Sana Khan not required to shoot for a month: Sohail Khan

Sohail KhanActress Sana Khan is reportedly in hiding after getting embroiled in a controversy surrounding an alleged kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl, but her absence won’t affect the shooting of Salman Khan starrer “Mental”.

Sohail Khan, who is producing-directing “Mental”, said: “I read about Sana just as you did. I am clueless about what’s happened to her. But I am not required to shoot with her for a month. By then I hope her problems are sorted out and her life returns to normal.”

Sana participated in reality show “Bigg Boss 6”, which was hosted by Salman and according to a source, she doesn’t have a major part in the film.

“The main female roles are played by Tabu and Daisy Shah. Salman had made an implicit promise to cast her, and he did. And unless absolutely necessary Salman and Sohail won’t replace her. But if they have to, it’s no big deal because she has hardly shot for the film,” said a source.

News of the actress’ involvement in the kidnapping of a minor girl emerged Friday. According to reports, she has been declared absconding after she was charged with alleged attempted abduction of the girl, who reportedly rejected a marriage proposal by Sana’s cousin Naved Khan.



  • Only Salman khan absence can effect “Mental” .Anyone else presence or absence doesn’t matter.

  • And wat abt sallu khan…..if once he get arrested, then with whom, u ll complete ur “mental”….i think , u ll definitely arrange some mentals frm the “mental asylum” of agra….otherwise y ll definitely hire a “C” grade artist frm south india nd believe me, they will perform better than ur sadakchap remake khan….Mr. sohail, basically ur whole crew is a group of criminals…lead actor sallu, charged in many cases, lead actress sana, charged in kidnapping…i think u need bindu khan, s. sreesant nd n. srinivasan to give ur movie an immense touch….:P

  • Replace her with any C grade actress as honestly speaking the film will run entirely on the shoulders of Salman Khan and all other ingredients are void…
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx
    @beingalallu No Sana needed nor is any ‘script’ needed as the film is a sure shot Blockbuster regardless

  • @xzone : you will waste your entire life behind Salman to see him in Jail !!!!! Better spend some time on CE pages as srk badly needs a blockcuster else it will be ‘Once upon a Time in Mumbai there was someone called SRK’ on this Eid. Dont worry about Salman, he has been to bad to worst but I am afraid srk may go into depression if CE fails as he has been a golden spooned kid by Yash ji and Kjo !!!!!

  • @navin, no script needed ?? no actress needed ?? that shows how bad taste you salman fans and how cheap IQ you have, that means you salman fans admit that no matter how badly the movie is made, you all are gonna watch it and praise it like its some masterpiece, i knew that before but seeing you all admiting is really fun.

  • @khan kapoor….don’t worry abt ce…chennai express is on its way…but u seriously need to worry abt lallu khan…bcoz he is soon going behind the bars…
    @hrithik….yeah…srk is spoon feeded kid….but he made his position by himself to get that spoon….not like ur “sadakchap” remake khan, who had sticked with the fingures of salim khan to get an entry into bollywood…now, don’t tell me who is salim khan….so better think abt those spoons , then come to srk….he is a self made man nd ruling since last 20 yrs….nd din’t need any background or godfather till date…so, shut ur malodorous mouth….
    @nilesh…yeah, just like u sallu fans…who has been already became mental after watching consecutive craps of remake khan nd will be become more mental after watching “mental”…

  • @r420, yeah man we need only 1 ingredient to watch a Blockbuster movie and that is Salman Khan.
    However you Srkians need many ingredients to watch a semi hit film. You need a great director, a great production house, great script, great narrative, great music, great lyricist, great actresses, a great date like Diwali, great marketing and more importantly you need minimum exposure of Srk as a way to con the masses into the theatres…! Only then can Srks film cross 100 crore at snail pace.
    Bhai roxXxXx

  • @xzone Yeah should your evil fantasy ever get fulfilled then Sohail will need to knock on your door and ask you to play a pivotal role in ‘Mental’…! You will be offered the title role of the character called ‘Mental’ and Sohail will replace Salman bhai with Shreyas Talpade…!

    Film will be an utter flop as nobody in their sane mind would want to watch Shreyas Talpade play ‘cat and mouse’ games with a loony criminal like you Mr Mental…! :-P
    The only downside would be that with you giving up your precious time for shooting then we the users of Indicine would be deprived of your ‘sensible’ comments as per Indicines Moderator…! ;-)
    Oh well lifes tough but your future as a super villain is more important than our needs and wants…! :-P

  • @xzone: go and ask your srk where is the promo of khatara express supposed to be released on IPL FINALE?

  • @r20 : If you are a Salman hater, accept it. Dont play Hide & Seek game. We know how to give it back if someone initiates the fight. Salman presence is enough for people to come and watch his movies. You will not understand bcoz you aren’t a Salman fan. I have nothing against Akshay Kumar but still if you force us we know how to give it back. Better back off n live in peace !!!!

  • @navin…oh..u confused impecunious salman fan…..y r u making ur self assumptions…i ve already told that sohail will get his “mental” either frm a mental asylum or frm south industry….so if he ll move towards any “asylum”, then he ll definitely find a bunch of sallu fans, who became mental after watching a number of cheap remakes of remake khan….din’t u get this??? but rest assured, that u r not worth noticed in the categories of “mentals” too…..soahil ll even not consider u for the role of a super-junior artist, let alone lead role or villain….wat u can do is ur fav job, which u have been doing in “chennai express” train…as the shooting of ce is completed, i guess u r unemployed as of now…so join the crew of mental as soon as possible and resume ur clannish occupation…

  • @aki…y r u so worried abt ce???? ur so much shivering is not good for ur health…yet, there r two more months in the release of ce….till that time , enjoy, bcoz as soon as ce will release, u ll not be able to even comment on indicne, bcoz either u wud paralyzed or u ll get an attack…:P so till that time, don’t interrupt ur mental like feeling…

  • @xzone Did I hit a nerve???
    Oh my god, holy christ, dont tell me that Sohail rejected your casting as a’mental patient’ in Mental???
    Oh poor baby- look dont worry son, if you cant play the role of a Mental Patient in a Blockbuster film like Mental then theres always the role of playing a depressed passenger on board Chennai Depress- a semi hit film…! :-P

    PS you tried your best in getting a role in bhais film but clearly you were seen to be more ‘mental’ than what was required so stick to the day job and enact the role of a depressed passenger suffering with JTHJ disease…! Srk will thank you for bringing your real life experiences to the role…! :-P

  • @aki Yaar it is our friend the ‘xzone’ who is the one worried about Chennai Depress- its true- xzone is hoping to get on board the Chennai Depress train as it will drop him of outside a Mental Asylum for a reevaluation but hes worried about the depressed train driver Srk missing his stop…!

    Dont worry xzone, if Srk fails to do his job then Im sure some kind hearted rickshawala will take pity on a loser like you and will let you pull the rickshaw to the Asylum free of charge…! :-P

  • @Navin: well said although I am sure OUATIM-2 will sure thrash KHATARA EXPRESS like SOS did last time.

  • I love SALMAN KHAN.His upcoming MENTAL film must be blockbluster.And hight grosser in this year.We are support him,because He is now at No. One position of BOLLYWOOD.

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