Salman promoted ‘Rustom’ on his own, we are all united: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said Salman Khan promoted his upcoming film ‘Rustom’ on his own. He pointed out that it shows the industry is united.

“He did it on his own. It shows we are all united. Around 180 films are made in the industry (in a year) and many are left incomplete. We are not race horses that we have to push forward and show one-upmanship… “

“There is a lot of work in Bollywood and not enough heroes and heroines. There is plenty of space for all of us and it’s not about competition” Akshay said.

Earlier this week, Salman had posted a video on his official Twitter page asking his fans to watch ‘Rustom’ in theatres.

“Humare film industry ke Rustom-e-Hind ki film aa rahi hai naam hai ‘Rustom’. August 12 ko jaakar dekhiye Akshay Kumar ki film ‘Rustom’.”

‘Rustom’ is based on real life story of Indian Navy officer Commander K.M. Nanavati, who shot dead his wife’s lover but was pardoned. The film, which carries the tag line ‘3 shots that shocked the nation’, will release in theatres on 12th August.



  • Yes..sir ..i am also want to unity industry so that every actor ..could work ..each and other ..!!
    I want to go both movie on 1st day ..but lack of timing ..i will go for one movie ..!!

  • Hrithik FOR GODs SAKE stop being soft & nice …. this is a ruthless industry …… you ve to be aggressive if you are goin for big clash …… people will manipulate you because of your soft image

  • Unity is ok in solo release ….. in a clash if united for one star it gives impression of uniting against another star…… in BB vs Haider stars supported HR but there shahid and HR proceeded in friendly manner ….. here it is getting uglier one sided against HR

  • There is only two Superstars Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar both are very new to 3000 crores now see who gonna achieve it first

  • This Independence Day some ROYAL ASSES getting kicked ….. HR will kick asses of akki, sallu, ajay, ranveer, anil, kjo ….. akki needs support to beat HR but still he will fail

  • rustom will win this clash…100% guaranteed….but i still support MD bcoz it is something different…sorry hrithik fans but akki will win this clash….

  • the result of this clash will be decided by their verdicts not by collections….
    for example
    then rustom will win this clash or vice versa

  • It aint unity …. its a plan to destroy HR & his movie ….. PISSED OFF to see all of them ganging against a soft target HR …. wake up HR and get lessons from clash experts to learn dealing with such situations …. nice ones like you will be fuc… around by others …… mohenjo was the baap of rustom but now rustom has bridged the gap ….. what the hell are mohenjo producers doing …..

  • Why there is unnecessary negativity around mojo…people are saying weak vfx, bad songs, bad trailer etc etc even w/o watching movie…ise kahte hai insecurity at its peak….and what about rustom? ..except tere sang yaara all songs are just avg…unnecessary hype….a murder mystery ko as a portrait film show kiya jaa raha hai…..tashan, combaqt ishq, brothers, blue had impressive trailers nd much hype around but result was all the film flopped….history will repeat this tym again…

  • Many morons say that Salman has lost to Baahubali The Beginning. But here is the answer –
    Baahubali domestic total collections – 112 crore
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan total collection – 321 crore
    comparing Bahubali in domestic collections should be unfair, so compare total worldwide gross box office collections -.
    Baahubali – 600 crores
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 626 crores
    So Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a winner clearly.
    #True Salman Fans

  • Akki pretends not knowing that this means “they are not united at all” as well. Salman and Hrithik don’t see eye to eye. Salman could promote anybody’s film clashing with Hrithik’s film. Not cool.
    Bitter truth.

  • @ Ultron A Salmaniac,

    Go and ask Salman 3 things?

    1) Why he made this video and posted on twitter “Indian film industry ke Rustam-E-Hind aa rahe hai 12 August, Jakar dekhiye…”

    2) Why he said 2 weeks before that, THE REAL SULTAN OF BOLLYWOOD IS NONE OTHER THAN AKSHAY KUMAR…”

    3) Why Salman supports and promotes for many of films of Akki and advise others to follow Akshay Kumar’s discipline and life style…”

    Go and ask, He will surely reply You back, WHY HE DOES…

    Kuchh knowledge hai nahi aur yaha muh uthhake kuchh bhi type karne se kuchh nahi hota, Samjhha…

  • Dekho, Ab Wo chhote log bhi acting ki baat kar rahe hai, Jihe Acting ka A bhi aadha aata hai…

    Jaise Ultron A Salmaniac…

    Get well soon…

  • Doesn’t seem so atleast going by the way of promoting in the video.. Seems as if he was specifically asked for the same. Also how come Ranveer and Karan Johar also doing the same by their very own THIS VERY TIME!!???

  • Stop criticizing mohenjodaro just on the basis of trailer…movie would be grand nd epic scale wise..don’t worry…nd rustom looking another 60 to 70 crore type movie by much expectation from it…even on lappy I will skip it…

  • Bhai ye sare against ha hritik but people are with hritik roshan , mohanjan jorao beat rustam a big margin ab salman sport kare rustam ko ya koi aur

    mohanjodaro wins the battel

  • MD producers know exactly what they are doing. They are very confident of their film. They don’t bark excessively. Their work will speak for them. Let Rustom team and other non-associated persons continue with their noise making after all SRK did the same for Dilwale and what was the end-result? Mohenjo Daro will KICK Rustom to the curb next week. Watch this space

  • That’s great . Akshay need this to get a hit movie. Otherwise he can’t give a hit move. Well done vaijan for helping some poor actors.

  • You know what ?
    Salman is angry with hirthik coz at IIFA 2016 Hirthik said no to perform with daisy saha. Thats why he is angry. .
    Unity my foot

  • After all Salman had lost 3 clashes with akki
    Deewali 1994: Andaaz apna apna vs Suhaag
    Deewali 2005: Garam Masala crunched Kyun Ki
    Deewali 2009: Blue was enough for Main aur mrs khanna

  • With bhais help this regular Joker Boy crapfest will surely comfortably join n go beyond the 60cr mark…!

  • Salman big hearted !!!! Bullshit.
    Some days before salman requested hrithik to dance with super flop Daisy sah in iifa award show. Hrithik denied that request and thats why sallu now against hr and promoting rustom. Actually he indirectly trying to bash hr and Mohenjo-Daro.whatever Hrithik have a huge fan base hr don’t need others promotion.may b Akshay needs this becoz he can’t give hit movie without others support.

  • Expected from this none actor. After all one is highest flop giving actor and one is 2nd highest flop giving actor. Salman knows his aukaat in front of hrithik in last decade and he knows how badly hrithik thrashed him and dominated his career from 2000-2010. And he also knows that hrithik is much more popular and bigger star than him in overseas so he is trying all his best cheap tactics to affect mohenjo daro. Don’t worry you bhojpurI illiterate none actor, hrithik will take over and end your fake bhojpuri dominance very soon and show you your aukaat once again. Get lost bhojpuri. Cheap none actors like you promoting cheap movies like chustom will not affect the grand movie like mohenjo daro. So be aware and wait for the release. Your aukaat is not even to face a clash and you begged srk to postpone raees to save your back and you have not won a single clash in your career and got defeated badly by not only srk but akshay, ajay ranbeer and fardeen also defeated you and showed your aukaat. So don’t try to be jealous of that superstar who has guts to face clash and win each and every time and cam give blockbusters with our bhojpuri south remakes unlike you. Get well soon Mr. None actor.

  • So now industry is against hrithik?
    Wat about when bang bang dare Was Done by many celebrities ? Means at that time industry was against shahid kapur? 😂

    If hrithik will also plan this strategy than these celebs would uveitis done d same for hrithik also.
    Don’t be so stupid guys!

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