Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan shoot postponed due to floods in Kashmir

Earlier today, we reported that the cast and crew of Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan will move to the valleys of Kashmir to complete the final shooting schedule of the film.

Unfortunately, the shoot has been postponed until the rain subsides and the flood situation is brought under control.

Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, was beginning to recover from the devastation caused by the floods last year. Constant rains over the past 36 hours has resulted in river Jhelum flowing above the danger mark. News reports suggest that flood water has already started entering several low-lying areas of Kashmir, leading to panic among the locals for whom memories of last year continue to jaunt.

Starring Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bajrangi Bhaijaan releases in theatres in the third week of July. The final shooting schedule of the film was supposed to be wrapped up by May. It remains to be seen what sort of impact the Kashmir floods has on the film.

However, what’s much more important than a film is the lives of the Kashmiri people. With reports coming in that 4 people have already died due to the floods, we hope and pray that rains subside soon and the government is able to bring the situation under control as soon as they possibly can.



  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan = 250cr.
    Prdp = 300cr.
    Total 550cr.

    Dilwaale= 200cr flop becoz of high budget.

    Salman bhai best!

  • Yes,the lives of kashmiri people is much more important..I hope everything comes under control..but on the other hand i hope the movie arrives on eid..can’t imagine a major festival without a huge superstar

  • tired of reading news on knly khans,kumars and roshan.time to read news about youngistaan stars,especially sushanth whose much anticipated byomkesh is all aet to release in less than 100 hours

  • tired of reading news on only khans,kumars and roshan.time to read news about youngistaan stars,especially sushanth whose much anticipated byomkesh is all set to release in less than 100 hours

  • whatever, if it does not gross 200 crore.
    it is not a shame . it is double shame!
    after its three days it will sink without creating any history.
    i so happy it is not pre eid so it will not gross 200 crore.
    btw, can any lover or hater tell when does eid fall ex: on friday or saturday.

  • I just knew this is gonna happen . Actually the Month of March has been the Wettest March in the last 100 years in North and Central India . I hope the situation in Kashmir is not as worse as it happened in September . Sometimes i feel pity on Kashmir they are facing the problem of Border Disputes with Pakistan and China . Some people are disappointed with the presence of Indian Army in Kashmir . Article 370 also has been a disputed part of our Indian Constitution . The people of Kashmir are great people . They are extremely warm, friendly and generous . But these situations are extremely difficult and these situations need hope and courage . I hope and pray these floods get over as soon as possible . My blessings are with the people of Kashmir . I don’t think so Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be affected . But if they are opting for a cold location then now HP is not a good choice because it is also facing a situation like floods . So i think they will have to wait for the environment to calm down . They also have to do shooting quickly so the movie should not get postponed .

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  • SRK is Filmfare’s Favourite & our bhai is Ghanta Award’s favourite ~ All Salman Fans now. Speaks Volumes about the difference in two.

  • Terrible situation there so lets hope the weather is kind to the people first n foremost and everything else should RIGHTLY take a backseat for the time being.

    Beautiful region so cant wait to see its beauty once again on the big screen.

  • I Hope Ye Movie Eid Tk Ready Na Ho Paye ! It Should Get A non holiday Release Then We Will get To Know The Exact Power Of Salman Khan .

    I Don’t Doubt His stardom ßt I doubt His So Called SUPER Stardom !!

  • decided to start shooting at Kashmir,suddenly floods affects Kashmir.such a big panauti he is.however this time also nawaz should have to take the acting responsibility in the film just like last time he did in ‘kick’.feeling extremely sad for KASHMIRI PEOPLES and happy as the a bad-worst film got delayed.

  • You are right Romance_Dliwale_Fan Ghanta Awards go to films like Ek tha tiger, Dabangg, Dabangg 2, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Bodyguard and filmfare should go to good(Sarcasm) films like Happy New Year, Chennai Express, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ra-one,etc. My question to you is, how much money does it cost to by a filmfare? Must be cheap,huh?

  • I just wonder atimes why Salman Khan gets special treatments cos he is so over hyped! Sorry Bhai but Akki is suppose to b in his shoes wen it comes to career spot lights. This guy cannot act! Yes he is charismatic but remove his looks he is probably even behind Saif Ali Khan or Akshay khanna wen it comes to bringing out d character u are portraying. Take some A listers who acted in d same movie wit him and compare.
    1. Karan Arjun , King Khan stole d show bcos he was just like a statue through out d movie.
    2. Hum dil de chuke sanam. Despite not having the same looks it was Ajay Devg that showed Salman what acting is all about. Hands down Ajay was in a class of his own till the end.
    3. Mujse shaadi karoge . Ask any one who people appreciated more in d movie and cinema hall. Akki beat Salman hands down.
    4. Hum tumare hai sanam. Hahaha King Khan again showed him class n calmness.
    That’s why he dosent do much movies with his A lister colleagues. Reason? Must I say it !! Masters of acting even with an average looks for some actors
    1. Shah Rukh(King always remains king)
    2. Aamir Khan/Ajay Devgun
    3. Ajay Devgun/Aamir Khan
    4. Hritik Roshan
    5. Akshay Kumar
    6. Ranbir kapoor
    7. Shahid kapoor
    8. Salman Khan
    9. Varun Dhawan
    10. John Abraham
    Nothing to do wit box office records cos that means Salman will b on top so this ranking is merely based on Versatility and inbuilt power talents wit complete ease on screen.

  • @romance fan,baby dnt go by awards,go by the love of people…and if you are sensible or entelligent enough that even he host some award shows but he never gets one,clearly he himself says no to awards,he is different…anyone who is clever can get award or you can say buy awards like our very own shahrukh as he himself says it is have no idea how much I we all normal People love salman despite knowing that he is not a great actor…and in India you have to be hero which he is by far the most loved ever in history of Indian cinema.hny not getting ghanta awards its tells the integrity of these awards…so get life baby

  • Okay to put smile on Bhai fans before I get huge volume of dislikes let’s talk of box office and 100 crore ranking
    1. Salman Khan 7 ( happy??)
    2. Ajay Devgan 5
    3. GLOBAL KING one n only SRK 5
    4. Aamir Khan 4
    5. Hritik Roshan 3
    6. Akshay Kumar 3
    7. Abishek Bachan 3(special tanx to SRK Aamir Ajay)
    8. Ranbir 2
    9. Ranveer 1 / Sid 1 (all movies above race 2 collection)
    10. Saif 1

  • Yes,the lives of people are more important than a movie
    hopes the rain stops! And everyone is safe
    #we love salman khan#

  • @Atul : You tried hard but fell flat on face. We Salman fans or Salman don’t need any praises from people like you specially who still thinks Srk is still a king. Lol Srk has been crown less n throne less since 2007 (OSO) AB Kahey ka king ?????

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