Salman Khan in Poland: Photos

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was spotted at the Chopin Airport in Poland this week. The actor was spotted in a french beard, along with his ‘KICK’ co-star Randeep Hooda, who also plays an important role in the Sajid Nadiadwala film.

Salman was seen wearing his trademark ‘Being Human’ t-shirt, with a casual jacket, denim and a cap.

A sizeable crowd, mostly Indians and Pakistanis, gathered outside the airport to catch a glimpse of the actor.

KICK is expected to release in theatres on July 25th 2014.

Salman Khan arrived at Chopin airport

Salman Khan arrived at Chopin airport

Salman Khan in Poland

Salman Khan in Poland

Salman Khan talks with Poland media

Salman Khan talks with Poland media

Salman Khan at Poland airport

Salman Khan at Poland airport

Randeep Hooda at Chopin airport

Randeep Hooda at Chopin airport



  • I think randeep hooda will play the role of inspector. .the beard looks of salman is for the second character where he will play the role of a thief.

  • To be frank,kick was a brainless movie and manipulative. .it will unnecessarily make you emotional. .it had nothing. .full of PJs

  • Bhai looks amazing in his rugged look- seems to me he is paying his respexXx to the original Thakur….! ;-)

    Ok before we get some crazy lungi fans coming here spouting nonsense like saying bhai is impersonating the Thakur of Chennai look…. to them I’d say the Thakur of Chennai look was plagiarised on the Thakur of Sholay avatar in the first place so if anything Bhai is infact paying a special homage to our beloved Thakur Sanjeev Kumar…!

  • Bhai jaan looks brilliant…!

    Randeep looks ‘lean mean’ as he normally does so be interesting to see what role he has in movie.

    KICK to Kick all records outta record books this yr until PK releases.

  • @Babaji ka thullu yes u r right Srk is most popular among the people who don’t know English

  • @babaji ki lungi Right coz it was just brrrrilliant to see Srk getting all that intention at Newark Airport in 2009 when the terror alert was raised….!

  • @nipin So if KICK remake rights were bought by Akki just like Boss n Holiday then they would be ‘smart well written scripts with hollywood style action….”

    Hypocrisy at its best!!!


    On the 11th of April, the shooting of the first in Warsaw’s history Indian mega-production titled “Kick” begins. Numerous superstars of the Indian cinematography participate in the project, including the idol of hundreds of millions – Salman Khan. The Polish part of the film is produced by Film Polska Productions. Film Commission Poland supports the project.

    The shooting planned for Poland includes the most difficult scenes taken during the whole project. The audience, especially those expecting a Bollywood-style film, will be pleasantly surprised by the parts produced in Warsaw: tense moments, spectacular action scenes and pursuits in American style will keep you on the edge of your seats. The film is directed by one of the most significant representatives of the Indian film industry – Sajid Nadiadwala. Indian superstars and the “Kick” crew will arrive to Warsaw few days before the first take.

    Kept in the convention of a thriller, “Kick” is a story of three heroes whose paths cross in a European capital – Warsaw. By the side of Salman Khan, other great stars of the Indian cinema will appear: Randeep Hooda, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The main and at the same time the most spectacular scenes will be shot in the hearth of the capital and around it. You will be able to meet the Indian and Polish filmmakers, among others, by the Palace of Culture and Science, at the Gda?ski Bridge, in the Marsza?kowska and Pi?kna Streets as well as at the Constitution Square, and on the outskirts of Warsaw.

    ‘Initially, the authors had considered setting the main action of the film in London. However, Warsaw won in the end as a city bringing more freshness, giving more inspiration and more space for artistic creativity. We are proud to be a part of this mega-production. Until now, this has been the biggest project on which we have collaborated with our Indian partners, though we worked on several dozen productions. We believe that this film will prove how attractive Poland can be for the international film industry,’ said Krzysztof So?ek, President of Film Polska Productions, which is responsible for the Polish part of the project.

    “The “Kick” project is a perfect example of the kind of foreign productions which we would like to welcome in our country – said Tomasz D?browski, Head of Film Commission Poland. – Searching for attractive locations and reliable partners in Europe, the producers from India were won over by the owners of Film Polska, a company which have been building its position at the Indian film market for several years, and chose Warsaw as their film location. A production of a foreign film of high budget in the capital will boost national film industry and local economy. Last but not least, we have to consider the image aspect – in “Kick”, Warsaw is “playing” itself, so after the premiere we hope to see a growing interest in Poland as a tourist destination among the numerous and scattered around the whole globe Indian diaspora.”

    The Film Polska Production company is an undeniable leader in the Polish and Indian collaboration in the film and television industry. It co-produced around forty advertisements and two feature films for the Indian market. In their portfolio, they have many projects produced with the greatest players of the world market, among others National Geographic, History Channel, BBC (Great Britain), ARD, ZDF (Germany), SyFy (Canada), and Channel 9 (Australia). They are the Polish producer of the Indian mega-production Kick.

    The project is supported by: the Capital City of Warsaw, Polish Tourism Organization, Warsaw Tourism Organization, and Film Commission Poland.

  • Poland? Hope he doesnt eat paan and spit here and there as he is making Bhojpuri and rickshawalla movies. He will spoil Indian peoples image in Poland Lol

  • Kick will be most daredevil stunts movie so far and will brought earthquake at worldwide box office, mark it.

  • i recall a dialogue of andaz apna apna, bandar ki topi pe tarbuj… this dialogue was perfectly meant for our beloved bhai jan sallu…………

  • last year big grossers dhoom-3,krissh-3,c.e and yjhd..all brain dead films but c.e enjoyed by families and yjhd enjoyed by young generation..D-3,K-3 are outright craps..coming to kick being salman khan will be liked by masses and family audience for sure!!

  • @amsrk CE enjoyed by family and kids….! You mad son- if anything it was Krrish 3 that was enjoyed by family and kids…. CE was enjoyed by mindless brain dead lungi folk of Chennai and Paglapur only…!

  • @loki worry less about Bhai jaan and polak people and worry more about Srk the next time he is on a visit to USA…! When he goes there again then no doubt he will once again play the race card when hes stopped by security n proclaim how hes being racially picked on by the authorities bcoz he is the Teesra Khan, lesser known to Americans than the Big 2 Khans- Aamir and Salman….! Media will be waiting there for him miraculously in record time to capture his shenanigans on camera all over again…!

  • It has all the things to become an ATBB. It’s Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!! We are just worried how we can some bleating-giri coming after that!

  • @Loki : Atleast Salman will not be stopped n investigated at foreign Airports n he does not make hue & cry of it !!!!!!!!

  • Salman & Kick rock !!!!!!! Haters come up with some new lines as Salman craze in Poland must have zipped their mouths !!!!!!!

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