Salman Khan makes me nervous: Karan Johar

Karan Johar with Salman KhanRiding high on the success of Student Of The Year, Karan Johar says Salman Khan makes him nervous, but he doesn’t know why!

Johar made the revelation during a chat with an Oye 104.8 FM radio host.

When the host asked the filmmaker who is the one actor in front of whom he cannot gather courage to open his mouth, Johar said: “Salman Khan! When he came on my show ‘Lift Kara De’, I was sitting in my black suit. He was very animated, it was a very serious show. Salman said, ‘I am not going to sit here, I want to sit on the floor and you will also have to sit on the floor?.

“I am very scared of Salman for some reason, I don?t know why, though he has been very wonderful to me, he is close to my family from a very long time, but I get nervous in front of him.”

Johar worked with Salman in his 1998 directorial debut “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. The movie also featured Shah Rukh Khan.



  • everyone shuts up when salman starts speaking , anyway I hope there’s a day wen karan johar makes film with salman and I hope it’s action , it would be something new for karan

  • Salman roks,forgot that karan would make movie with karan,karan only cast actors in his film nt only hero moving his belt up n down

  • Salman roks: (October 29, 2012 at 10:18 pm)
    everyone shuts up when salman starts speaking U KNOW WHY BECOZ HE ALWYS SPEAK NONSENSEEE.

  • @Jitendra nigam : May be u dont like masala movies but u cannot talk on behalf of entire country when they like and watch such movies.

    I dont know whats SRK fans’ problem.

    Salman was know across world as 7th handsome man in world … SRK fans were singing about his hits in India saying ‘we live in India and should consider only India’s records’.

    Now Salman is no. 1 in India, they talk about overseas saying ‘SRK is hit across world’.

    One more :

    ‘Ek that Tiger’ trailer broke fastest views (including Ra.One and Don2) on YouTube they declared ETT as flop.

    Now ETT is ATBB and they are singing about youtube records…

    SRK FANS : First, be sure what records u expect from your hero to break

    Second : Do not keep changing as SRK’s popularity as it has been roller coaster for him in last 3 years.

    Last : I challenge your SRK to do the mindless movies which Salman has done and break those records..

    Peace !!!!!!!!!

  • Blockbaster i also challange ur salman to make gud films wid story n create such records like he had creted after doing remakes n mindless film,bastard at least u shud be shame that ur appreciating that film n finally one more thing i didn’t take salman name like u used srk’s name,if u hate srk then y r u barking here,just put ur record wid u