Salman Khan unveils A R Rahman’s Raunaq: Photo

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan unveiled A.R. Rahman’s latest music album Raunaq, which the Oscar-winning music composer says is a celebration of love and music.

The lyrics of seven songs in the album have been written by Kapil Sibal, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. Kapil was also present at the unveiling of the Raunaq.

Salman Khan unveils A R Rahman's Album Raunaq

Salman Khan unveils A R Rahman’s Album Raunaq



  • Thanks indicine for fulfilling request. Move towards the completeness.

    Salman stands for humanity…….Again, he has shown he is a man with Golden Heart…

    @sss, hahahaha. Pity on you! Why are you turning yourself into a joke? People will laugh at you. Yes, Salman needs publicity via A.R Rahman exactly like SRK needed after Ra.One debacle via attacking Shirish Kunder from behind (by pulling Shirish’s hair down) and the poor security guards at Wankhede Stadium (who were sincerely an indiscriminately doing their duties).

  • @sss
    Now you are bashing Salman for no reason,and then when someone bashes SRK,then you cry your heart out….
    Everyone knows Jai Ho collected more than Don 2,then why insulting Salman and the film..

  • @but your star needs to fight with watchman and dance in uninvitation wedding to get publicity lolzzzzz…….hahahaa…

  • wow bhai you looking so handsome as always and true superstar now its clear today by dna that footfalls for jai ho is more than ce and dhoom3 means more people watch jai ho than these movie collection is low just because of half ticket rates in multiplex than these movies.real collection is 116cr.@indicine pls post this news.and also it becpmes highest collecting movies in january yes record is broken by blockbuster khan.

  • At first Rahman wanted to file a case against Salman & makers of JaiHo for its title but now he needed Salman to hype his album launch.The more haters cry on him the more stardom & status raises for him.

  • Salman Khan was the Chief Guest at the launch event of Raunaq, a joint musical collaboration between musical maestro A R Rahman and Union Minister Kapil Sibal. As know to all Salman is never on time and so he arrived at the event much after it started. No sooner did he arrive than he was called on stage to release the Music Album.
    Everybody wondered why Salman was called as the Chief Guest when there were already enough VIPs present. Among others there were Anil Kapoor, Amar Singh and Jaya Prada at the event.
    All was well until Salman was asked to speak a few words. When Maninee Mishra asked Salman, “Kaisa lag raha hain yahan aakar?”, Salman without batting an eyelid replied, ‘Accha lag raha hain’ in a tone that made the audience laugh. Salman Khan praised Kapil Sibal but for reasons best known to him he took potshots at Rahman.
    He said, “You all know what an average artist Rahman is. Right? There are two things common between me and him, ” Jai Ho!,” after which colour drained out of Rahman face. Salman also questioned Rahman sarcastically, ” “Hamaare saath kab kaam karoge yaar?”
    Salman also boasted that he was the best person anyone could have had in the gathering to inaugurate the music album.
    As soon as the album was launched, Salman moved to shake hands with Rahman. But a grumpy Rahman refused and kept his hand firmly placed inside his sleeve pocket.
    Kapil Sibal and Rahman addressed a joint press conference, where they were questions on Salman. Answering why Salman was called as the Chief Guest, Kapil said, “He is an outstanding artist with a great mass appeal. So we thought of having him.”
    Rahman who appeared unusually quiet all throughout the event especially after Salman’s comments, said that he would work with Salman only when he makes movies that he (Rahman) likes. Later Rahman did try to placate the situation by saying that it was nice to have had Salman at the event and they have collaborated in the past successfully.
    We wonder what was wrong with Salman and what does he have against Rahman.

  • Salman Khan, you are the superstar both on Big Screen and on Small Screen (TV). Above all, you are a great human being….
    You will be remembered even when you are not on this earth because of your humanitarian work through Being Human..Salute you…Way to go..

  • AR REHMAN needs PEOPLE’s man SALMAN KHAN to promote his album
    After jai ho SALMAN KHAN 6th 100 crores grosser
    Only Bollywood actor to do this feat

  • Two legends in a single frame. Perfect pic. @sss Salman is gaining publicity by using Rehman, i agree but Salman knows to gain publicity in good way and with huge names unlike your star who used Shirish to gain publicity after debacle of Ra1 by slaped him, srk fought with watchman of Wankhede to gain publicity and who can forget The famous Us airport scene when officials retained him at airport. He was continuous saying “My name is khan and i am…”, after than officers stop him as srk took more time than allowed him for completing just one sentence. Who can forget that Bhai given free publicity to Srk before Ce release by hugging him, and than he promoted D3, he has definitely big heart as he himself promoted films of contemporaries. Think before writing bad for everyone except srk.

  • @babaji ka thullu,I know better you’re not a salman fan.but you bashed SRK unnecessarily but you could have done that also with salman but you didn’t do that.I did it for reason,you check out SRK’s article in which you’ll find 1st comment @sachin11 how he bashed on each article of you got the answer.make your tolerance level higher before abusing and bashing someone,the fact will not change you’re jealous of SRK only.

    @sky still you couldn’t explain,why d3 is atbb and CE is bb.again post valid explanation.don’t post unnecessary information.still SRK gave highest collection bollywood comparison to other 2 khans considering last 10 film worldwide and I also posted how SRK holds highest hits,super hits,bbs in salman’s article and hope you’ll got your answer and find out the position of amir.

  • @babaji ka thullu,I got the point whose fan you’re from your 1st comment and why you bashed SRK,keep continue this game very interesting let’s play and see who’ll win,you didn’t like it,what a shame!

  • @James, The problem is that some people do not really Salman’s sense of humor and his sarcastic jokes. Some close examples are Katrina Kaif and Himesh Reshammiya etc. They feel awestruck whenever they are with Salman in front of media. Rahman may be one of such victims. But Salman is known for Bindaas attitude and carries on with streak.
    On the other hand, Asin, Sonakshi and Akki etc understand his humor and jokes really well. So, whenever Salman is with them, they rock the stage.
    On the darker side, it may also be a fact that there was a tussle between them regarding the title “Jai Ho.” Rahman’s “Jai Ho’ song was originally composed for Yuvvraaj. Subash Ghai and Salman didn’t use the song for the film. Above all, as you said, the reasons are best known to them.

  • @james, I too watched the video. Salman said it in a funny and friendly mode and Rahman didn’t get it. After that, Rahman was reluctant to take his hands out of his pocket. Rehman was feeling awkward..

    @beingsallufan, Whatever you may think, Salman was the chief guest of the event and everybody at the event waited anxiously for him. Everybody including you (even if you don’t want to admit it) knows that they are great in their respective fields.
    On the other hand, Salman are invited as a chief guest of the event of the great people like Rahman and Kapil, your SRK does a chief guest of the film-launching events like Sunny Leone’s Jackpot…. Hit the nerve?? Now, you rant..

    @sss and Babaji…., we are not here to defeat anyone. This is not a marathon race. We get nothing out of it. If you, sss, is so much into this win, we are very happy to let you win. Now, you will understand why the fans of other actors are turning against SRK as well. It is the result of some arrogant SRK fans like you…

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