Salman Khan in Delhi for Narendra Modi’s swearing-in Ceremony: Photos

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan attended the swearing-in ceremony of India’s 15th Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on Monday evening.

Salman arrived with his father Salim Khan and his brother Sohail Khan – all of whom have been open supporters of ex Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

While Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth didn’t make it to the event, Lata Mangeshwar wrote a letter to Modi which was posted on his official Twitter handle.

Salman Khan at Hotel Taj Maan Singh

Salman Khan at Hotel Taj Maan Singh

Salman Khan arrives in Delhi to attend Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony

Salman Khan arrives in Delhi to attend Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony

Salman Khan arrives in Delhi to attend Narendra Modi’s oath ceremony

Salman Khan arrives in Delhi to attend Narendra Modi’s oath ceremony



  • Amazing ceremony.. Now waiting for Salman bhai to get on the stage, take off his shirt and dance on “Ek baar jo jaaye jawani fir na aaye”.

  • We are jealous coz India’s most powerful person Modi did’nt invited our king and invited Salman

  • Salmam looking so fair and handsome without fair and handsome cream which our king uses but still not look fair and handsome like Salman

  • why modiji only invite amitabh bachchan, rajnikant and Salman khan not srk?
    becoz he knows these 3 are legend of Indian cinemas
    amitabh – shanshah
    rajnikant – megastar
    Salman – superstar.
    one point is common between these 3 legends
    these 3 are always darling of masses. that’s why they are legend of Indian cinema’s.
    and these 3 legend doesn’t need to introduce like other khan who is introducing him self as ‘ I m king or I m a badshah of Bollywood or ace of Bollywood’
    people knows what they are.

  • @iamgAKN
    Srk is a traitor of India. He should be banished as soon as possible and his face should be blackened and paraded globally.

  • Its great that Salman join the ceremony. I wish huge success for kick and High hopes from Modi Sarkar, so i hope they can create much needed difference

  • Haters are burning coz their global king have no importance in his own land. This shows the real popularity whether it is people or government everybody loves SALMAN !!!!!!!!!

  • Bhais presence is good but our king will be at home watching this swearing in ceremony profoundly SWEARING uncontrollably as the whole thing unravels before his jealous eyes…!

  • these silly bhai fans doing like lallu is so gr8 to be invited to this party, does not make him a good person or a gr8 man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SRK, Akki, Aamir, Ranbir, Ajay, HR all have better things to do than to kiss up to prime minister like lallu to prevent from going to meet his friend sanju in jail ho lol

  • Dear sallu fans and srk hatrez ViVek oberoi salmans biggest enemy also invited into the ceremony Pls call him he is also Biggest superstar Like Salman Khan :P and modi invited only Biggest superstars Sorry i think modi ji invited only B grd stars Except Rajini and amitabh sir All B grd invited stars Vivek,Salman,babbpi Da,Madhur bhandarkar,Abhishek bachchan,Rakhi sawant

  • Salman Khan met Modiji before JAI HO.
    SALIM KHAN launched MODI jis website before election.
    So as a result SALMAN is invited.
    Just like SRK owns KKR so he is the brand ambaasador of WB.
    Even AAMIR, AJAY, HR etc were not invited.
    But some people always targets SRK.
    Looks like they believe MODIji will make up for the losses suffered by distributors during Dabba 2 and Jail Ho….lolllll.

  • @Kingshuk : You came late but true. Its give & take world dude, srk can give only to WB & he gets support & free publicity for KKR !!!! Btw Hows Dabangg 2 is loss ? If you call a Blockbuster as loss then what do you call Srk streak of Hits ?? Huge losses ???

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