Sanjay Dutt biopic 60 percent complete, Jagga Jasoos in July: Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who has just wrapped up the final shooting schedule of the much-delayed ‘Jagga Jasoos’, has said the film will release in theatre in July (most probably on July 14).

“Jagga Jasoos’ is already delayed, but it will be releasing soon. I think around end of July it will be released” he said.

Ranbir also said he has completed 60 percent of the shooting schedule of his other 2017 film – The Sanjay Dutt biopic – which is being directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

“As you can see, I’m in the look of Sanjay Dutt and the movie is 60 per cent complete and soon it will get over. It’s a very proud feeling that I’m doing the Sanjay Dutt biopic and I’m very thankful to Vinod sir (Vidhu Vinod Chopra) and Sanjay sir specially” Ranbir said.

The actor was last seen in Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ which was his first box office success after several back-to-back failures.



  • Jagga Jasoos may not bring back much success to him but Dutt biopic will be one of the best film of the year of 2017 or 2018. Raju Hirani is a master of making entertaining universal blockbusters.

  • Eagerly waiting for DUTT

    By looking at some current pics of ranbir.. D WAY HE IS IMITATING DUTT lookS like SALMAN’S TZH will be in trouble IF they clash.

  • Jagga is a big budget movie and delay further increased its cost + it will only a Multiplex Movie and Ranbir’s reach is limited upto few metro cities & July is packed with Munna Michael, Spiderman and its clashing with 2-3 small films, So jagga is not looking like Hit, Average Verdict will be the target first….

    But Dutt is Huge it already has a good buzz but if it’s clashing with TZH , only Raju Hirani can save it if wom will be similar like 3 Idiots , Salman is hugely popular in FAMILIES & in SS, Youth there is no competition, but In solo release it can do wonder..

  • Clash dutt biopic with tiger zinda hai and jagga jasoos with tubelight and end the career of lallu

  • Clash dutt biopic with tiger zinda hai and jagga jasoos with tubelight and end the career of lallu post

  • Now some morons will make Ranbir their BAAP and begg him to release Sanju biopic on Christmas…???

  • @sunny mkkiholic

    So according to you Sanju biopic will beat TZH. That’s mean it will definitely collect more than 200cr. Kal ka lounda Ranbir is going to deliver a 200cr grosser but our megastar Akki yet to cross 135cr mark lifetime. Ranbir>>>>>>>>>>megastar Akki. #What a SHAME!!!

  • @sunny mkkiholic

    Sanju biopic beats TZH or not…. One thing is sure Ranbir Kapur will remain much bigger star than your chaplus idol. As Ranbir’s highest 1st day – 20cr>>>>>megastar Akki’s highest 1st day- 16cr….and also Ranbir’s highest grosser- 180cr>>>>>>megastar Akki’s highest grosser- 130cr.

  • From last couple of weeks srkians are blabbering that Ranbir will finish Bhai. Abbey gangu teli walo, Your gangu teli runs away in fear Bhai but Ranbir is ready to take on Bhai…..Isn’t it a clear indication that Ranbir Kapur >>>>>>>>>>srk???


  • @sunny toilet holic

    “Eagerly waiting for DUTT”……… Well, if you guys would’ve shown this much of eager to watch Akki movies toh aaj bechara megastar Akki Varun Dhawan se pichhe naa hota! Varun’s Badrinath ki Dulhania 1st day>>>JLLB2 1st day, BKD 1st weekend>>>JLLB2 1st weekend, BKD lifetime>>>JLLB2 lifetime….. Hahahaha…

  • Just we are not posting anti Akki comments from last couple of weeks….Some Akkians have started thinking that we Bhai fans bcm KAMZOR now and started posting bakwas on Bhai… Haha… Arre bewakufo, BAAP se panga nhi liya karte… When will you understand this???

  • This year top grossers prodiction
    1. 2.0 about 1000cr.
    2. Bahubali 2 about 800cr.
    3. Tubelight about 700-850cr.
    4. TZH about 700cr.
    5. Dutt’s Biopic about 300cr.(max.)
    (Collections are worldwide)

  • Bombay must be the most generous city on the planet for being base of an industry which makes biopic of it’s bomber.

  • If Jagga Jasoos wants to release on July there has to be a clash as the month is already packed:

    July 7- Munna Micheal
    July 14- Haseena, Chef and Mom
    July 21- Bareilly Ki Barfi
    July 28- Mubarakan

    The date which you are saying as most probable(14 July) already has 3 films. Of course JJ is the biggest among them but it has already become negative everywhere and even in the best case the makers of atleast one film might be willing to take on them. A lot of ppl have already declared JJ as a poor film so clashing with any film mighg turn out to be a risk unless it turns out to be an outstanding film.

  • Jagga jasoos will be disaster.

    Dutt will be a hit coz raju chacha….

    Varun will take over this crap kapoor in coming years

  • Only Ranbir in Dutt biopic will be a competition for Hrithik in Kaabil as far as performance is concerned.

  • When would u post abt dangal’s historic Taiwan collns.

    No.1 last weekend at Taiwan BO.
    First time ever a bollywood film topped Foreign BO and it’s not an indian diaspora market but a real overseas market created,ruled and owned only by Megastar Aamir Khan.
    Such a laughworthy thing that u said BB a bigger universal hit than dangal.Even u must be laughing at urself for making such a foolish comment.Also dangal is releasing i china in Jun 17.get ready for atleast 25million$ more.Unprecedented buzz in china.

  • “Salman will be finish”…..”Salman’s career is over”…….LOL

    I am listening this same line from last 8 years but the only thing happens in these years is that Salman reaches the new height of SUCCESS…….

    So please haters come up with some new lines, now I am getting bored with your repetitive and stupid lines…..

  • Ranbir as Sanjay Dutt has never looked convincing to me. No matter what, Ranbir is not macho enough.

  • I don’t think Dutt Biopic will ever dare clash with TZH. Even if it does, I wish all the best to the film

  • Playing a Sanjay Dutt biopic and so proud of that? As if you are doing biopics of Amitabh or Dillip.
    Jagga will be a flop but Dutt will be a hit I believe

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