Salman Khan new strategy for Hero: Promises 100 autographed tickets

Coming out with a unique way to promote his production venture ‘Hero’, which released on Friday, superstar Salman Khan gave a shout out to his fans to send in their tickets after watching ‘Hero’, which he will sign personally.

The ‘Dabangg’ actor took to Twitter to share that he will be signing hundred movie tickets.

“Watch ‘Hero’. Send me your ticket. I will sign 100 tickets. One of them could be yours. Send your ticket(s) to P.O. Box 9808 Bandra (w) post office, Mumbai 4000050. And mention your name, address and twitter handle,” Salman tweeted on Friday.

Directed by Nikhil Advani, ‘Hero’ is a remake of Subhash Ghai- directed 1983 film of the same name. The film introduces two new talents to Hindi filmdom– Suniel Shetty’s daughter Athiya and Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj.

Salman also noted that it is his way to take his admirers back to the past and turn to the ‘original way’.

“This is the original way to mail. This is how it was before e-mail and messaging and all.. and if you don’t know where the post office is, toh ask your mom” Salman said.



  • @babaji ka thullu
    We are ready to even get lathicharged for Salman.
    While flopstar Akki fans are not even ready to watch their stars movies, and made him a flopstar.
    Thats the difference between most loved Megastar Salman and most hated flopstar Akki.

  • @Thullu, oh these are your ASSAULTs? Sorry, too weak!!! Lol!
    Sorry old man kSHITij, you are mistaken. We are still very young men unlike you. It was you who slept by post office because you didn’t have any energy to walk after badly getting hit by Bhojpuri Chakki brothers.
    You must admit that we, Tiger, Navin, Hrithik and Me helped u reach home at that night. You farting old man!!

  • @sweet heart : You are no one to judge who is talented n who is not ? I am sure if Srk had produced this movie Suraj & Athiya would have been talented for you. Another lame comment by a Srkian, Salman or SKF produced 4 movies not 3. Chillar Party was the first production which even won Best movie for Children at National award !!!!! Where were at that time ? Where was your selfish comments ? Why he didn’t come up with such promotions for BB ? He personally doesn’t need such promotions or SLAM WHAM tours still crawl to reach 200 crs with festive release. He solely did it for Suraj & Athiya n only time will say whether they are talentless or garbage. At least he is doing whatever he could to get them a good start !!!!!!!! Why would he will promote Ayushman n all other new comers ?? Again you will give him some name for that as well n will call it publicity stunt. FYI … He promoted even Nikhil Dwivedi’s Tamanchey what was his gain in it ? Srk promoting Jackpot for sachin or may be for Sunny Leone (LOL) so has Salman for Nikhil n Pulkit !!!!!!! But when comes to their movies Srk did for CE with buy 2 n get 1 ticket (many users are in wrong assumption) in week 2 despite CE taking big opening in first weekend. If this is not love for money or what ???? Please come up with something which can justify your comment don’t blabber just for sake of arguments or debates !!!!!!!!

  • Someone please tell this @sss moron I don’t want to speak with people without self respect !!!!!!!! Fulfill your own promise or perish !!!!!!!!

  • Finally All lungiwaale are accepting that buy one get one free ticket was cheapest strategy done by srk .
    Keep one thing in mind that giving autograph is still a way better and decent way to promote a film and here salman is helping the newbie and he had always helped new star in getting their carrier started ex. are hrithik , ranbir even srk indirectly ,he is always their to help all and support them accordingly . So keep ur lungi down ,and keep using burnol as u r born to burn always .
    And by giving autographs to fans ,is showing that he is grateful to his fans that have watched his own produced film .

  • @hrithik,ha ha ha ha chillar party won national award in which salman has no contribution.while RA ONE won national award for best technical film of 2011 being KING KHAN as an actor,see the difference.

    Why don’t you accept only criminal can launch another criminal.see VARUN and ALIA launched by KING KHAN later by KJO SIR.while salman launched suraj.again see the difference.

    But promoting sunny Leone is better than promoting/launching suraj as sunny is not at least a criminal,lol.sunny should not be ashamed by peoples like you when another such 50 year old virgin in the industry existed like our bhabijaan after played with shera bhaijaan,ROFL.

    Anyways frustrated loser dhokhebaaz should give always give excuses that’s what suits more to yiu instead of giving ba logicless reply,ROFL.

    @bk fan,didn’t you got any bhojpuri criminal’s signature from our bhabijaan that’s why you’re putting false allegations on THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD MEGALEGEN SRK?????,ROFL.

  • @Phenom : Day by day your logic sucks !!!!
    Using your own logic I can also question how many youngsters are launched by Srk ??? Salman is known as a GODFATHER for new comers in Bollywood n what is Srk called as ? May be some inspiration for some strugglers like Varun Sharma.

    Arjun Kapoor



    Pulkit Samrat

    Zarine Khan

    Daisy Shah

    Sneha Ullal

    Himesh Reshammiya

    Sajid Wajid

    Now Suraj & Athiya !!!!!

    For Kat, he resurrected her career else she was Boom girl !!!!!

    Now don’t argue about their success n failures. Salman job is to help them not to own their destinies. Some worked n some failed n some don’t even get the opportunities, at least Salman is giving them some opportunity !!!!!

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