Salman Khan on Google+

Salman KhanAfter ruling Facebook and Twitter, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has now joined the third most popular social networking website Google+ Hangout.

Salman posted his first message and invited his biggest fan to manage his official Google+ page

“Hello everybody! Swagat nahi karoge humara? Chalo main hi kar deta hoon. Welcome to my official profile on Google+. It’s my first day here and I’m sure bahut maza aane vala hai. Main dhoond raha hoon sabse bada #SalmanFan jo ke manage karenge mera official fan club. Share your photos, videos and anything else that proves that you’re the biggest #SalmanFan. Become my manager and perhaps we can Hangout soon. #SalmanGPlus”

You can follow Salman Khan on Google+, simply follow this link



  • Means sallu is all set to spoil “google-plus” too….i m requesting u sallu …plz don’t spread ur “crap”giri everywhere…u have vanished fb nd twitter already….now it’s turn of google…best of luck…”team google”..

  • this shows how hungry he is to see his fan praising him…..also no one want to welcome u except 100-200 fan of urs hahaha…to khud hi karte raha kar apna swagat…..
    kya koi pooch ni raha iss lallu ko tabhi khud hi bol ra ki sabse bada fan dhoondo….

  • Very difficult task to choose biggest fan of salman bcoz the number of hairs srk has on his head even more than that salman has his fans

  • Salman khan searching biggest fan sitting on galaxy apartment is like searching the best star from the galaxy bcoz salman fans r infinite like the stars and r uncountable.

  • @xzone and lallu ki auvlad…watever haters say his fan followin goin higher and higher…keep on gettin jealous losers…

  • Great to see bhai jaan on google+ and a real slap has been delivered to srkians who know deep down that the armies of srkians overseas are no match for bhai in India nor any social media platform.
    @xzone my brother get back on your pc and go out there in cyberspace and create another 300 million accounts for our King SRK so King can proclaim himself the King and ruler over a kingdom comprising 4 billion subjects. Go xzone you must multiply like a calculator and dont come back until we reach the mark of 4 billion followers of King SRK.
    @star praise be to king srk and bhai jaan roxXx google+ too now!!!

  • Salman joining google+ after ruling facebook and twitter now “zindagi mein 3 cheeze kabhi underestimate nahi karna aur follow karna”
    “salman ka facebook account”
    “salman ka twitter account” and
    “salman ke google+” account.

  • @ xzone, @r20, @lallu khan @ Damnnn….! : Salman is baap of ur baap (srk) when comes to social networking, Box-office and fans …. :P

  • Bhai, do you even know how to use google+?? You have not replied to a single person on twitter because you dont know how to reply :) … And even when you tweet all you tweet is “Hi”, “Hello”.. haha as if talking to self.. We know all this is your PR machinery bhai.. else how would a person who is so introvert opens accounts everywhere… BTW, To find your biggest fan, you need to go to autostands in bandstand bhai :))

    Ghanta bhai rocks :))))

  • I guess this is a real smart way to connect with people, and there will be clear fun for fans as it will be managed by fans and not some paid PR.

  • why indicine is always so biased ?? akshay kumar became the only actor to gross 2000 crores but they didn’t post about it but everyday they keep posting about salman or shahrukh……..!!! why this much partiality ????

  • @r20, 2000 crore article is paid article by akshay PR wat abt the person who did 1000 crores? chutiya chakki fans show these articles to beggrs thy will believe and disgusting thing even akshay is answers to those tweets..

  • @star : yes he will go to all possible stands to adopt srk kids coz they r also salman fan.

    @ IMAM : jealousy at peak. Save some until salman’s next release, u will need it very badly then.

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