Salman Khan to be charged under Wildlife Protection Act

Salman KhanBollywood star Salman Khan will not face trial in the 1998 blackbuck hunting case in Rajasthan on charges of rioting but under the Wildlife Protection Act, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

An apex court bench headed by Justice P. Sathasivam declined to accept the Rajasthan government’s plea that film star Salman Khan and four others should also be tried for rioting under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

The blackbuck shooting case dates back to 1998 during the shooting of the film “Hum Saath Saath Hain”.

The state government had come to the apex court challenging the Rajasthan High Court order by which it has authorised a lower court to withdraw charges of rioting against Salman Khan and four others.

A complaint was filed against Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabu and Sonali Bendre on charges of being involved in hunting of protected blackbucks.

The actors were accused of poaching two blackbucks in Kankani village near Jodhpur in October 1998.



  • Though I am Salman bhai’s biggest fan, the Indian Law must take its course and punish these criminals and set an example to the public that nobody is above the law…

    It has been a long time and high time that Salman is sentenced to life imprisonment and court should not get fooled by his fake being human efforts.

  • @star lol you are a salman fan. i know who you are, when there is a salman article you are the first one to post hate comment. dont worry loser nothing is going to happen to salman and he going to rule this year too.

  • It’s very interesting that a number of cases are running against salman …but for his fans, srk is most contoversial…..!!! I know that sallu has to face the judicial punishment.and i strongly feel that he should be punished so that other take a lession from it.

  • @ANAND. Dude just want to say that no one is bigger than the law and all are equal before the law & the almighty. Shooting a endangered black buck is one of salman’s biggest mistakes and so he along with the other actors deserve whatever punishment the judiciary gives to them. But one thing is for sure, even if he is life-imprisoned, his millions of loyal fans will never stop loving him and will keep supporting him and that is his biggest strength. The salman of 2013 is a much changed person then the salman of 1998.

  • Salman is accused of blackbuck poaching, hitting people & crushing them under car, being drunk & hit women , still comes in forbes top celebs list !! shahrukh who does public smoking and creates a bad example, does hungama with wankhede stadium staff but still tops forbes celebs list ! this is india ! incredible india, incredible indians & incredible taste of theirs !

  • @NVS so arnt they blind fan? sumthng which u claim us( srk’s fans) 2 b…
    @adil did u notice that this guy is 1st to coment on srk’s page. bt here he took this long.

  • Every person has a bad side to him, but the man who changes these bad things into good things with time becomes a good human . Now Blessings of thousands of poor people of india with Salman Khan changes their life by his charity . Then here , No need of haters. Salman is real superstar.

  • @sumeet Firstly YES We are proud of our heroes because they enrich our lives with their movies. Whether pro Salman, pro SRK or pro Akshay, we love them despite of their flaws because we know as human beings we all have flaws but luckily for us we dont have 100 cameramen watching our every single move. We can live freely but our celebrities are always scrutinised and harrassed over any single detail. Everything they say is analysed and over analysed so we can forgive them if they blow of the occasional steam.
    Please do not make assumptions on hear and say/ gossips. Salman drinks, so do I and many millions of others too. We get drunk, it happens. People smoke, so what. We live in a free country no? It helps people relax and chill out so let them live and be content.
    You should concentrate on living your own life and worry less about what other people do and whom they hold in high esteem. Indians have and always will hold certain individuals in higher esteem than others, accept that and let them be.

  • This is stupid who cares if a god damn deer died the govt of india doesnt care if a peraon dies or is dying in poverty and all of a sudden start caring for animals stupid pathetic country corrupt as hell !

  • @Indicine : you allow all the unwanted comments from Salman haters however blocks/delete comments from fans. Why is this partiality? That too unfair.

  • @Anand let me tell you something, if you are so worried about salman’s image and his wrong doing that influence india, first answer this what you have done for india and poor people i guess nothing. salman has helped so many people for their operations for cancer and many other big surgries, now you will say he is doing for publicity, thats your level of thinking but even if for publicity nobody will launch a big NGO to help people. for blackbuck case there are three or four actor involved but nobody speak about them, they only blame salman. because all of them are insecure salman fan want take frustrations out. as for car run over case, salman wasnt driving but even if he was than i want to say that there are homes less people in new york too, where i live, but they are not dumb enough to sleep on road becasue they its for driving not for sleeping they either sleep of subway trains station sitting benches out door cafe benches. this dumb thing only happens in our country that people sleep on roads. one more thing srk fans would never speak about srk cricket stadium stuff and srk hitting shirish from behind, but they want to tell the how evil and bad salman is. dude non of salman fan are blind is just that you are more insecure srk fan who cant swallow that that salman is more popular than srk when you know point to throw at salman fans than this is last thing that you would say.

  • To all u non-veg eaters are’nt u r killers? U too kill animals everyday. Just becoz black buck is an endangered species its killing is wrong n killing for having non veg food is right! In that case every non veg eaters n butchers should be punished.. Just becoz its salman khan people r after him.. I never seen an animal killing get so much publicised.. N as it the final verdict hasnot been declared.. Till then he is innocent.. N m sure he has been framed wrongly

  • @navin, so you are proud of ur hero that he crushed people under his car after getting drunk and he hunted down poor blackbucks ?? is this a thing to be proud about?? u like them as heroes okk bt if someone has done terrible things , then he should be punished fr it ! it may be president of india, it may b a beggar, it may a normal man or it may a huge superstar, law is equal fr all !

  • What will happen to TIger Khan if he is punished under Wildlife Protection Act by either High Court or Supreme COurt ??? I fear about his career…

  • Look at these salman hater’s coming out of their holes… Law should be equal for everyone and law says innocent until proven guilty .. and these srk fans call themselves educated.. Did he really shot those animals .. Don’t know .. No witness, no proof yet and still the case is going on in the court since last how many years… Salman is actually a victim here for the nonequal law in India. If there would have been an unfamiliar guy in place of salman then the case would have been settled a long time ago or may be there would have been no case at all. No proof, no genuin witness then clise tge f**king case. Hit and run case.. No real witness and proof yet that he was on the driving seat, he has denied it so many times… There was loss of life and I truly pray for them and their families but how many hit and run cases are running since last 10 or more years.. Again salman might be and I repeat again might be victim of unequal law here cuz remember law says innocent until proven guilty.

  • Sumeet.. U already declared the verdict… We don’t know yet either he crushed anybody or not but we are proud of him as we know that how many lives he has saved through his Being Human.. When u guys post comments like above we do feel Salman is actually the victim here .. Remember innocent until proven guilty…

  • @nicepost Well said bro. SRKians are apparently the judge, jury and executioner in all Salmans case. These are the same educated urban class high society fans who think SRK was right to slap another humanbeing (kunder is an idiot but didnt deserve a slap unless its from Farah for him ruining her film career) or questioning the authority of a security official at Wankhede stadium. Reports say that he mishandled the guard but SRKians say this was self defence so hes innocent. Normal beings would never backtalk to a security official let alone mishandle them but SRK is a King so its acceptable behaviour I guess. Such hypocrisy from the most two faced hypocirtical fans ever is no surprise really.
    @sumeet Yes Im proud of Salman, hes a real hero who has repented and mended his ways unlike SRK whose ego gets bigger and bigger with every crap movie he does. He shows no remorse for years of proclaiming himself King when now even Salman wont call himself King. Salman is the people champion.

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