Salman Khan today vs Amitabh Bachchan in the 70s 80s

Film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers

Q. What are your expectations from ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ and ‘Besharam’ at the box office? Is Ranbir Kapoor capable of delivering a 100 crore film? – Arun

A. Both films are carrying very good expectations and are sure-shot winners. In fact for those questioning Ranbir’s decisions around doing slightly off beat films (Barfi!, Rockstar), these films are an answer as they promise to find all-India audience and that too at multiplexes as well as single screens. The very title of these films say it all. This is for the first time that Ranbir is going all out for hardcore commercial cinema and hence 100 crore mark is comfortably within his reach.


Q. Is it true that the 100 crore box-office collection is credited only to the two main leads in a multi-starrer film? For example, ‘Housefull 2’ is considered a 100 cr club entry for Akshay and Asin only. Similarly ‘Bol Bachchan’ for Ajay and Asin, not Abhishekh and so on. – Jan Mohammad

A. That’s a very valid question, and actually indicates a fact. Yes, what you say is true, and that’s the way it is going to remain. Reason being that Bollywood in general is a star driven industry and hence a phenomenon like this is inevitable. This is the reason why a ‘3 Idiots’ is considered as a 200 crore film for Aamir Khan and not as much for Madhavan or Sharman Joshi. In fact ‘Bol Bachchan’ in particular could well have been an Abhishek Bachchan’s 100 crore starrer, more so since he played the title role. However it is Ajay Devgn who pulled the initial audience, even though Abhishek excelled. Till Abhishek or John Abraham start delivering big solo successes, a ‘Bol Bachchan’ or a ‘Housefull 2’ would stay on to be a biggie for the seniors in the cast.

Salman Khan vs Amitabh Bachchan

Salman Khan vs Amitabh Bachchan

Q. How would you compare Salman Khan’s current craze with that of Amitabh Bachchan in the 70s/80s? – Seema

A. Salman is definitely reaching there and it is a win in itself that he has at least reached a stage where a comparison like this is made. However, the kind of craze that Amitabh Bachchan enjoyed stays on to be unparalleled. That was the time when a superstar was available only on the big screen and hence his appearance was an event in itself. Today, Salman is available round the clock, be it on the big screen or elsewhere. This means the ‘craze’ factor is very high in absolute terms but not as phenomenal in relative terms. Till he starts releasing 3-4 films a year on a regular basis and entices audience to step into theatres each time around for next 3-4 years, as was the case with Amitabh Bachchan back then, he would stay on to be the second best.


Q. There was a rumour that surfaced about a possible sequel of ‘Swades’ or a ‘Dhyaanchand’ biopic for SRK? Any developments? – Preet Mohan Singh

As you are saying, these are plain rumours. Proposals or suggestions like these are made in the industry every week and sometimes ‘news’ like this is ‘leaked’ as well to gauge trade, industry and audience interest (in that order) in general. However there is a very little percentage of such projects that actually converge into a film. As of now, none of the two films that you mention are happening and there are no developments whatsoever.


Q. I don’t understand why Sridevi has not won any major awards this year. ‘English Vinglish’ is the best comeback for an actress and Sridevi is respected in a big way by the industry people. Needless to say, her performance in ‘English Vinglish’ was mesmerizing. – Neerav

A. Yes, it is highly disappointing that Sridevi didn’t win a major award. Leaving aside the comeback factor, she was pretty much in the contention even if she would have been acting on a more regular basis. In fact she and Vidya Balan (Kahaani) were the most deserving of the lot and awards should ideally have been divided between the two. However with good deal of commercialisation involved in the awards function and the fact that other actresses in the running would stay on to be popular for years to come as well, organisers are left with no choice but to do a check and balance to think about future events as well where the same set would have to be occupying the stage again. An unavoidable situation where everyone is in a Catch-22 situation.

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  • Sridevi was clear 3rd behind Vidya and Priyanka, whaever her fans make a noise and drama about.

    Many awards like BigStar, Filmfare (50%) take fan votes into conideration too, which means she didnt get lot of audience votes to win it.

