Salman Khan to remake marathi film ‘Yellow’ in Hindi

Salman Khan, who recently took time out from the shooting schedule of ‘KICK’ to watch Riteish Deshmukh’s Marathi production ‘Yellow’, was so touched by the film that he is now keen on remaking it in Hindi.

“We are speaking to Riteish to make this film in Hindi” Salman told the media, soon after the screening of Yellow.

Salman also said that he is keen on signing the Marathi film’s director Mahesh Limaye.

‘Yellow’ deals with children with special needs and learning differences.

Check out the photos from the special screening of Yellow.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman Khan with Ritesh Deshmukh

Salman Khan with Ritesh Deshmukh





  • @indicine:is that shalmali kholgade? ?i don’t think so. .she is not that fat. .bt here she is looking too fat. .

  • What a tripe. Remaking is a sign of Cowards.
    Salman is afraid of doing originals as they can fail like Marigold etc. so doing remakes.
    Once a film is successful, Salman remakes it for easy success. Such is our bhojpuri bhai. Even papa-fed Hrihtik and short Aamir dependant on remakes like ghajini and agneepath.

  • So after telugu,tamil,malayalam remake bhaijaan is ready to remake a marathi film. .hahaha. .after somedays he will remake odia and asaami movies.

  • Ritesh Deshmukh is my favorite actor.I love him more than all superstars but i think it will be difficult for him to attain a superstar status since he mainly plays second fiddle to others
    Anyway he is happy with what he does and has achieve so far,so i am also happy
    Ritesh is among the best looking actors in the country and he is 2nd only to Akshay in comedy
    Wish you more success and continue producing good films
    Lots of love from your DIE hard fan.Wish to see you and Akshay again.

  • Hahaha… bhaijan will remake some bhojpuri movies also and prove that why people call him bhojpuri bhai.

  • Salman’s films have been sucessful of the joker phenomena. People tend to like the jokers and clowns who act funny and like monkeys.
    Salman has been acting like joker clowns in his films like Ready, Dabangg and did some monkey jumping in ETT. So they became hit. He lacks class.

  • Can there be any other hero in the entire history of Bollywood on/offscreen with such charismatic face,deadly physique,unique style,golden heart,fearless attitude & undisputed stardom.Kudos to the one & only SALMAN KHAN.

  • Now after Jai Ho debacle, Salman has to consult Ritesh for career help. Lol
    His remake funda worked for 5 films, now it wont work. So Salman is in severe panic and consulting Ritesh, Harman baweja and Fardeen khan for Career guidance. Lol

  • Mr Salman,
    As your Jai Ho crashed and your job application for the post of spotboy was received, we are happy to announce you have been selected for the post. You can join from tomorrow. Your pay will be Rs125 per day and Rs199 as bonus. Mr Ritesh Deshmukh especially mentioned you so you have been selected quickly. Hope you do your job well.
    -Bulpul Chandey

  • our salman bhai always support good cause he is giving huge entertainment dose to people in this depressed world and make people happy with his movie neither bore them by crying all the time in their movies.

  • Be ready for one more copy paste….

    This time from marathi industry…..

    it seems like this common man has lost his all creativity by running after only boxoffice figures..

  • @Indicine you didn’t mention what is this movie?! i mean is he tamil or something like that?? because you said that Salman wants to remake,but Ritesh’s production is bollywood,so iam confused guys

  • salman is bhojpuri actor who always look out for copying something but doesn’t want to try something new. He must be watching lots of regional films to copy paste in hindi.

  • Salman the biggest superstar of bollywood…hammy nd over actor fans always try to degrade salman bt we r always with u go ahead salman……

  • Salman the biggest superstar of bollywood…overactor fans always try to degrade salman bt no matter we are always with u go ahead salman…

  • ha ha ha…don’t underestimate bhojpuri stars ever.whoever said against bhai,do you know how hard work he had done in his life?how dare you to say like that?he is the bhai who made 1st bhojpuri remake nadiya ke paar in hindi as hahk and that got atbb status.that took bollywood into another higher level.then in 21st century he made remake of so much south films and got’s the people’s fault that they saw such 3rd class remakes,not our bhai’s fault,he only made it to get profit.he doesn’t know acting still his movies are bbs,some bhojpuri said when sallu bhai tried good films you made those flops,even though bhai did worst acting on that.then bhai did fight remake,in which acting not necessary and bhai put such cheap dialougues like ek baar remake karunga to apne aap ki bhi nahi sununga,soya hoon uth gaya to chir phad dunga,life main kabhi underestimate karnna mujhe 3 baar,ek log remake dekh rahe hain to 3aur ko dekhne kiliye bolo and see how cheapest fans did gaga over it.they are extremely happy when such cheapest films got bb status and some higher class films got hit all of these happened due to some typical classless Indian peoples.they have no brain,even though bhai made remake after remake,couldn’t make fresh script a hit,remained underactor through out the life still how they claim bhai as no.1 one could save these people in this world that’s why bollywood still hardly globalized and salman only known among such buffoon peoples inside our country.however it’s sooraj who saved our statue bhai in family based film in which salman have to remain in statue mode with a smie and other actor have to act surrounding him and have to made it blockbuster,that’s what loser ratan dhan payo would have made.salute to those people who’re fan of this great actor sallu otherwise I couldn’t bear his one film other than multiactor more than 15 minutes,really salutes them.blollywod’s future only depends upon

  • People who are abusing Salman for remaking please answer these questions :

    How many of you have seen Yellow, Shamanna (Remake of Gabbar), Stalin (Jai Ho), Thupakki (Holiday) n many more in theatres & have understood the film ?? How many indian audience watch regional movies even if these movies are good n successful ?? Why did you guys watch Devdas & Don (done by srk) ?? Where was your creativity funda at that time ? Why didnt you praise Salman for doing a movie like ‘Phir Milenge’ or ‘Garv – The pride n honor’ ? when srk was continously doing romantics ??? Bringing good n entertaining movies to all india audience in national language with remaking rights is wrong but stealing various scenes from various movies without any credit is innovation for these people. How many innovative movies are successful barring few?? Atleast Salman is buying remaking rights n openly admits it unlike others who steal or flick scenes to make a cocktail n call aa original !!!!!!!!

  • @loki bro, everybody remaking a film which was successful originally…but your ‘papa-fed’ hrithik had the gut to do a remake which was flop at its time with amitabh bachchan! hr showed everyone how a remake should make. keeping only germ of the film and changing the plot and set-up….its sort of taking inspiration from a film, not copying scene by scene! now that ‘papa-fed’ hrithik again remaking a film which was not a successful venture with tom cruise…. and wait till 2nd october for the answer! so dude, before write anything u should judge your statement. dont write shit out of your ‘freak-out’ mind!

  • north south east or west salman is always best.he is looking great and look at these haters hahahahah…..they are crying so much.

  • “I don’t know who you are, but i will find and remake your film”,-Salman Khan LOL !

    @LOKI, don’t bark here! Hrithik,Akshay,Aamir and Salman are bigger superstars than your bakrapur ka lungiwala lol! yrf has decided to make a film on goats to again lend a helping hand to the degrading career of lungiwala. yrf fed lungiwala. in 2013, during lungi dance, srk danced like a babboon so his lungi fell down and his “chalu underwear” was exposed. so now the film is known as chaddi express!

    LOKI is talking about class, ok salman’s films didn’t show any class. what about mr. bakra ? how much class was there in chaddi express,aur kab tak hai jaan, and con 2 ??

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