Salman’s trial pushed to Sep 5, new judge to be appointed

Salman KhanBollywood actor Salman Khan’s trial in the 2002 hit-and-run case was transferred to a new sessions court of Justice D.W. Deshpande here Monday.

When the matter came up for hearing before the new judge, he posted it for hearing Sep 5 as the case papers reached him only two days ago.

A new public prosecutor has also to be appointed for the trial.

Salman has been charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder for killing one person and injuring four others by rash and negligent driving.

Another sessions judge U.B. Hejib July 24 had framed charge under Indian Penal Code Sec. 304(2), of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, against Salman, which attracts a 10-year jail term.

Besides, the actor has been charged under other sections of the IPC and provisions of Bombay Prohibition Act and Motor Vehicles Act. However, he has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Unlike the previous occasion, the actor was not present in the court as he was granted exemption from personal appearance for two months as he had to go abroad on film shooting commitments.

On Sep 28, 2002, a Land Cruiser allegedly driven by Salman, ran over a group of pavement dwellers in suburban Bandra, killing one and injuring four others .

A magistrate court had held that he could be tried under the offence of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which was later upheld by the session court June 24 this year.

The magistrate court had tried him for a lesser offence IPC Section 304 (A) for causing death by negligence which could attract a maximum sentence of two years.



  • I can kill as many people as I want and roam freely. No one can even touch me. I have spent so much money in charity so that I can make people feel that I am benevolent. After all I am THE SALMAN KHAN

  • Sep 5th- looking forward to that date. Finally a judge who knows what hes talking about…! ;-)
    Inshaallah / God willing the judge will acquit bhai jaan of all fabricated accustations and obscurd interpretations of an ambiguous law. Then finally the judge can start proceedings in the case of the Wankhede Security Official. poor common mans authority was undermined by a drunken highly intoxicated and over zealous self proclaiming King and how the poor employee was brutally man handled by a large entourage of fat ugly bald porters sorry I meant so called bodyguards. A day for all common men to rejoice and finally the saying:- “Dont underestimate the power of a common man” will really have a true meaning and affiliation rather than just a lame movie dialogue.

  • Soon after locking contestants in bigboss salman aka lallu khan too wil b locked in jail for 10 years by biggboss of sessions court i.e judge… N he wil host d next season of bigg boss along wid sanjay dutt. Ha ha ha ha

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    Enjoy your 10 yr stay in the mad house…!

  • Gets drunk and runs over people. Then goes around “Being Human”. Lock Salman up immediately along with his chamcha Sanjay Dutt.

  • he should get jail of atleast 5years afterall he killed a person and injured 4 other……
    he has also killed a deer…

  • Feels pity fo those whos fellow ones got crushed coz of rash driving coz our superstar was drunk. He is first just an humanbeing n then a superstar. Im nt a salman hater. Yes im srk fan bt evn if srk or any othr it wd hsv coment wd hsv been the same.feel asamed da way we get justice. Itne saalo baad bhi ppl wait fo justice. Clear cut case is been pulled fo so many years..y?. Those innocnt ppl didnt gav place to live..bichare jaha soye the wahape hamesha k liye so gaye.. evn they wer indian n evn they are/used toh be fans of salman or any othr supastar.wd b a proud moment fo evryone if a culprit gets the punishmnt acording to the law, irrespectiv to who he or she is. Its dimpl. Jo maare gaye accidnt mea, unki jagah koi apna hota toh hume kaisa feel hota. Srry to al salman khan fan. Bt im just cursing the indian laws n the way they follow them.

  • dum he to salman k face to face jaa k faltu bakwas comment karo…….saale sab k sab selfish he srk ki fan….salman ka gaale mila isliya uska movie ne thuda business kiya…jyaada unchlo mat ””padey likhe gawaro…..tuhare jaise log samaaj me sabki saat mil k rehne ka layek nahi he….selfisho

  • now this will be da single record in salman’s pocket which cant be broken by any actor ……. 10 years jail ……

  • PLZ SHOW SOME DECENCY HERE………..1st u’ll become something in life then talk abt the megastar salman bhai…..he is no.1 in bollywood today………accept the truth ……kutto bhokna band karo…….

  • so this only to stop salman? send him to jail,thn spread negativity against aamir&akki….make salman fight against ranbir to scale down ranbir…..wah srk sab gud plan to reach the top…

  • if salman goes to jail most of his freinds are going to work srk only dont suprised if arbaaz and sohail make films with srk!

  • common salman haters think of something else to stop this “thunderous storm” named salman khan.. kab tak salman ki controversies ka pallu thaame uski burai karte rahoge??? u guys have nothing else strong to say against him thats why u people talk crap about his court cases.. what about the hundreds of lives he has saved n helped???.. the fact is u haters cannot digest his superstardom n unparalleled success.. keep burning! he will never go to jail becoz it was just an unfortunate accident.. and remember god always protects the good..

    6)PEOPLE CALL HIM GAY(i do think like that as he is unmarried at the age of 48 ,may be impotent too)
    this is all about salman khan..Indian law became a joke??…is this law a toy for people like salman??……it’s becaus eof his money power case has been dragged this much….who will give justice to that person’s family????……….If it had done by any other common man,verdict would have been out 5 years before only…..Salman should go to jail….all citizen should consider equal whether he or she is a celebrity or not….

  • Don,t worry he never go to jail he is a best human being in bollywood and also most powerful man not like srk who don,t give 1rupee to any poor people.i think he is not khan.Because real khan has very big heart like our salman wait and watch for mental and kick all records will be history of chennai passenger.Thank to our big heart salman bhai who give eid to srk otherwise ce release on dussehra or any other date and become flop.but don,t worry tsunami is coming very soon.

  • @abid Khan….so funny is your comment above….do you think salman is doing these so called publicised charities to help others??…..salman is doing all these things to cover up the illegal activities he has done over the years so that he can make people feel that he is benevolent..and mind you charity should not be done for publicity…if charity is given for a publicity then its not a charity..salman roam around writing being human on his shirt and made that a brand…”IF CHARITY IS GIVEN FOR A REASON THEN IT IS NOT A CHARITY” is written in quran should be low-profile…coming to you claiming SRK not giving single rupee because SRK never publicizes his charities he is giving…SRK keeps it low-profile…nd it should be…SRK IS THE FIRST INDIAN ONLY INDIAN ACTOR GOT UNESCO AWARD FOR CHARITY…why salman did not get if he gives charity so much??? ESpecially in the case of AIDS and cancer patients, SRK is behind the creation of a children’s ward at the Nanavati hospital in Mumbai, in memory of his late mother.Khan is also active with relief funds when the Indian nation faces a natural calamity.SRK has been brand ambassador of various governmental campaigns throughout the years, notably those of Pulse Polio immunisation campaign .SRK also adopted 18 villages….

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