Salman Khan visits Manisha Koirala

Salman Khan - Manisha Koirala

Salman Khan – Manisha Koirala


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan gave a surprise visit to his Khamoshi co-star Manisha Koirala, who was recently diagnosed with Ovarian cancer.

Sources say, the actor spent close to 3 hours with her and also gifted her a flower bouquet along with some fresh fruits.

Manisha, who underwent a successful surgery in December last year, was very pleased to see Salman, the source added.

Soon after Manisha was diagnosed with cancer in November, Salman had expressed concern and also extended his helping hand.



  • This is a true example of humanity. Despite ruling bollywood he cares for a forgetten actress n shows support unlike a self proclaim king who is awards hungry.

  • Wow man with golden heart. He always extended hand to poor ,sick n helpless people in the India n world . We all Indian r proud of u salman Bhai being such a nice to all those(helpless) people being a big star n a rich person.
    I m proud to b his fan n I salute him

  • Salman khan is a very good friend and those people r very lucky who has a friend like salman but the unlucky r the ones who r his enemies.don’t even wan’t to take the name of these losers.

  • Kya Bhai, sometimes you seriously puzzle me.. On one side you ride your car over poor ppl killing them and on the other side you do this… But must admire your timing bhai, whenever there is a court hearing scheduled, you do a good deed and make sure it reaches everyone bhai :))

    Ghanta bhai rocks :))))

  • @ star, does a person who makes a mistake in his life, keep on repeating the same, or do you want him to do good deeds in future?

    are you a narcissist?

    if you don’t appreciate, atleast don’t insult.

    all actors do good deeds, but it is true that in filmdom Salman and Sanju are considered having the biggest of heart in such matters.

  • @JC, it is true that in filmdom Salman and Sanju are *considered* having the biggest of heart and the public knows the reason. Both are criminals accused of various crimes and keep earning their bread they have to put a mask of innocence and good-doing.. and public can easily see through their fake masks.

  • @star Lol at your ridiculous comments. If there is any ‘star’ in India who the public have had enough of his fake personality then it is our very own King Of Kings SRK.( Praise be to king)
    A good indication of this is the declining collections in India of his last 3 torturous releases. The opposite is the case for Salman whose boxoffice success is reaching new levels and his TV stint has turned around the fortunes for his channel.
    @star face facts and dont make farcical comments with no substance whatsoever. Manisha ji and whole of India are proud of bhai attending to her bedside and showering her with blesses and prayers but where is your king SRK? Thats right hes out there selling himself to Award organisers, AD agencies, wedding planners, underworld bhais and anybody else that can pay him a huge remuneration.
    You loser stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
    @xzone your twin ‘star’ is dreaming of bhai rockingggg…!!!

  • Srk is sel fish he does nt thing of others . . X cuse me its not me or bhai fans sayin it . . Its ur Srk only confessed that he dnt care abt others in his recent interview

  • @ star, whatever they did, are they hiding it. It is already out in the open. Where is the need to mask it.

    this is the very reason why SRK’s popularity is going down, because he has relied on his PR while salman and sanju are still loved, because they just leave it to the people, no hiding, nothing.

    look at the fortunes of sallu and srk in the last 5 years. srk is going down and sallu is going up.

    In fact it was srk who had masked his image with false PR propaganda by putting up a personality of clean image guy, always smiling and hugging people.

    But, you cannot hide your real character for much long, so what happens?

    he goes and picks up fights in public by punching someone, talking against Big B and goes around smoking in public, all these has not gone down well with his image, and he is now seen someone who is desperate.

    the most surprising to note was that when srk punched kunder, most of the men felt kunder deserved it, but it were the women (his biggest fan followers) that felt his image took a big beating, coupled with taking up fights with Amitji and smoking episode making him look more arrogant to them.

    sallu always kept one image, and hence there is no surprises for people, because he is what he is, and hence when his movies did well, coupled with brilliant marketing strategy, he got all the praises and his popularity grew leaps and bounds.

    i don’t have anything against anything srk, and all i am saying is what is observed in the market rating of both the stars and reasons for increase or decline in popularity.

  • ohhhh god what a pathetic loafer he is…..he jst waits to seek publicity from anywhere he can get it frm…
    he dint even leave manisha koirala who is suffring frm cancer….what a hunger of publicty!!!!

