt has made 2018 more exciting.

  • Ha ha ha. The producers should have taken on Salman so that they could atleAst witness how their tiny chote Ranbir will be flung into Bermuda with no return (RIP). Great going, now awaiting the highest Hindi grosser of the year TZH. 😄😜😃

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