Salman Khan releases teaser of Nagarjuna’s son’s film

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan unveiled the teaser of Akkineni Nagarjuna’s son Akhil’s debut film ‘Akhil’ on Saturday.

“When Salman visited Chiranjeevi’s 60th birthday bash last week, he was requested to release the teaser by Nagarjuna, and he instantly agreed for the sake of their friendship” a source¬†close to the film said.

Akhil Teaser Launch

Akhil Teaser Launch

Directed by V.V. Vinayak, the film marks the debut of Akhil, who is paired with debutante Sayyeshaa.

Akhil had earlier tweeted “The one and only BHAI and the birthday boy my father are releasing my teaser tomorrow at 630 pm. Thank you so my Bhai”

After releasing the teaser, Salman said “Happy bday @iamnagarjuna #AAA & best of luck for future @akhilakkineni8 & Sayyeshaa #thelegacyliveson Watch the promo”



  • @Hrithik @Marshall I guess you guys are slightly misinformed.Srk movies are remade in other languages it’s not the other way around.If Salman was so confident about his stardom and a secure star he wouldn’t have remade so many movies in the 1st place.Please accept it was South movies which revived Bhai’s dooming career

  • @iaAKN what a dumb ass comments you keep making, take your head out of your rear and read the article properly and you keep referring to Salman as a criminals and almost all your family are born criminals because they taught you that hatred is better than love and forgiveness but then I excuse you because you know not better.

  • Human do mistakes and by doing good things to others they bcom peoples man.
    I have just doubt on them who say they are king & claim doing no mistake.
    Salman’s life is very cotravesial.we even admire the transtn of ashoka to dharmashok bt why we can’t accept the transitn of salman.
    Are sk haters love the non existing ex-salman.chill man just give a chance to salman being a human.

  • @Challa : Yes we will but on the day you agree that Srk whol career is due Yrf, Kjo, Kajol and now due to Rohit Shetty !!!!!! Will you agree ? If not Dabangg was not a south Remake – It changed Salman’s fortune and ETT was not a remake too, it remained his highest grosser till Kick and YRF’s first 150+crs n highest grosser until D3 !!!!! What excuse you have now ???

  • Srk fans- the well wisthers of salman
    1-they said too much flop
    reslt-now bb/atbb synonyms with salman.
    2-too much remaking
    reslt-bb onwards no remaking
    3-they said criminal(dont know which basis) our govt. Has not found any fault.
    Reslt-beinghuman non profitable charity trust.
    4-they said fat and bulky
    reslt-wrestler in sultan
    there are many more reason to thank srk fans
    #thank u srk fans

  • @Challa, oh really? Please check the release dates first. Or maybe the producers got a time machine and went to the future to check out SRK’s films and made them before he did ?
    ps…Dabangg, ETT, BB, Dabangg 2 were not remakes but still grossed a LOT more than SRK’s highest grossers of the time.And if SRK has faith in his stardom, he wouldn’t have spent months in promoting his movies even after having top producers, top directors, top actresses, festival releases..

  • Breaking News SRK is the only actor who has to take a whole year to promote his films and still don’t have high grosser, whereas others do a month, a couple of months and to date has back to back grossers. Shows how insecure SRK is for it takes him that long to manipulate so as to make sure those he is manipulating keeps their words. Sorry old man your stardom has gone down the drain you can only do so much wrong until one day people realize they prefer being human above all else.

  • Untalented kids who’re now launching by biggest untalented papa’s made kid sallu khan.really south industry did many helps to salman from wanted period,now salman has to do something for these poor industries.

    @the invasive,ROFL.

    THE SRKIANS:salman has more flops.
    reality:salman has 34flops+3 disasters,only 20-21 clean hits.

    THE SRKIANS:too much remaking and only masala genre star.
    reality:salman has not a single hit besides masala genre.

    THE SRKIANS:he is biggest criminal and using money to get rid off case.
    reality: Court already sentenced him 5 yearimprisonment,high court paid fully now changing only the dates of his cases,ROFL.but he can’t escape so easily from that case and being human can’t give that much charity that much giving by KING KHAN.being human is the costliest online clothing store compared to other brands,ROFL get your facts right kid.

