Salman Khan watches Sholay 3D, promotes Jai Ho: Photos

Salman Khan and his leading lady Daisy Shah purchased tickets of Sholay 3D at the box office to watch the 1975 classic at a PVR multiplex in Juhu, Mumbai.

The media was informed well in advance that Salman would be watching the film at PVR, which clearly meant that the superstar was not only promoting Sholay 3D, but also his upcoming film Jai Ho.

Talking to us outside the theatre, Salman said “We have only come here to watch Sholay in 3D. We just want everyone to come to theatres and watch this movie, especially a film Sholay. I don’t know if there has been a better film than Sholay”

Khan also said that he’d be happy if Jai Ho is even half as good as Sholay

“I hope Jai Ho is like a patch on this film. Will be happy if its half good” the superstar added.

And guess what? We finally spotted the film’s other leading lady, Sana Khan, outside the theatre too!

Daisy Shah with Salman Khan at PVR

Daisy Shah with Salman Khan at PVR

Salman Khan watches Sholay 3D

Salman Khan watches Sholay 3D

Daisy Shah, Shera and Salman Khan

Daisy Shah, Shera and Salman Khan

Daisy Shah and Salman Khan

Daisy Shah and Salman Khan

Salman Khan and his bodyguard Shera

Salman Khan and his bodyguard Shera

Sana Khan

Sana Khan

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah



  • Jai ho gonna be a disaster anyway…what all publicity stunt has happened… Sallu bhai going to meet Modi…his brother Arbaaz giving views about AAPs similarity to Jai Ho..

  • “Disheartening how Lootera has been held back from most of the nominations this year!

    Didn’t they call it a masterpiece/poetry in motion/world class/technically superior film when it released? That seems like qualification enough to be out there.

    Not nominating Vikram Motwane for best director, Ranveer for acting, Amit Trivedi for music, Shetty for cinematography, Aditya for art, Subarna for costume, Amitabh for lyrics makes my nomination feel so out of place!

    Vikram Motwane, you will and always be best director for me! Ranveer, Amit Trivedi, Shetty, Aditya, Subarna, Amitabh Bhattacharya and everyone associated with this very special film will Always be proud of Lootera whether or not they acknowledge us :)”

    Sonakshi Sinha tweeted that this morning. And believe me she isn’t the only one that seems to be fed up of this annual circus.

    She has a reason to be disillusioned. Lootera was a rare gem, and in fact, surprisingly, one of my favourite films of last year, with subdued performances from both Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi – performances that gave us a rare insight into their untapped acting potential, a feat which none of Sonakshi’s frivolous ‘100 crore’ films have achieved, ever.

    It’s no surprise why an actor like Aamir Khan, flatly refuses to attend these awards, year after year. They were credible once, but have now become nothing short of a joke. A sponsored spectacle, where star egos are fed, and reputable actors get paid in crores to shake a leg and lip sync to their chart-topping songs.

    This year, Shah Rukh Khan was awarded the Screen Award for best actor, for his hammy, cringeworthy performance in Chennai Express – by no means his best work. Give me the SRK of Swades, and Chak De India any day over the rubbish he churned out here.

    Deepika Padukone, swept the award for best actress in the Screen popular category, which was deserved, given that she’s been on top of her game and 2013 completely belonged to her. But did she deserve the critics award too? One word. No. In fact, in comparison, I found Sonakshi’s performance in Lootera, far more nuanced and subtle and criminally underrated.

    It all depends on connections too. For instance, Vidya Balan took home the trophy for Kahaani, in 2012 a superb performance no doubt, but by that account didn’t Priyanka Chopra deserve at least the critics award that same year for her turn as the autistic Jhilmil in Barfi? The film scored at the box office too, so what went wrong there? Well, Vidya’s married to the head honcho of UTV, Sidharth Roy Kapur. Did he have anything to do with it?

    The hugely popular Filmfare Awards seem to be headed the same way. Every year, they increase the number of nominees in each of the categories so they don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments and invoke the wrath of egotistical stars. Every year, hardly any of the awards are a surprise. The winners pretend they didn’t see it coming, but nine times out of ten, the stars are made aware of the winners much before the ceremony takes place.

    What’s the point then? What’s the point of having trophies that reward ‘excellence in cinema’, when in fact they can be bought by nearly anyone, with a tiny bit of credibility.

    If it was down to me, it would be either Aamir Khan or Hrithik Roshan that should walk away with awards in the popular categories this year. They made even the silly films they starred in credible by sheer screen presence.