    And what about Apsara Guild awards? That one is voted by industry people, she didnt win that one too. Which means entire industry collectively thought Vidya ruled the roost and deserved it more and Kahaani collected 25 crores more at domestic office too, so there goes your answer that Vidyas performance and audience loved Vidya more than Sridevi

  • Sridevi was No 1 diserving candidate
    Vidya + Priyanka= 1% of sridevi’s performance
    Biggest superstar of Hindi cinema
    And greatest actress alive

    People jealous of her
    tats all
    The lady have been ranked no 1 in every poll
    So public loved her performance

    Nd critics saying
    she made today’s heroines look like a joke
    even the coolest ones
    Another critic said
    All awards should be riserved for her

    So popular + critics = most diserving winner

    Awards are fake

  • Salman has unbielievable craze people go to cinemas for see salman but that was not in the case of amitabh.even salman,s average movie is breaking records so salman is bigger star than amitabh i am not saying about acting because amitabh is better actor than salman.but in fan following and craze salman is ahead from amitabh.

  • 1st 200 cr domestic collections predictions for krissh3 and dhoom3 and now 100cr domestic colection within reach for ranbir’s upcoming 2 films. Tuteja sir has totally lost it.

  • Well,sallu has become muc popular,but honestly if i rank all tym superstar,then 1bigb 2srk 3 deelip kumar 4amir 5 sallu 6hrithik 7rajesh khanna 8akki 9anil kapur 10ranbir

  • this is peak of madness comparing salman with bigb
    bigb ruled bollywood for 2decades,salman is just 2or3 years wonder
    when big b was leading,it was one man industry,
    now,salman at his peak cant give a biggest grosser

  • Salman Khan comparison with Amitabh ji , this is the real example for how big superstar Salman Khan is ? As compaired with biggest superstar of a bollywood history , Salman is also on the way of BIG B.

  • english vinglish was highest grossing female orientated film oversea with a record, it collected 3 times it’s release size in india kahani had screen release of 1150, ev had 750 screens if you minus the south version, it had big compition in the form of OMG. also not just BO but sri’s role had something special and something people could identify with and showed that heroines don’t have to just play prostitutes or violent film to succeed, sri did it playing a simiple character that delivered a universal message. also sri won almost every poll, vidya did not win a single poll, gods knows who voted for her in popular filmfare category. what annoyed me is they gave critics best actress award to an actress who was both nominated in supporting actress category and best actress category for critics choice, shows this whole award was rigged

  • Now every one trying to make salman khan of today in to amitabh bachan of 70’s and 80’s era. Later everyone start trying to make rambhir kapoor of today in to sharukh khan of 90’s and 2000’s era. But dont forget Amitabh bachan and sharukh khan cannot be replaced. Theses 2 megastars r pillars of bollywood

  • It’s n’t fair 2 compare Salman wid Amit ji….he is just in his good time,thats it..beside he plays safely,doing masala film n making it hit isn’t a credit indeed..I ‘ll ask Salman 2 make some sensible film n’t cheap n remake

  • Don’t compare Salman wid Amit ji! He made masala cheap film n those r hits! So what his credit is! He is a poor actor

  • Salman of 2008- 2009 can be compared with Abhishek Bachan because he have films such as Marigold & Main Aur Mrs.Khanna while Abhishek have Drona,Game, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se etc.

  • @JAKE bigger joke would have been comparing the Superstar Big B in his heyday to Buddha SRK in a period between 1995-1998 and Jogi bhais eyes would have lit up and he would have given a stellar case for srk no doubt as he is a srkian henchman/ loyalist.
    Srkians can only dream of such comparisons coz whole of India knows which ‘DON’ movie they prefer so the comparison sadly for srkians dies a tragic death right there!!!
    Big B and Salman bhai are respectful of one another so bhai will forever hold Amit ji in an unprecedented position of high esteem unlike srk who considers Amit ji as an inferior at best! Arrogant srk loses many peoples respect because of his total lack of respect for his seniors and tendsetters of yesteryears.
    @star bhai roxXxXx Big B still roxXxXxXx srk sadly cant rock anyone except xzones little world…!