    THE SRKIANS:said fat and bulky
    reality:what’s wrong?jai ho used to Photoshop for bhai’ slook who knows what sultan will use,steroids/photishop(not even vfx),ROFL.

    One more fact you forgot
    THE SRKIANS:salman is non actor and doesn’t know acting.
    Result:still can’t act and will remain like that rill end of his career,ROFL.

    You have to be always always thankful to show your star’s real face in Mirror,ROFL.

    @hrithik,you fool PAHELI is a remake?????nice way to make yourself BIGGEST fool.billy is a remake no doubt but priyadarshan requested to give side appearance to KING KHAN,show me a single south Indian film which remaked by KING KHAN you oxymoron.not only south remake but also masala genre too helpful to your bhai to get success and till now he hasn’t a single success with out masala genre/south remake,lol.and with out YRF/DP
    ,KING KHAN has 15 HITS but with out south remake+masala genre,multiactors,rajshri genre salman didn’t has seven 1 hits,lol.that’s the difference between THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD and remake khan,lol.and before salman with out help of YRF/DP,KING KHAN gave 1st 200cr film of this decade ,now what excuse you’ll give,lol.and KING KHAN has given HIGHEST ATBB+BLOCKBUSTERS to YRF+DP compare fro salman+amir,now what excuse you’ll give?????

    @sarifu patel,I think you have drunken too much or admitted in coma due to THE SUPER CONSISTENCY you have seen in your whole life.if that much not enough for you decade struggler papa’s kid’s fan,then no shameful thing exists in this whole world that can make you shameful you illiterate 2rs low class film watchers,ROFL.

    @marshall,about south remake+masala genre read for what I wrote to about promotion,only RA ONE,HNY among all KING KHAN films promoted heavily only because these Ra One has biggest disaster director of Bollywood Anubhav sinha and HNY has tmk fame director Farah Khan.and look instead of being KING KHAN’S worst movies,those are HITS/SUPER HITS.but what about poor spith remake stardom less khan aka salamn who can’t give a hit to his own brother sohail in a Republic holiday despite of huge promotion on big boss and social networking sites/in public?????, ROFL.KING KHAN is A BRAND,if HE associate with commercial directors like Rohit,Raju,Kabir and will get a one free run holiday,then salman+amir will retire from Bollywood at that besides that you give thanks to KING OF BOLLYWOOD for letting your star to work with good commercial director, your star’s film only earn huge.but WHEN KING COMES,BO got shattered being THE BIGGEST CROWD PULLING MEGASTAR and if get free run with good commercial director then FILM CREATES HISTORY like CE even with facing 3 big films.that’s called STARDOM,that’s WHO IS THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD for you WHO SUPER CONSISTENTLY RULED BOLLYWOOD.

  • @sss : Chal beta burnol ley ley rey ………. ey eye ye !!!!!!!!!

    Coming to topic, Even Swades was a remake. In your words it may be inspired but Srk is known to steal the scripts, ideas, scenes and make a cocktail of it and present to his foolish fans who call it as CLASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whereas Salman openly admit and buys the copyrights unlike ch0r king !!!!!!!!

    Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger and Bhajrangi Bhaijaan are all biggest Blockbusters of not only Salman’s career but also Bollywood industry. They are not remakes then how are they successful? Now you will say, Action or masala, then what was CE ?? Even your king needed Masala genre to break into 200 crs !!!!!! Hehehehe !!!!!!! :-p

  • @hrithik,you’ll not understand.SWADES never inspired by any south fact later it remakes in Tamil called dream ,you many lies and mistakes you’ll do to hide your atr’s faults,sins,don’t you feel any shame while telling this much big lies?????,rofl.

    And last thing about Masala genre,yeah I’M now clearing KING KHAN too needed one masala genre to get HIS least I’m not a hypocrite like you who’ll disagree. But in fact that KING KJAN can give success in any genre which salman can’t,tell him to do a zero fight/complete romance film,I bet it’ll be disaster,got it?????even south remake too can be a big disaster like jai ho/akki’s dilm if it’ll not properly directed or can offer huge entertainment in a proper direction.the only difference is that if KING KHAN will do masala films it’ll be record breaking film and will be industry’s biggest film while salman will do it then it can’t break/make any record.all bb,ett,dabang are not industry’s biggest hit,ROFL.that’s difference,got it?????