    One could argue that these are popular awards. If that’s the case, why isn’t Aamir Khan in any of the nominations list? Dhoom:3 has turned out to be the biggest money spinner, not just in 2013, but ever. I’ll tell you why. It’s because he refuses to show up, and his absence could affect the TRPs of a show, and invoke the wrath of sponsors. How would a big budget awards show look if the star of the show, the best actor wasn’t there to collect his trophy?

    The National Awards still have some clout, but even those have rewarded some dubious actors in the past. Saif Ali Khan for Hum Tum? Really? Anil Kapoor for Pukar? The actor was far superior in a film like Virasat. Karisma Kapoor for Dil To Pagal Hai. The list goes on. Still, from all these overhyped, money making shams, the National Awards just about scrape through in credibility.

    Can someone, please create a new award, which rewards films like Lootera, The Lunchbox and the like, and encourages new talent like Dhanush who was outstanding in his debut Raanjhanaa, as opposed to going by the whims of stars, and rewarding ‘actors’ according to the dictates of the box office and commercial parameters?

    I for one am bored of this rubbish we’re fed year on year. Are you?

    Source: Bollybrit

  • Lol.. He came to promote jai ho
    N says was watching sholay 3d.
    Bloody fake…just like his so called ”being bandar” NGO
    Atleast hav guts n say u wer here to promote jai ho aka flop ho

  • Srk will go all out to promote crapy new year
    He will sit on a diwali rocket which wil be ignited by deepika and srk will be wandering in space
    Out of the box promotions !

  • Does this SAKHI named creature actually exists ???
    Or this is a robotic machine deployed by Srk’s agents to work off indicine comments..
    Jai Ho can be liked by the audience,I just watched last 10 min. of Stalin which was being telecasted on colors a few days back and I liked it…it will be everyone’s film…

  • @indicine : Mahi ve from Highway is out please post… song is just awesome…loved it…. Superb composition from Rehman Sir

  • salman is looking handsome No offence to salman bhai jan but even most of classics are not half as good as sholay And indicine what about of box office prediction of 2014 part2

  • Pathetic. He is making film which was made 10yrs ago in south. And that too without shame. He is sh!t and people call him superstar.

  • Babaji ka thullu: hilarious comment…very funny, I’ lounging alone here… Sakhi U need to stop posting bad everywhere, please..

  • Today is 16th Jan! on 24th Jai Ho is being released. I hope I will watch thrice in theatre. Hope it crosses the collections of ETT. Salman Khan doesn’t believe in over promoting movies. He does promotion only so much required to create awareness.
    I have watched a few video clips of interviews done by some media with passing-by people. 80% of them said they are aware of Jai Ho coming 24th Jan and would like to watch the movie.
    Let’s go to theatre and Bhai Ki Sang Kaho, Jai Ho!!
    @Vera, Shera is your maa’s ex-pati!! you h0m0s are still in Haakhla Thakur-KJo hang-over!!
    @Babaji Ka Thullu, I too wonder SAKHI RAWANT s is a robotic machine deployed by Srk’s agents to work off indicine comments..

  • @Babaji ka thullu yes i think it is some robotic machine but don’t worry it will work overtime for more 8days and after 24th it will stop

  • @SAKhi : you have gone mad. bollywood trades ka a b c pata nahi n you are predicting outcome of megastar movies. you are stinking n filled with jealousy n hatred !!!!!

  • @nipun : I failed to understand you. Stop crying over Lootera, no doubt movie was hatke n kinda classic type. But if you have given your opinion then why cry over same thing again n again? your cries wont change nominations. Secondly, are u not the same person who made fun about Sonakshi looks? now dont cry for her, she does not need your support nor a fan like you !!!!

  • @jc:thanks.
    @hrithik:do u thing i posted it only for lootera? ?NO. .it’s about justice.How many times these kinda cheap politics will happen? ?
    Average films like ce and yjhd are nominated in many catagories.but masterpiece were ignored.Isn’t is a SHAME.and the reason behind it is the srk and utv .

  • @hrithik Right and well remembered- I knew something was dodgy about nipin alcoholic but it wouldnt click in my mind as to why I suspected his crocidile tears about Sonakshi were so cringe worthy- now you reminded me- he did abuse Sonakshi here a yr ago about her chubbiness and was going gaga over Deepika but now hes promoting Sonakshi n this Lootera crap. Why I dunno but dont care neither.

    @nipin alcoholic Grow up you cry baby n give the awards shows a miss in future as you will get nothing but more disappointment/ heart ache…

  • @sakhi ranting rawant- more rants about non topic related garbage- do yourself a favor and actually read the article before spitting venom here. I know you still trolling the Web 24/7- but get a real job you street bazaar second hand lungi model…!

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