  • @lallu khan : if ur friend is not well and if you visit her/him then is it called as publicity for you and your family ??

  • @hrithik
    Toh u wil meet ur friend and den might inform 2 hundreds of ur relatives n frnzz dat u met him.itzz so kind of u….
    Sallu bahan izz trying to impress public by portraying himself az a so called gud guy…..

  • Damnnn….! : He is not informing anyone. If Media wants to keep tracking him that is not his fault. Ia m sure if srk has done something similar you would have called him ‘greatest human being on earth’. I know how biased and double standards srk fans… :p

  • remotecontrol:
    @ navin your so called arguments hold no water
    cause they are utter rubbish
    srk didnt slap kunder because of his remarks
    he slapped him because of his disrespectful act in the after -award function
    and sanjay dutt was an eye witness
    even shiresh kunder apologised so why are you making big deal
    ot of this you should use your mind not
    believe whatever you hear or read and repeat that like a parrot

  • ‘ Hit and Run ‘ and then this
    salman is playing mind game and making cheap publicity
    continue salman
    we are watching your lazy steps of publicity

  • @remotecontrol so Im retarded eh… Great but what are you my friend? You just a used up tossed in the thrash can non recyclable remotecontol whose batteries have been on the blink for 2 years. Get some new batteries and then come back talking about not believing everything you see or hear.
    The truth is that you believe 1 side of a story, the SRK version of events and I believe another version of the truth. My version is the belief that noone has a right to go around slapping another humanbeing except in exceptional circumstances but not because one does not agree with someone elses beliefs! Especially when the individual concerned is SRK who has spent decades making ridicule of other actors but calls that ‘harmless fun/banter’ but when Kunder makes humourous remarks about him then the egotistic deranged SRK cannot take this ridicule so reverts to violence.
    But ofcourse to blinded followers like you you only see SRKs humour as good wit and everybody elses sense of humour as a personal attack on SRK so rally behind him like a pack of hygenas and support his actions relentlessly. Its because of you guys that SRK sits in his ‘ivory tower’ thinking he is King and untouchable…!
    Believe what you want but dont for one minute second think your view is superior to others or else you will be in the same situation as Kunder and SRK were and we will see who blinks first my feeble minded srkian nemesis.
    @xzone Your ridiculous beliefs are also held by this ‘damaged not working to a satisfactory standard remotecontrol’ :- Praise be to our Lord SRK, a King amongst Kings.
    @star bhai roxXxXx

  • @ navin
    i think that you live in another world thats why you trying to victimise any one who stand against srk and on the other you satanise srk
    whats wrong with u salman khan fans
    did srk ever slapped or attacked any body before
    even this shirish kunder slap is not asserted that it happened they eye witness who were there
    and among them sanjay dutt your idle s best friend confirms that there were no such slap
    and this is just a concoction of shirish under s weak mind
    srk only dragged him onto the chair and pulled him by the collars
    so wake up
    and if he did that
    that s because some ppl deserve that because they has nothing to do just empty headed look at his crappiest movie joker he should deserve all the slaps in the world not only
    one slap
    look at you sallu fans you still support a criminal though you know deep in urself that he is the worst human being by killling roadside ppl and poaching slapping women
    if this salman did that in usa he will never see the daylight again he well dwell in eternal jail
    but what to do he is in india but there is allah who will take revenge from him either on earth or in the judgement day
    and for your kind info
    srk is not lord to us srk just human being to us
    srk is the all time best actor superstar in the world to us

    i told u before that my remote control doesnt depend on batteries only it depends on solar power also wake up

  • @remotecontrol It doesnt matter what your remotecontrol runs on because whatever it is its clearly not functioning properly!!!
    You speaking in contradictory terms. You support SRKs actions- fair enough as that is your right to do so but then you can criticise Salman for his actions on the basis of gossip mongers and hear say. Theres 2 sides to every story and you are on the side of PRO for Srk and AGAINST for Salman. Thats your perogative and I accept that but Im vice versa so obviously we are gonna collide on this issue for sometime.
    I aint gonna add anything else to what I have already said earlier apart from that its clear in India whose popularity is on the rise and whos is on the slide. At the end of the day the public cannot be swayed by gossip columns and the aam janta are making it very clear as to who they support.
    @star bhai roxXxXx

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