  • @sss : Yes !!! South remakes like Billu are always disaster. Stalin (Jai Ho) in Telugu was flop but in Hindi it is a Semi Hit. Despite having a director like Suhail, B grade production value, unknown heroine, poor screenplay, average music and zero holiday (Republic day was on sunday, if you have some sense you will not bark as a holiday release) it still did more than 100 crs due to sheer Salman’s stardom. It would have not crossed even 90 crs if any other actor (including your king) would have done such a movie !!!!!!! Also Salman does not have a habit of calling a 125 crs movie as a Hit when budget itself is more than 130 crs !!!!!!!!!!!! Your so called Fake Decade Ruler has a zero HGOTD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • @hrithik,time to go school.because you have no knowledge.when KING KHAN did south remake in a lead role?????then what irfan khan did in billu?????unlike jai ho in which sallu is the leading star and in billu KING KHAN has cameo appearances and only have songs,then from which angle it’s a KING KHAN film?????if KING KHAN would have in the place of irfan in billu IT would have been at least a super hit,got that?????if KING KHAN is such a way badly needed south remake lime salman/amir,then why HE rejected ghajini/robot like big movies you brainless bhojpuris?????HE gave special appearances in BILLU for HIS intimate friend priyadarshan’s request for which reason HE did films like RA ONE,HNY you fools.

    Then comes to your bhai’s success ,Stalin is a success in south,go and check then blabber.BTW your south remake star also has flops in south remake too like there naam,so don’t blabber much.KING KHAN frankly said HE will never do a leading starrer south remake and it’s HIS PROMISE,got that school drop outs?????

    Now why you’re giving excuses for jai ho?????as salman’s presence is enough to make a film blockbuster,then why it struggled to get a hit verdict?????also jai ho is a masala genre+south remake .and we’re not responsible where republic day fall on Sunday or any day.where’s inflation?????because Hrithik’s Agneepath in 2011 in less than half screen of of jai ho(4700) crosses 120cr mark?????,ROFL.

    RA ONE is a clean hit.IT earned 125cr with Budget 100cr(130cr in your dream).while jai ho flopped by earning 108cr whose right budget was 110cr.clearly RA ONE which is 2011 FILM with 2300 screen able to recover it’s budget,while so called blockbuster bhojpuris star failed to recover budget on republic day,what a shame!!!!!

    really KING KHAN didn’t gave a HGOTY?????rather KING KHAN gave 5 HGOTY of HIS OWN.unlike sallu depended on some mtistarrers films like saajan,hsssh and no entry(not a salman film at all) has same hgoty even after doing south remakes ,who during 2007 no where remained close to KING KHAN in HGOTYS, it’s cleared KING KHAN only struggling for 6-7 years too get HGOTY.while our bhojpiri star struggled exactly 15 year from 1994-2010 to get his 2nd hgoty in lead ,lol.


  • @sss : For you MAMK is Salman’s movie and Billu is Irfan’s movie. Salman has less role in MAMK than Srk’s role in Billu. This shows who needs to go to school, samjha IIN Enginner ?? or ullu ya lallu !!!!!!! Babaji ka thullu !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-p

  • @hrithik,yeah I had been listening dhobi ghat and mamak are not amir and salman movies respectively in lead!!!!!though I didn’t have watched yet so may I can believe on you.but you opportunist creditchors tried to take credit from movies like K2H2,no entry,baghban’s success because of your bhai.but you can’t able to digest in the similar way of your bhai’ s presence in films like mamk,saawariya,saawan,salaam e ishq and many such more what about these movies?????now look the hypocrisy at peak you’re showing poor fellow!!!!!but you simply can’t accept Billu as a irfan film rather than KING KHAN.and WE SRKIANS never tried to take credit from side apperance/cameo appearance like you double faced morons.such illiterate dumb fellow you’re no school/institute in this world existed that can give you proper education to you born illiterates not even your favourite IIN you poor fellow,ROFL.

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