Salman Khan to launch KICK trailer with his fans at single screen theatre

The biggest superstar of the masses, Salman Khan is all set to launch the trailer of his much-awaited film ‘KICK’ at a single-screen theatre this Sunday.

While most producers and stars prefer to launch their trailers and songs in front of a media gathering, Salman has invited all his fans to gather near the Gaiety Galaxy single-screen theatre on Sunday.

“Salman has a huge fan following and he considers single screens very lucky for him, so he has decided to release the trailer of the film at Gaiety Galaxy June 15 with his fans” Manoj Desai, executive director, Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir Cinema said.

“We have cancelled the shows from 12 PM to 6 PM for that day as Salman Khan has booked the screen during that time” he added.

The trailer unveiling is unique because Salman fans will get to the see the trailer of Kick before the media and rest of world!

If you’re a Salman Khan fan and live in Mumbai.. come over to the Gaiety Galaxy on June 15th. We’ll be covering the event!

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  • @indicine – why are you not publishing an article on aamir just like an article on SRK and Salman which analyzed their career hits and flops ?

  • Copy from D3…..At first SALLU copies SRKs style to release KICK poster through tweets from fan and now copying AAMIRs strategy of releasing D3 trailer…..Story from south, poster release from SRK and now trailer release from AAMIR……LOLLLL…..SALLU MIA avi vi waqt hey sudhar jao ;-)

  • ‘Sasta wala krrish’ haha.. That is the only words people say after watching salman in kick! Lol

  • Are fans like dinda11, hritik and gaywin invited? Last time he released jai ho trailer in single screen cinema ( I guess chandan cinema) every body knows result.

  • Salman will play a wannabe superhero who taunts the real Loki in Kick. And then Loki starts kicking Lalluman till the climax. audiences will be beyond satisfied seeing 2 hours of constant kicking. In the climax Sallu learns to drive cars properly inspite of drinking. This will be a poignant ending for Kick. Audience will be in tears.

  • Everyone should boycott this film. Salman making remakes after remakes. We should punish him.Its bad for the industry.
    Everyone from Srk, Aamir, Hrithik, Akshay, Ranbir fans. Lets decide not to watch his film. Then it wont do even 1 crore lifetime.
    Lets teach this Salman a lesson.

  • He did the same with jai ho n it collected 108 cr in 3500 screens, 2 weeks free run.. So kick will release in 4000 screens it is pretty sure he won’t break any dhoom 3 or Chennai Express opening record but the weekend can be expected to cross 70 cr… Lifetime will be 150-180 cr

  • Biggest superstar of masses… Hahahahahahahaha Chennai Express collected 100 cr from single screens. Saullu highest is 70 cr(single screens) from ett

  • cant stop laughing at the stupidity of haters.. hahaha.. u idiots its not a superhero flick.. salman plays a robber in the film n in one of the sequences he has worn a mask.. the makers have used the mask just for a teaser poster n the tagline “unmasking the trailer on 15th june”.. have u idiots ever been to school.. lol.. such low intellect level

  • the teaser poster has already shaken up the haters. i am loving it. this is just a teaser poster guys and does not even feature salman and haters are shivering with fear. wait for the the trailer haters will get a kick of their lives and will be thrown out of the universe. rest in peace haters.

  • Kick will be a winner and has a good chance to be the highest grosser of the year….

  • I wish KICK breaks atleast CE’s record…

    Lungiwalas are living airy world nowadays…and,spreading negativity everywhere…

    I can tolerate Salman fans,atleast their comments are funny like of sachin11,bulli and navin uncle…

  • Heard SALMANIACS saying that its a HOLLYWOOD level film….achee din bahut zald hi khatam ho gaye…..:-p

  • Weekend collection will be more than 80 crores for sure. Final collection will depend upon how the movie is as it is being directed by a new director (unlike CE which had Rohit Shetty). Any way finally collection will be 150+ even if the movie is not good. If movie is good then 220 crores.

  • Wow!! This is something very catchy!! Can’t wait for the film!
    @Babaji Ka Thullu, thank you! You can remember that I have never said anything against anyone but our notoriousgoat from goatpur. His 3.7 little 3.7 billions goatfans are really malicious.
    @Anti-Salman nuts, what are you up to saying? Does someone with mask make him a superhero? Had not anyone worn a mask before Rohit Roshan did. Therefore, everyone who wears a mask becomes a super hero. Then, everyone at a masquerade party becomes a super hero. Tomorrow, I will wear a mask and if I don’t become a super hero, then I will KICK your S. Mask is put on to hide one’s identity. Grow up, nuts. Salman is playing a character of a robber. You rather worry for unofficial remake of Ocean’s 11 in the form of happy idiots year.

  • @kingshuk we should not talk about hollywood level coz our king also tried to match hollywood level and made ra one

  • yes, we are waiting, Salman, bring it on…
    i think if trailer is appealing like ETT than weekend will be closed to 90cr, may be cross 100 crore too.
    but i am sure this will be first film of Salman which will enter 200cr club.
    @babaji keep calm dude, you are underestimating srkian there are fellow which we know at the name of Complain boy, he is also making funny comments, hist comments are too hilarious that modification team can’t control their laughter when they reading and modifying his comments, situation become too funny when moderator press the “d” key which stand form short key for delete insted of “s” key which means to submit, as we know in key board the s & d letters are adjacent.
    @krrish yes Salman did the the same thing which he did at Jai ho time, that make Salman different unlike our beloved king who released first look of ce in jan 1st,2013 and movie become historical hit, that makes srk to do the same thing with HNY to lauch first look on jan 01st,2014, the day when its declared by all media that D3 was the All time grosser worldwide.

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