  • Comparing BigB & salman hahahahahahah
    BigB is too good in acting, salman do over acting
    BigB never do same types of films , salman do that things
    BigB never do much remake film , salman is on top Becoz of Remake
    BigB have 100 Crore fans that’s what he want ,salman wants 100 crores film

    only money matters to sallu fans if 100 crores gross than it is all time blockbuster no matter wat the story is , no matter which he did copied , only matters in his films is that MASALA, REMAKE,

  • even amitabh himself says salman khan now comapared to me hey days..still srk fans even amitji dont hav knowledge in films and there r better actors thn amitji…instead of cryin and abusin someone atleast we can respect him watevr work he is doing..if salman is givin blockbuster gud for industry..oh yes srk also played to his strength in every movie even in swades or don romantic angle is there…but salman does make movies to his strength thn it is issue…what is wrong with remake? if gud film in south cant showed to whole nation is it crime? wat abt rom-com which are unofficially lifted from hollywood…

  • Look at the face of salman’s haters they just cannot accept, now they are tlking abt decade n all but jelouse guys salman had got most no. Of highest grossers not even Big B so dont talk abt srk he is way behind now

  • that’s called when an actor is successful than his fans thought he is the biggest star as now salman fans trying to say that Bib b was not big star than Salman, same thing was happened with srk and his fans at the time of release of DON in 2006 when srk was in best phase of his career but the result was that Don was just a average hit while it was a Remake of BIg b successful Don.
    personally i was blaming srk and his fans to think himself no. 1 while srk wasn’t but here salman fans also going to same path and i will not wonder that in future this kind of over confidence not declining Salman’s stardom in coming days…
    In india only 1 star is no. 1 that is BIG b in the age of 70 he is still active and is one of the powerful man of bollywood what you require to prove that he is no.1, in this age he is still giving tough competition to each and every actor whether it be khans,Ajay akshay or younger star like HR,Ranbir etc
    i agree that his movie not collecting much money than recent superstars but how can you compare his stardom to current superstars of bollywood when most of the indicine users weren’t born or not in the age when Amitabh has never seen before and After stardom in 1970-80’s so tell me how can you compare his stardom to Salman or srk or for even Aamir
    so all can argue for Salman,srk,Aamir’s ,Akshay’s andothers stardom but you can’t compare Aitabh to them you can compare big b to his genration stars like Dilip kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna but you can’t compare any actor to Him as he is the Star of the Millenium while Salman was the Star of 2010-2012 and of 1994 nt more than this
    so Salman fans grow up you are also following footstep of srk fans and i m not Anti Salman i m fan of his but not a blind fan like you all who think Salman ahead of Amitabh
    its good that salman in his phase that people started to compare his stardom with Big b but no one in media or trade who r more knowledgeable than us said that Salman surpasses Bib b’s stardom as everyone one knows Amitabh is in the stage when you not compare him to any star remeber
    “jahan BIg B khade ho jate h Line wohi se shuru hoti h”
    & he said in one film called Shehensha that “Rishte me to hum tumhare Baap hote h naam hain Shehenshah”

  • It is sacrilege to take names of legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi alongside names like Salman and Vidya Balan. Amitabh Bachchan was lone RULER, truly undisputed when he reigned. He is an all time phenomenon unlike Salman who is a 2 year phenomenon! Amitabh never had spate of flop phase in his prime the way Salman had! No comparison at all.

    Sridevi is the only Indian actress to have reigned over 3 different industries – Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu! And the only 50+ actress who carried a film on her shoulders and made it a hit! Vidya Balan is a two year fad. Sridevi is an ALL TIME LEGEND – queen of talent, glamour, beauty and winning awards for her acting since she was a child artiste! Sridevi had simplicity and sensitivity in English Vinglish, she was effortless. She has got some awards but deserved more. She doesn’t do PR unlike Vidya who has overactive PR. Awards she may have lost but she won all public polls and was voted most admired actress and India’s Greatest Actress ever recently. She is icon for older actresses and a trailblazer. Vidyas or PCs can only dream of the kind of career Sridevi has made for herself!

  • jealous freaks already hav thr excuses to insult salman…ok even joginder said it is difficult to reach..but salman is salman not wannabe amitji..

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