Salman Khan with kids (Pics)

Salman Khan has a huge fan-following with kids and the actor was recently spotted mingling with some of his younger fans. Have a look at the pictures!

Thanks Rashid (13 year old, who claims to be Salman Khan’s biggest fan) for the pictures!

Salman Khan with fans

Salman Khan with fans

Salman Khan with kids

Salman Khan with kids



  • wish u a very happy birthday may Allah bless you with all the good things in this world and here after !
    i dont think i will ever get a sufficient place any where in this world to right love u as much as i mean.

    your sincere fan . . . . .

  • @rahan Shut ur mouth up i think u r blinde from in an article 1 thing clear that salman has huge kid fan following and for ur kind information salman has biggest fan following in india and big star enterterment awards prove it in which first time public vote is being used ur black star shahruk only buy the award filmfare from the corrupt members of jeory he did’nt buy janta urnder stand today is bhai’s birth daY & u R ADDING ur rubbish comments

  • I turn to my birthday Salman Khan and his family Trfdarash Vtmam congratulations and I hope that’s normal and healthy world is always the best thing for you with longing and hope of peace with Shah Rukh Khan and God willing it will always be healthy

    Happy Birthday my love for Salman Khan

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