Salman Khan with Family Pics: Being Human Launch

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, along with his family, officially launched the Being Human store in Mumbai.

The flagship store was launched in partnership with Mandhana Industries, who have a tie-up with Salman to design, manufacture, retail and distribute Being Human clothing and other fashion accessories.

Khan also has plans of launching a Being Human restaurant, the profits of it all would be used for charity.

Currently, Being Human has more than 150 selling points in Europe and about 96 in the Middle East. So far, the brand has managed to sell more than 1 million units in the Middle East itself. The revenue generated in 2012 was around Rs 60 crores. Next year, they are targeting Rs 250 – 300 crore from clothing sales.

At the launch event, Salman said “From a T-shirt, Being Human has now grown into a full clothing line with its own stores. I’m touched at the love people have shown for this brand and I invite them to buy original Being Human clothing from our stores or from select Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Splash and Jade Blue outlets”

Salman Khan at Being Human LaunchSalman Khan at Being Human Launch

Arpita Khan at Being Human LaunchSalman’s sister Arpita Khan Photo

Alvira Agnihotri with husband Atul AgnihotriSalman Khan’s family: Alvira Agnihotri with husband Atul Agnihotri

Salman Khan with brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail KhanPics: Salman with brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan

Salman Khan with family at Being Human LaunchPics: Salman Khan with family – brothers Arbaaz and Sohail, sisters Arpita and Alvira, brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri.

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  • Salman’s being human charity foundation spends almost 6.5 lakhs a day for charity work whereas our king srk spends just 10 lakhs on his expensive foreign watches, more than 15 lakhs for some of the costlies suits, lives a lavish kingly life only equaled by the dubai sheikhs,is always busy minting money every where and busy buying properties in india,dubai, london and many other foreign countries. His net worth is estimated to be more than $600 dollars and his charity is $0.006 dollars in his lifetime till now (the cancer hospital that publicises as his charity was never his idea but his mother’s. Srk is known as the most greedy & most KANJOOS actor in bollywood

  • @Akbar.. Instead of talking about SRK, tell us how much you have donated? SRK has earned his money, he has the right to do whatever he wants with it. Dont simply create fan wars here. What has this article got to do with SRK? The very fact that you are comparing SRK to everyone means.. he is important. Please continue to give him importance :D

  • What a great man SALMAN KHAN

    From news——-copied for u fans

    He’s known for his big heart and adoring fan following. Add it up and you have the Being Human Foundation, founded by actor Salman Khan, who launched his flagship store and clothing line in Mumbai today. And at the launch, Khan spelt out his plans for the charitable foundation.

    On Calling It ‘Being Human’
    I still don’t know how I ended up with the name ‘Being Human’. I think one night, I must have read ‘Human Being’ ulta and that’s how I came up with the name (Laughs). But, somehow, this name relates to the charity.

    Idea behind a clothing line
    Actually, we launched our clothing line long ago to gauge the response. Second, I didn’t want anyone to buy the brand because it was Salman Khan’s; we wanted to create awareness about the brand. It may be Salman Khan’s brand but we are looking at quality. We conducted market research all these years while selling the clothing line in select stores. Then we launched in France, Belgium and the Middle East. The response was fabulous. Another reason it took us so long to open the store is we needed some permission which we received only this year. So, finally, we have our clothing line and first store in India.

    Why launch Being Human?
    Earlier, we used to do charity work but were often taken for a ride. We thought we would start something on our own so that we could oversee it ourselves.

    There should be competition in doing charity
    I feel there should be competition in this area (doing charity). I think everyone should launch a charitable trust and see where it goes… to what level.

    No more donations
    People from the industry, like Sanjay Dutt and Karan Johar have been donating to the Being Human Foundation for years but it becomes difficult. Now we don’t need to take help as the money will come from our clothing (stores).

    No branding in films
    We will not be promoting the brand in films because the characters will not look good in these T-shirts!

    In Future
    We are planning to open hotels with this brand and maybe some art stores.

    Charity begins at home
    To help someone, one doesn’t have to come to our shop and buy some clothes or hand in a cheque. All you have to do is step outside your home and look at people around you who are in need of medication and education and start from there.

  • @dev

    Lastly —-he says charity begins from home. Superp…truly man with golden heart who always try to help who r in need of medication/education help …wow wow

  • @mel. U r a typical stupid srk fan who care only about money,awards, youtube views, overseas collections but not about humanity. I am a proud bhai fan and he has inspired many people like me to do charity or help the needy and i do it regularly. I am a son of taxi driver and i work in private company with a monthly salary of 12000 and for the last 3 years i am donating minimum 3000 every month for charity though i am from a humble background. It is all becaus of bhai inspiration. If i was as rich as your kanjoos greedy srk i could hav donated many crores not like your inhuman kanjoos srk who never did any reall charity of even 1000 from his own pocket but got free publicity becaus of pr n his fans. Do you know that bhai’s charity has given new life to many thousand of poor needy people and thats why he is treated as demi god. Very very very Proud to be a bhai fan but shame on srk n fan like u. ALLAH(pbuh) bhai ko sabse lambi umar de.

  • @ Mobin Learn the difference dude..If he won’t go public then where would he get the funds from to help poor. Also he is selling clothes and stuff to gain money but he does not show off who he is helping or how many heart transplants his charity has done or how many house have been given to poor and much more.

  • I love Salman Bhai, and they Esprit of Begin Human Company or opening new Resto, it is Very Good
    to open resto with name of Begin Human, i love it, trust me Salman Bhai once you open your resto me My Self i will and along all ICICI Bank Employee will come, Very Good Thought for ,the profits of it all would be used for charity , you are Greates , person in the World for living for other People , i love realy love yoy Salman Bhai,

    Esprit which you have is amzing… inshallah all the Sucess will happen Don’t worry

    flagship store , Happy Sale Sir Good Luck for everthing Salman Bhai

    Thanks Regards

  • Assalamuwalekum salman I m one of ur crazy fan want to meet u once inshallah we will meet aameen ….love u alot

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